Chapter 1251 Ai Tuanzi

It was a land that stretched as far as the eye could see. Mountains towered over lakes, grand and majestic.

However, the vast land was filled with an aura of savagery, the air was filled with the stench of blood.


If one peered into the distance, one would see countless Genesis Qi plumes rising into the sky. Every plume represented an extremely desperate battle, giant beasts brutally tearing at each other.

Blood dyed the land red.

The central zone of the Dragon Spirit Utopia was another place where the various clans of Wanshou Heaven would clash with the Evil Beast Clan.

In the beginning, the clashes were relatively small scale, but as time passed, the place basically became a meat grinder. The elite forces from both sides were pulled over, eyes red with bloodthirst as they engaged in violent fights to the death. 

On a peak near one of the battle lines.

There was a large camp on the mountain, a single banner rising from it and fluttering in the wind. The two words Wanshou Heaven could be clearly seen on the banner, its golden glow reaching across the vast region.

The golden light contained a peculiar power. Anyone within its range would have increased recovery.

It was evidently some kind of Saint artifact.

There were currently a dozen figures standing under the golden banner, who were observing the smoke filled land. Their expressions turned somewhat grave as they felt the desperation and savagery from the battlefield.

It was a small but extraordinary group, composed of the leaders of the various teams that had entered the Dragon Spirit Utopia. Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba, who had clashed with Zhou Yuan previously, were among them.

Someone suddenly sighed and said, “The Evil Beast Clan has sent quite a number of their elites this time. Everyone, it seems that we have to get ready to receive them.”

The speaker was a fair-skinned, boyishly handsome man. A white silk gown hung from his tall and slim body, giving him an extraordinary presence.

He appeared to be quite influential even in such a group, the other leaders nodding with solemn expressions at his words.

He was called Ai Zhi and was from the Spirit Phoenix Clan.

If one were to rank the Wanshou Heaven’s Nascent Source experts, he would most likely be part of the upper rankings, placing higher than even the likes of Jiang Hongying.

Of course, this was only applicable to the Nascent Source stage. Several pseudo Law Domain experts had been dispatched by the various clans, and were also currently gathered here with him. Hence, his battle power was nearer to the bottom of the group, although that did not hinder the weight of his opinion.

The group’s gazes suddenly glanced to Ai Zhi’s side, where a girl in orange was standing. The girl had elegant features and her black hair was tied into a long ponytail that hung behind her.

She was clearly not participating in the discussion, focused instead on the cloth bag in her hand, or to be more precise its contents. She would occasionally reach in to retrieve a fragrant piece of jerky before earnestly savoring it bite by bite.

However, no one made fun of the pretty girl and her jerky. Even the Mystic Dragon Clan’s Jiang Ba would only look over before turning away with a twitching mouth, not daring to disturb her.

The girl was called Ai Tuanzi and also came from the Spirit Phoenix Clan.

If Ai Zhi was the main pillar of this generation’s Nascent Source stage, Ai Tuanzi would be the main pillar of Jiang Ba’s generation.

Like him, she was currently at the pseudo Law Domain stage.

However, there was a substantial gap even between pseudo Law Domain experts. In simple terms, the gap arose due to the difference in length of the Nascent Source when the Law Domain was developed.

An 8 inch Nascent Source was considered satisfactory.

After reaching this level, one would be able to develop a pseudo Law Domain with the right conditions. 

However, most ambitious and talented Nascent Source experts would not immediately attempt to develop their Law Domains after attaining an 8 inch Nascent Source because it would result in a weak foundation. Simply put, the stronger the Nascent Source foundation, the more powerful the developed pseudo Law Domain.

Of course, everyone wanted to develop their Law Domains only after their Nascent Source reached their limit. However, reality is often cruel. If one was lacking in the talent department, abandoning a chance to develop a pseudo Law Domain might result in being forever stuck at the perfect Nascent Source stage.

Only with great talent, determination and drive could one become part of the extraordinary.

Take Jiang Ba for example. He had chosen to develop his pseudo Law Domain when his Nascent Source reached 8.9 inches. It was not because he did not want to continue building his foundation, but because he had felt that this was his limit.

In spite of this, Jiang Ba was still one of the stronger pseudo Law Domain experts of Wanshou Heaven.

The beauty called Ai Tuanzi had developed her pseudo Law Domain when her Nascent Source was 9.2 inches.

It might appear to be a mere 0.3 inch difference, but everyone knew how vast of a gap it actually was.

