Chapter 1248 Defeated Dragon


As the golden bell roared, the space around the mouth of the bell began to collapse. Light flooded the inside and terrifying power converged. Then, the bell shook again and a sound wave roared out like a torrent.  

Saint Genesis art, Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell!

Within the sound wave torrent was a dragon roaring. The torrent moved through the air with incredible speed and smashed the space in an instant. It swiftly approached Jiang Hongying in the sky.

Jiang Hongying’s face blanched with horror and her scalp felt numb when she saw the power contained in the sound wave torrent. She never thought Zhou Yuan could counterattack so fiercely.

The sound wave torrent that contained a dragon roar was more terrifying than the power of her four bows!

Is Zhou Yuan’s counterattack also a powerful greater Saint Genesis art?!

Jiang Hongying didn't dare to act careless. She gritted her teeth and her eyes flashed with a fierce light.

She folded her hands in a seal and rapidly circulated her Genesis Qi. There was even white smoke rising from her flesh, a sign that her power was activated to its peak state.

“Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven, the fifth bow!"  

She slowly bowed down in worship.    

The bow was extremely difficult and even tore her skin. Her beautiful body quivered as if unable to bear the tremendous pressure. 

Jiang Hongying hadn’t fully mastered the fifth bow of the Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven, and thus it was detrimental to her body to forcibly use it due to the heavy load it put on her.

But she had no other choice because she knew she couldn’t block Zhou Yuan’s fierce counterattack any other way.  

She would lose if she failed to withstand his counterattack and she would hate to see that result.


But she still completed the bow even if it put a lot of strain on her body. 

As she bowed down, the gigantic Imperial Dragon silhouette behind her quivered a little and the entire world dimmed. A tremendous power emerged like a bolt of lightning, pointing directly at the sound wave torrent roaring towards it.

Many people’s eyes widened in horror as they watched the earth shaking collision about to happen. 

Rumble   !

The collision arrived the next instant. Indescribably loud sound waves swept across the area and drowned all noises in the world, followed by terrifying blasts of wind and waves devastating nearby mountains. 

The Ancestral Spirit Tree swayed a little but still stood tall and unscathed. This was because every Ancestral Spirit Tree was connected to the utopia since birth. In other words, Ancestral Spirit Trees were almost indestructible unless the entire utopia was annihilated.

But that wasn’t something that could be achieved by someone at the Nascent Source stage.

All eyes were fixed on the center of the collision.   

Under the many frightened gazes, two powerful forces constantly bombarded and corroded each other.

The struggle of the two powerful forces lasted for around 10 breaths.    

Both gradually faded, but the outcome of the battle remained to be decided.

Jiang Hongying breathed a sigh of relief. As long as she could withstand Zhou Yuan's counterattack, there would be another fierce match where she believed she could suppress Zhou Yuan with her tough strength and physical body unique to the Mystic Dragon Clan!

Zhou Yuan wore an indifferent expression. Although the golden bell couldn’t destroy the power of the fifth bow, he wasn’t completely disappointed. After all, in terms of grade, the Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell was considered a Saint Genesis art while Jiang Hongying’s was a true greater Saint Genesis art.  

He already did pretty well to endure the power of the fifth bow.


Since he had predicted such a result, how would he not have something else planned?

A cold light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes and he folded his hands in a seal.


As the seal formed, a sword cry resounded in the depths of the sound wave torrent that was gradually fading. Then, four rays of rainbow sword lights suddenly erupted from the torrent, shattering the surrounding space. It appeared in front of Jiang Hongying at lightning speed and fiercely struck down. 

The rainbow sword lights came so fast that Jiang Hongying couldn’t react in time. Moreover, she had just completed the fifth bow, which exhausted her Genesis Qi, and could only helplessly watch the four rays of sword light approach. 

The only thing she could do was transform into a gigantic crimson dragon.


As the four rays of sword light passed, dragon blood sputtered everywhere and left four sword wounds on the crimson dragon’s body. The wounds were so deep that they almost tore the body apart.


