Chapter 1250 The Ancestral Spirit Tree’s Blessing

When Zhou Yuan’s body crashed into the giant trunk, he felt as if he was dashing through a membrane. Before he could feel the sensation properly, the scenery before his eyes abruptly changed.

He seemed to have appeared on the branch of an ancient tree. His gaze swept across the area and found it was a giant circular mountain cave. Vines covered the walls like pythons.

He looked towards the front and saw a jade lake, mist brewing over its surface.

The lake was wide, its waters emerald-green. A fragrance slowly rose from the surface, filled with astonishing life energy.

Zhou Yuan breathed in and immediately felt his Spirit shiver in desire. Of course, his Spirit was not the only one to react. His flesh and Genesis Qi also began to boil in excitement.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes burned with desire as he praised,  “What a great place!”

He had used ten Ancestral Spirit Fruits to open the path here, a price that honestly still pained him somewhat. However, when he saw the jade lake, he understood that he had hit the jackpot this time.

Let alone ten fruits, even a hundred could not possibly be exchanged for such benefits.

On his head, Tuntun sensed Zhou Yuan’s emotions and could not help slap his head in a pleased manner. Its will turned into words that entered his brain, There will definitely be good things when following lord Tuntun. 

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. However, on account that it had brought him to such a nice place, he would be the better person and not argue with it.

Tuntun also had no intention of chatting with Zhou Yuan, its eyes also burning as it stared at the jade lake. One must know that not just any Ancestral Spirit Tree could produce a reservoir like this, and it would only form in trees with strong and solid foundations. They were really lucky to find a spirit reservoir in the first tree they entered.

The Ancestral Spirit Reservoir contained a tremendous amount of essence energy the tree had absorbed from the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

The tree’s growth was completely dependent on the essence energy stored here.

It was also extremely beneficial for Tuntun.


Tuntun flew into the air and dived head-first into the reservoir. It quickly returned to its large form, creating giant waves. Its body seemed to become a black hole, endlessly devouring the essence energy of the Ancestral Spirit Reservoir.

Zhou Yuan was alarmed. “Little bastard, leave me some!”

He did not waste any more time and also leaped into the lake.


When he entered the waters, Zhou Yuan realized it was pretty viscous. The mysterious power contained within immediately began surging into his body.

As he felt the interior of his body begin to stir, Zhou Yuan quickly headed to the depths of the lake and sat down.

He slowly entered a state of concentration as an enormous suction force surged out, creating a giant whirlpool around him.

Countless specks of jade light emerged from the water, darting into his body like birds in the woods.


His Spirit also began to take action. It opened its mouth and gently inhaled.

Half of the green light dots were quickly swallowed by it.

Thousands of light rays blossomed from his Spirit, condensing together behind Zhou Yuan’s head like a beautiful and mysterious halo.

Zhou Yuan could clearly feel his peak Transformative stage Spirit cultivation slowly begin to rise.

“The effect is so clear…” Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. One must know that he had tried numerous methods to increase to his Spirit power but had ultimately failed to achieve his goal. Now, in the Ancestral Spirit Reservoir, the originally solid and compact Spirit wall finally seemed to have loosened.

Besides the growth of his Spirit, the other half of the green light dots split into two. One portion circulated along with his Genesis Qi, ultimately entering the Divine Dwelling before being swallowed by the Nascent Source seated within.

The other half submerged into his flesh while circulating in his body.

At this moment, Zhou Yuan understood the meaning of happiness.

The Nascent Source in his Divine Dwelling pulsed with boundless power as its seven-inch-tall body began to show signs of growing.

His flesh started to squirm excitedly as glass light blossomed. The mystic light reached deep into his body, continuously refining and strengthening his flesh, muscles, channels and bones.

This was true joy...progress in all three aspects, Spirit, Genesis Qi and body!

Unconcealable happiness surged in Zhou Yuan’s heart, before ultimately returning to calmness. He sat in the lake depths, green specks of light continuously forming in the whirl poor around him before swarming into his body wave by wave.

He could feel that his strength would soar to another level after this.

At that time, he would finally be able to put up a fight even against the pseudo Law Domain experts.

Zhou Yuan’s thoughts were gradually cast aside as he entered a state of maximum concentration.

The waters violently churned in the Ancestral Spirit Reservoir due to the two giant whirlpools, each happily enjoying the energy accumulated by the Ancestral Spirit Tree over thousands of years.

Perhaps, neither man nor beast would have anticipated that this would last for an entire month...

While Zhou Yuand and Tuntun were submerged in the Ancestral Spirit Reservoir, great waves were rising in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

The waves were not caused by the clashes between the various Wanshou Heaven clans, but signs of their true enemy appearing as they ventured deeper into the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

It was the Evil Beast Clan sent by the Sacred Race.

When news of the Evil Beast Clan spread, all of the Wanshou Heaven teams stopped fighting. The higher ups had already given the death command: kill every single Evil Beast Clan member in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Of course, even without this command, the many grade-7 experts would never compromise with the Evil Beast Clan. After all, the hatred between them ran so deep that it was either life or death whenever they met.

As such, every encounter between both parties over the next month resulted in bloody battles that could only be described as cruel.

The pungent stench of blood slowly began to spread in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

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