In the all-heavens, even a 9 inch Nascent source was already considerably rare. 9.2 inches could stand tall even among the greatest geniuses.

One could say that Ai Tuanzi was both Wanshou Heaven’s greatest hope and confidence in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Given her status and strength, let alone eating a few pieces of jerky, if she did not mind, anyone present would willingly cut off their flesh to feed her.

Everyone looked at Ai Tuanzi, but she appeared completely oblivious as she slowly ate her jerky.


A soft cough sounded behind her as a slender finger poked at Ai Tuanzi’s waist.

Ai Tuanzi unhappily turned her head as a gorgeous face entered her eyes. She could not help but grumble. “Little Ai Qing, why are you disturbing me?”

The one who had prodded her was someone Zhou Yuan would certainly recognize if he was present. It was Ai Qing, who he had met in Guyuan Heaven.

Given her grade-7 strength, she should not have the chance to enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia. However, it was because of Ai Tuanzi’s existence that she had been sent in as well. The Spirit Phoenix Clan higher-ups knew that although Ai Tuanzi was powerful, she was a little difficult to handle and it just so happened that Ai Qing could remedy this.

Ai Qing felt somewhat helpless as she said, “Little aunt...everyone is waiting for you to say something.”

That’s right, if they were to go according to seniority, Ai Tuanzi was her aunt.

Ai Tuanzi pursed her lips and wiped off the oil from the corner of her lips. She then looked towards the other leaders and sighed. “The Evil Beast Clan has spent so long tangling with us likely because they’re trying to probe our strength.”

Ai Zhi softly chuckled. “Aunt Ai, aren’t we doing the same?”

Ai Tuanzi peered into the distance where the land was covered in darkness. None of them know how many savage and violent Genesis Qi undulations hid within the darkness. For the first time, a grave look appeared in her eyes as she slowly said, “I can sense an extremely powerful existence on the Evil Beast Clan’s side. In fact, it even gives me a dangerous feeling.”

The group’s expressions changed. Even Ai Tuanzi felt danger? How powerful was that Evil Beast Clan expert?!

“They shouldn’t be making their move for now because they’re waiting for the Ancestral Spirit Mountain to appear.” Ai Tuanzi felt an itch in her mouth and retrieved the small cloth sack again to nibble on some jerky.

“That’s right…” She suddenly paused and turned towards Jin Lan and the other Golden Monkey Clan experts. “Where’s that Little Ancestor of yours? Why hasn’t it appeared? With it around, things should be more stable.”

Jin Lan’s expression turned somewhat awkward as he shook his head and answered, “We’ve not heard any news from Little Ancestor since entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

By the side, Jiang Hongying’s and Jiang Ba’s expressions turned somewhat unnatural. In the end, they spoke up, “Their Little Ancestor should still be busy harvesting some special blessings.”

Ai Tuanzi nodded. “I heard that your Little Ancestor chose a human from Hunyuan Heaven? I believe he’s called Zhou Yuan? He should be a formidable individual since he managed to defeat the Sacred Race apex sacred heaven pride.”

Jiang Hongying’s lips moved but did not utter a single word.

On the other hand, Ai Zhi smiled and said, “Although Zhou Yuan is quite famous and capable, this is between us and the Evil Beast Clan. We shouldn’t need an outsider to interfere, right? We already allowed him to enter Wanshou Heaven to find some blessings and he has already taken enough advantage.”

His tone seemed indifferent, but anyone could tell that he had some objections towards Zhou Yuan.

However, no one else spoke. They knew that Ai Zhi’s objections undoubtedly originated from Jiang Hongying.

After all, her defeat at Zhou Yuan’s hands was no longer fresh news.

Ai Tuanzi’s clean teeth bit into a jerky. She glanced at Ai Zhi and said, “The Sacred Race is the enemy of all the heavens. The Sacred Race must be after something to have secretly sent the Evil Beast Clan into the Dragon Spirit Utopia. Hence, if it's to deal with the Evil Beast Clan, everyone is an ally regardless if they’re Genesis Beast or human.

“Your attitude will only sacrifice the big picture for small gains.”

Although her words failed to convince Ai Zhi, he could only nod his head in acknowledgement.

Ai Tuanzi lifted another jerky before putting it down as she slowly said, “I feel that the Ancestral Spirit Mountain will appear soon.”

Everyone’s eyes widened at these words. If the Ancestral Spirit Mountain appeared, the final battle would begin.

They raised their heads and stared at the darkness with grave expressions.

They had a premonition that the clash in the Dragon Spirit Utopia this time would likely surpass their imagination.

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