Chapter 1247 Four Bows

When Jiang Hongying knelt down on one knee in midair and folded her hands in a strange seal, the whistling wind stilled and the universe Genesis Qi began to riot. 


The universe Genesis Qi within tens of thousand miles rolled over and formed a beautiful spectacle of countless clouds of Genesis Qi. 

Many cast stunned gazes towards Jiang Hongying.

The Mystic Dragon Clan’s ancestor was also an Alpha Holy Beast. The clan had an ancient bloodline and was a prestigious clan in the ancient period. Gradually, the bloodline evolved into the Mystic Dragon Clan.

Their Alpha Holy Beast ancestor was known as the Imperial Dragon.

The technique that Jiang Hongying used was the Mystic Dragon Clan’s greater Saint Genesis art called the Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven.

There were said to be nine bows in the technique, and anyone below the Saint stage would be annihilated under the nine bows.

The Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven naturally referred to bowing to the heaven and earth and could influence the world’s mighty power. Only someone at the Saint stage could withstand the bow of the Imperial Dragon.

It was unknown how many experts had perished under the Mystic Dragon Clan’s Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven technique. As a result the technique gained the title of the strongest art in the Mystic Dragon Clan.

Jiang Hongying was no doubt enraged since she used such a technique. She wanted to compete against Zhou Yuan to see who was stronger.

Zhou Yuan soared into the air. As he peered at Jiang Hongying, who was kneeling down in midair, his expression grew increasingly serious. The center of his brows throbbed with pain as though sensed a strong aura of danger. The technique that Jiang Hongying was about to use was clearly terrifying. 

A light flashed in his eyes and he immediately made a move. He thrust his palm forward and platinum Genesis Qi rushed out like a waterfall in the air. It fiercely sped towards Jiang Hongying.


But just as the Genesis Qi torrent came to within 100 feet of Jiang Hongying, it exploded into a series of scattered lights in the sky.  

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. Jiang Hongying's surroundings were filled with terrifying Genesis Qi, which made it difficult for anything to pass through.


Endless Genesis Qi converged behind Jiang Hongying as if forming an ocean with no end in sight. Waves lifted high up in the Genesis Qi ocean and eventually formed a giant illusory dragon.

The dragon silhouette emitted indescribably ancient qi, as if it was the first dragon that appeared in the world after the Ancestral Dragon formed all living beings when the world first began. 

The word dragon in its name suggested that it had a good harvest when the Ancestral Dragon formed all beings.

In terms of ranking, there were few existences that could compare with it even amongst Alpha Holy Beasts. 

When the illusory ancient dragon silhouette appeared, everyone present felt a strange oppressive pressure that slowed their flow of blood, like they were carrying a heavy mountain. 

Jiang Hongying looked at Zhou Yuan with an icy stare and then bowed her upper body and raised her hands that were folded together in a seal.

"Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven, my first bow!”

The tremendous ancient dragon silhouette behind her also bowed down. 


As a loud roar reverberated across the world, Zhou Yuan felt a terrifying force descending. That force seemed to be coming from all directions and pushed through his every pore as if to crush him. 

Zhou Yuan’s face turned cold and solemn. The 7 inch Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings exploded with monstrous Genesis Qi that flooded his bones and limbs.

The Saint Glass Light also bloomed from his body.

In the end, the tremendous power only made Zhou Yuan quiver a little.

But Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to relax because of that. He knew it was just the beginning.

As he thought, Jiang Hongying's face didn’t ripple at all. She bowed her body once again! 

“The second bow!”  

“The third bow!” 

The two consecutive bows made the entire world quake and even the several Genesis Qi defenses around Zhou Yuan almost instantly crumbled to pieces and turned to flecks of light. 

His body plunged down thousands of feet in the air.

Fortunately, he managed to steady himself in the end.

A flush rushed to Zhou Yuan's face as he stared sharply at Jiang Hongying. He grinned and said, "Your Mystic Dragon Clan's technique can easily make people misunderstand. But I’m curious to know how many more times you can bow!”

Although the technique was powerful, Zhou Yuan could feel that Jiang Hongying was under extreme pressure to perform such an art.

Jiang Hongying's eyes were icy as she said coldly, "Enough to get rid of you.”

Her hands trembled as she tried to maintain the hand seal and blood began to seep out from her skin. But she drew a deep breath and forcibly suppressed her Genesis Qi that was rioting in her body and bowed once again.

“The fourth bow!”  

The bow was very difficult, but she still completed it.


There seemed to be a clap of thunder echoing around the sky, and then, everyone saw the space around Zhou Yuan collapsed as if forming a huge black hole. 

All the defences around Zhou Yuan burst apart and his figure plunged from the sky, smashing into a mountain peak. The peak collapsed into a pit and buried Zhou Yuan in the depths.

Many people couldn't help gulping.

Jin Zhong and others also turned ashen-faced. Zhou Yuan lost?

“At least he didn’t die shamefully since he could force Hongying to bow four times.” Jiang Ba said indifferently.

Under awed gazes, Jiang Hongying still maintained the same kneeling posture. She peered down at the deep pit and uttered, “Zhou Yuan, it’s impressive that you could push me this far, but I am still disappointed. After all, your reputation resonates throughout all-heavens.”

She shook her head and turned her gaze to Tuntun, Jin Zhong and the others. "I won, please fulfil the bet.”

Jin Zhong and the others reddened with anger, but Tuntun lazily swept a glance over her. He took out a stone slab and wrote, “You won? Eat my fart!”

Jiang Hongying flushed with anger. He is an Alpha Holy Beast, and in terms of status, is almost comparable to our Mystic Dragon Clan’s ancestor, but why does he behave like a thug!? Every word that comes out his mouth is so foul!  

But just when she was about to say something, her expression abruptly changed. She immediately peered at the pit below, where she noticed abnormal waves of Genesis Qi.

“He can still move?” 

Jiang Hongying lifted her beautiful hand and rolled up the several boulders and rocks with Genesis Qi.

As rocks whirled everywhere, everyone’s expression turned astonished when they saw a miserable-looking figure rising from the deep pit. But what was most shocking was the huge golden bell on the figure’s shoulder.

The golden bell was deep and there seemed to be terrifying rays of light flowing inside.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and grinned at Jiang Hongying.

“Hey, you only bowed four times and think you can win against me?”    

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate. Since you bowed four times, you should also give me a shot, right?”

Zhou Yuan's face turned chilling and the jet-black mouth of the bell locked on Jiang Hongying. Immediately after, terrifying power frantically accumulated inside.

Jiang Hongying’s countenance changed abruptly. A chill gushed up from the depths of her heart. Zhou Yuan's counterattack was more terrifying than she imagined!


But before she could analyze Zhou Yuan’s attack any more, the golden bell shook and an earthshaking ringing of the bell reverberated throughout the world.

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