Chapter 125 Black Crystal Ball


The ground trembled as Zhou Yuan swung his palm. One could only watch as a dark gold hand of light swept forth like a golden rainbow, domineeringly heavy as it headed straight for Gu Lang.

The golden rainbow pulsed like a giant dragon dragging a mountain with the desire of sundering the heavens.

Imposing and astonishing.

As the golden rainbow flew, long tears were ripped open on the ground in front of Zhou Yuan.

Dragon Tablet Hand, third level.

After nearly a year of training, Zhou Yuan was finally able to use the third level. Its power made him secretly in awe. The might of this strike had even exceeded the mid grade Black tier Genesis technique, Extreme Emperor Seal, reaching the high grade level.

It was likely that even mid Heaven Gate experts would have no choice but to avoid this strike.

Gu Lang ‘s expression...

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