Chapter 1246 Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven


Crimson Genesis Qi raged across the sky. It looked as though the world was set aflame and the intense heat blurred everything in sight.

Jiang Hongying, whose beautiful body was protected with tightly-fitted armor, wielded a dragon scale spear with one hand. Crimson flames spewed from the spear as she locked her fierce and sharp gaze on Zhou Yuan. Then, she suddenly moved. 


Her speed was so fast that the experts around could only see a blur of light flash past.

Zhou Yuan's expression turned cold and fierce. With a clench of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed out his grip and platinum Genesis Qi roared across the right side, shaking the void.

Space tore apart as a spear tip wrapped in blazing flames and monstrous crimson Genesis Qi pierced through. Even the blasts of red-hot wind the spear generated seemed capable of incinerating everything in the world.


The tip of the spear and brush violently collided.

Two gushes of Genesis Qi erupted like a volcano and the surrounding space constantly shattered like fragile glass, hurling sharp spatial fragments everywhere.

Zhou Yuan's expression grew increasingly solemn during the collision, because he came to know how difficult the savage female dragon was to deal with. Not only was her Genesis Qi red-hot and berserk, even her physical body was extraordinarily tough. Although her body looked beautiful and delicate, the power it contained stunned even Zhou Yuan, who had some attainments in physical strength cultivation. 

Genesis beast clans indeed had inherent advantages in that area

The Heavenly Yuan Brush quivered violently in Zhou Yuan’s hand. If Zhou Yuan’s bodily strength was any weaker, his weapon likely would have blasted out his grip.  

“Humph!” Jiang Hongying grunted coldly. She wasn’t happy because her thunderous strike, although it appeared simple, in truth was a combination of her Genesis Qi and physical strength, but Zhou Yuan managed to firmly withstand. If Meng Chong were to receive the attack instead of Zhou Yuan, that spear strike likely would instantly push him into a disadvantageous situation.

“You’re quite capable and not just impressive-looking!"  

With a flick of her wrist, Jiang Hongying brought crimson light surging across the sky like a sea of flames. The sea of flames suddenly spurted out countless crimson-red flecks and hurled down at Zhou Yuan like a rainstorm.  

Within every speck of crimson light was a mini fire dragon roaring. They looked small but they emitted frantic power. 

And when they rained down in such numbers, they looked even more terrifying.

“Crimson Dragon Rain!”   

Countless red flecks of light enlarged before Zhou Yuan's eyes. He tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush and suddenly brought it up. 


“Million Whale!”  

As the mottled black brush swung down, only ancient whale roars could be heard echoing across the world. The surrounding space collapsed as a gigantic ancient whale shadow emerged and collided into the countless specks of crimson lights like a huge meteor.


The collision resulted in dazzling light raging across the area and created deafening rumbles. 

Berserk shock waves repeatedly pushed Jiang Hongying back. Her face turned icy and the crimson spear flashed out her grip. It unleashed a dragon roar and transformed into a crimson  dragon. It cut through the air and clutched onto the other figure within the Genesis Qi shock waves.

But when the crimson dragon took shape, a beam of black light pierced through space.

It was a giant jet-black beast.    

The giant beast, formed from countless black hair, was extremely tough, but if one saw through the countless hair, one would see a mottled black brush buzzing in the depths to maintain the transformation.

As the giant black beast roared, it inhaled and exhaled universe Genesis Qi that contained equally terrifying power. In addition, upon closer, one would notice the giant black beast was identical to Tuntun's battle form.

Tuntun pursed his lips when he saw this scene. Zhou Yuan dared to copy my image!


The crimson dragon and the giant black beast collided in the void, and then furiously tore into each other with its teeth. The power erupted from the clash made many onlookers shudder.

The two weapons were close to the level of a Saint object. Otherwise they couldn’t complete such a transformation.

However, it was understandable that Zhou Yuan and Jiang Hongying possessed such treasures given their status.

Many experts within the area were somewhat mesmerized by the match between the two. They could feel the two hadn’t held back their strength and every attack was particularly merciless. Ordinary grade 7 experts likely couldn’t survive in a battle of such a level.