The dragon let out a mournful roar. Dragon blood rained down like a violent storm as its tremendous body plunged from the sky and crushed a towering mountain. The giant dragon writhed in pain as it let out painful roars. 

Everyone gasped out loud in astonishment.

The two sides were previously equally matched, but who would have thought that Jiang Hongying would be severely wounded in a split second! 

Many people with discerning eyes could tell that the four rays of incomparably sharp sword light belonged to a Saint Genesis art!  

But Zhou Yuan could hide a Saint Genesis art within the Golden Bell Saint Genesis art and made it difficult for others to detect its presence. This demonstrated his deep mastery in both Saint Genesis arts.

His move was impossible to guard against.    

“A very powerful move.” Meng Chong gulped, his eyes filled with terror. Zhou Yuan’s move not only showed his precise control of the two Saint Genesis arts, but also the fact that he timely performed the art during when Jiang Hongying was completing the fifth bow. At that time, she likely had no time to carefully examine her opponent’s Genesis arts and detect the movements within it.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan grasped the perfect time to launch his counterattack.

He clearly had rich experiences on the battlefields. 

"It's no wonder that he could suppress a top heaven pride of the Sacred Race in Guyuan Heaven.” Meng Chong sighed. Zhou Yuan's danger level in his heart was raised to another level. He was thankful that he hadn’t listened to Jiang Hongying and got involved in that muddy water.

The Divine Tiger Clan experts behind Meng Chong exchanged fearful glances with each other. 

At such a point, how could they not see that Jiang Hongying had lost?

Zhou Yuan indifferently looked at the crimson dragon on the blood-stained ground. There wasn’t the slightest sympathy in his eyes. After all, Jiang Hongying brought this on herself.

The silent atmosphere lasted for several breaths.

Jiang Ba stared blankly at the severely wounded crimson dragon below. It was only after several breaths that his eyes reddened and he fumed, “Such a ruthless means, you really think there is no one in the Mystic Dragon Clan who can do anything to you?!” 

As his stern voice faded, a gush of mighty and terrifying Genesis Qi erupted from him.

His Genesis Qi foundation was stronger than even Jiang Hongying's!

Additionally, as Genesis Qi roared out, everyone saw a Law Domain spreading out from his body!

Jiang Ba’s imposing bearing turned even more terrifying!

Jiang Ba stepped forward and thrust out his palm in anger. Mighty Genesis Qi roared out and was compressed and concentrated by his Law Domain before aiming towards Zhou Yuan.

Everyone’s expression changed.    


But just as Jiang Ba was about to strike Zhou Yuan, a roar full of mystery and majesty resounded across the world. A chilling feeling surged to Jiang Ba’s heart and he lifted his head to see the sky suddenly dimming. 

A giant beast claw blotted out the sun and sky. Below the claw were vortex-like black holes. They rippled mysteriously and terrifying forces could be felt within them.  

Jiang Ba was terrified because he knew that it was Tuntun's move.


Jiang Ba didn’t dare to be careless in the face of an Alpha Holy Beast even if the beast hadn’t fully awakened. His palm strike that was originally aimed at Zhou Yuan suddenly changed direction.

Space constantly crumbled under that palm and countless spatial fragments were swept along with the palm strike.

But when the two collided, the black holes completely engulfed Jiang Ba’s attack. The giant claw that seemed to contain mysterious power ripped apart everything along the way as it slashed Jiang Ba’s body.


A loud noise reverberated.    

Jiang Ba blasted down like a cannonball and tore an abyss-like crack into the ground.

Jiang Ba forcibly steadied himself but he couldn’t conceal his embarrassing state.

Gazes of shock and horror were cast to the sky, where a giant mysterious beast exuded an ancient majesty. The beast’s eyes resembled blazing suns and he exhibited an imposing bearing as he looked at Jiang Ba. 


The giant beast narrowed his eyes in disdain and puffed out white smoke from his nose. Eventually, he formed a sentence under stunned gazes.

“You date bully Zhou Yuan, do you think I, Little Ancestor, don’t exist?!”    

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