"Zhou Yuan is so abnormal. He’s only at the advanced Nascent Source stage yet he could match up to Jiang Hongying, who has made a name for herself years ago. No wonder even the Sacred Race suffered in his hands,” Meng Chong said with a sigh.

Meng Chong was considered one of the strongest at the grade 7 stage in Wanshou Heaven, but even so, he knew he wouldn’t have an upper hand against either of those two.

“Who do you think will win?”An expert from the Divine Tiger Clan asked curiously behind Meng Chong.

Meng Chong pondered for a moment and said, "It should be Jiang Hongying. Although she’s unreasonable, her means and strength shouldn’t be underestimated.”

He ran his hand over his chest and stroked the hideous scar that Jiang Hongying left during a match.

That woman is really terrifying.

While Meng Chong was speaking, a stream of silvery light tore through the terrifying Genesis Qi shock waves and directly struck Jiang Hongying. A fist shadow descended and the space quaked with an earthshaking boom.

“You dared to take the initiative to attack?”

Jiang Hongying's eyes turned chilling. She moved forward to face the attack head-on. The terrifying power contained within her slender body fluctuated.


Two figures collided like lightning over hundreds of times in the space above.

Every collision was like two lightning bolts crashing in midair.

However, Jiang Hongying's expression grew increasingly unpleasant as the fierce match continued. She found that Zhou Yuan's strength had strangely increased. They were equally matched before, but now she noticed her qi and blood were surging.


Jiang Hongying swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and saw silvery runes spreading across his body. The runes emitted a mysterious glow like living creatures. The silver runes flashed frantically every time her power invaded Zhou Yuan's body as though breaking down her power.

“Have you finally noticed?”   

Zhou Yuan grinned at Jiang Hongying. But his smile was full of chilling intent.

The silvery runes on his body were of course formed from Silver Shadow!

He gradually suppressed Jiang Hongying with the help of Silver Shadow's power.

“Silver Shadow!” 

Zhou Yuan turned his hand over and the surrounding space suddenly vibrated. As his platinum Genesis Qi roared, it transformed into a tremendous Genesis Qi palm with countless silver runes quickly spreading across. The palm suddenly slammed down towards Jiang Hongying.

The platinum palm crashed down like a platinum tower.

Jiang Hongying let out a fierce roar as she countered with a punch. Amidst deafening dragon roar, a huge dragon claw emerged and crushed the space around.


The two collided, creating waves of qi that wreaked havoc across thousands of miles.


Amidst astonished gazes, Jiang Hongying quivered violently and the platinum palm blasted her back. She plunged down the sky like a meteor and tore a bottomless pit into the ground.

Zhou Yuan unexpectedly gained the upper hand!  

Gasps of surprise rang out in rapid succession. 

"Tsk, amazing, he even struck the savage female dragon.” Meng Chong couldn’t help marvelling.

But he immediately shook his head after that and said, “But the savage female dragon is likely going to erupt…"

He shifted his gaze to Jiang Ba and other Mystic Dragon Clan members in midair. They were looking indifferently at the scene and even cast mocking glances at Zhou Yuan.  


A strange sound erupted from the deep pit.

Then, everyone saw a beautiful figure slowly floating up. That beautiful figure was of course Jiang Hongying.

Her armor was slightly cracked and many wounds were left on her beautiful flesh, but her face was as icy as ever and monstrous flames blazed in her crimson eyes.  

Anyone could feel the savage female dragon’s rage.

She lifted her head, looking at Zhou Yuan with a cold glare.

Then, under shocked gazes, she unexpectedly knelt down on one knee slowly in front of Zhou Yuan and folded her hands in a seal, which from a distance, looked like a sacrificial ceremony.

No one thought Jiang Hongying was surrendering because they could feel the universe Genesis Qi rioting. 

Meng Chong stroked his face and stared intently at Jiang Hongying. “That woman is really angry.”

“What do you mean?” asked someone next to him.    

Meng Chong's voice was low but full of fear.

“It’s the Mystic Dragon Clan's Greater Saint Genesis art…the Imperial Dragon Bows to Heaven!”   

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