Chapter 1245 Battle Jiang Hongying

When Jiang Hongying pointed her spear at Zhou Yuan, the atmosphere within the area instantly stiffened and many people cast curious gazes over.

The Mystic Dragon Clan has their eyes on Zhou Yuan?   

This is a rare show!   

After all, although the previous matches were fierce, they weren’t fair because the strength on each side wasn’t equal. But if Jiang Hongying wanted to launch an attack at Zhou Yuan, there was bound to be a good show. After all, Jiang Hongying was known to the entire Wanshou Heaven as the savage and unreasonable female dragon of the Mystic Dragon Clan and she was ranked in the top three among all grade 7 experts in Wanshou Heaven.

Of course, this was excluding pseudo Law Domain experts. 

But although Jiang Hongying had great fame, Zhou Yuan wasn’t someone who could be easily dealt with. Based on fame alone, Zhou Yuan was well-known in all-heavens and Jiang Hongying hadn’t quite reached that level.

But one’s fame didn’t necessarily represent anything. Zhou Yuan only had his fame because of what happened in Guyuan Heaven.

In terms of strength, many more people thought more highly of Jiang Hongying, even if Zhou Yuan had already demonstrated his remarkable abilities.

Jin Zhong and other Golden Monkey Clan members couldn’t help saying angrily, "Jiang Hongying, your Mystic Dragon Clan is going too far!”

Jiang Hongying paid no attention to them and continued to fix her eyes on Zhou Yuan and said with a smile, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, the strength you showed isn’t bad. Don’t tell me you aren’t brave enough to accept the challenge?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was particularly calm. Jiang Hongying had been picking on him ever since they met, which of course, was because of Jiang Jinlin’s death, but Zhou Yuan also felt Jiang Hongying was annoyed by the great reputation he had gained from Guyuan Heaven.

The Mystic Dragon Clan members were all inherently arrogant. This was already seen from Jiang Jinlin.

Perhaps in the Mystic Dragon Clan’s eyes, Jiang Jinlin should be the one enjoying a great reputation from the battle of Guyuan Heaven.

But who would have thought that Jiang Jinlin died and Zhou Yuan took advantage of the situation to rise to fame.

Given Zhou Yuan’s current reputation, if Jiang Hongying could trample him, it would no doubt draw a lot of attention from all-heavens and make her become well-known in all-heavens.

This was perhaps Jiang Hongying’s reason to target Zhou Yuan. 

As thoughts streamed across Zhou Yuan's mind, there wasn’t a ripple on his face. "How do you want to play?”

He had no good opinion of Jiang Hongying. Not only did she target him when they first met, she also repeatedly provoked him. Did she think Zhou Yuan’s fist is a vegetarian?

Jiang Hongying raised her fierce brows, saying, “Of course you and I will have a match.”

After a pause, she added, "But it would be boring to just fight. Since you and I both have Ancestral Spirit Fruits, why don’t we use them as wager. Whoever loses will have to give all their Ancestral Spirit Fruits to the other. Actually, we have seven Ancestral Spirit Fruits which means the terms are more beneficial to you. What do you say?”

Everyone broke into clamor.  

It turned out that she was eyeing on the Ancestral Spirit Fruits in Zhou Yuan's hands.

Zhou Yuan seemed taken aback and just stared blankly at Jiang Hongying.

“You don't dare to accept the challenge?" Jiang Hongying snorted.

Zhou Yuan slightly shook his head, but then he turned to look at Tuntun, who had jumped onto his shoulder. They exchanged a strange glance with each other.

Then, Zhou Yuan smiled. "If you want to give me Ancestral Spirit Fruits, how would I refuse?”

Jiang Hongying swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and she curved a corner of her lips in a contemptuous smile. The dragon scales around her spear produced buzzing noises and an intense sharp aura tore the surrounding space. “I hope you can still smile later.”

Everyone clicked their tongue when they saw Zhou Yuan accept the challenge and then drew back one after another. 

Meng Chong also led the experts from the Divine Tiger Clan back. Someone behind him whispered, "Zhou Yuan is quite courageous. He still accepted the challenge when he knew the Mystic Dragon Clan is eyeing on their Ancestral Spirit Fruits.”

Meng Chong nodded. “Zhou Yuan likely doesn't know how powerful the unreasonable female dragon is since it’s his first time in Wanshou Heaven. He is going to suffer from this.” 

He didn't believe Jiang Hongying would dare kill Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan wasn’t a nobody. The Tianyuan Region had two Saints and had changed their deteriorating state and could be said to be at the peak of its power. Therefore, even the Mystic Dragon Clan wouldn’t want to anger them.

Of course, they didn’t need to worry about their lives, but they couldn’t escape from being used as a stepping stone.

Many people clearly had the same thought and everyone looked at Zhou Yuan with deep sympathy. 

But Jiang Hongying was indeed a resolute person who acts with thunder-like means and wind-like swiftness. She didn't say anything else when Zhou Yuan accepted her challenge and just hovered in the air wearing a chilling expression. Then, monstrous Genesis Qi suddenly raged out like a storm, making many people turn pale.  


The Genesis Qi erupted from Jiang Hongying was fiery-red and produced blazing heat. It made it seem as if the entire world was set into flames.

But what was most shocking was that her Genesis Qi foundation reached 110 billion!

It was obvious that Jiang Hongying hadn’t used all her strength to deal with the previous attackers or perhaps just treated them as warm ups. 

“That savage female dragon is more and more terrifying,” Meng Chong cursed as fear filled his eyes. If he were to face Jiang Hongying, he also likely would be completely suppressed.

Many people stared horrified at Jiang Hongying's slender figure. Her Genesis Qi foundation was too terrifying.

While Jiang Hongying’s Genesis Qi erupted unreservedly from her body, her eyes gradually turned red. But it didn’t end there. She folded one hand in a seal and dragon scales wrapped around her skin, forming a dragon scale armor. 

The armor fitted tightly around her curves and highlighted her stunning figure.

"That is a secret technique of the Mystic Dragon Clan, the battle dragon armor,” uttered Jin Zhong solemnly behind Zhou Yuan. 

The Battle Dragon Armor was said to increase one’s physical strength but Jiang Hongying’s physical body and strength were already terrifying. The addition of the armor would make her resemble a beast of destruction. Although Zhou Yuan possessed the Saint Glass Body, he would still be suppressed if he faced Jiang Hongying. 

Jiang Hongying could crush Zhou Yuan in both Genesis Qi and physical strength.

How should he fight this battle?    

Jin Zhong felt his scalp numb at the thought.    

Jiang Hongying, that savage female dragon, is too troublesome!  

Zhou Yuan’s face also assumed a serious and solemn expression. Although Jiang Hongying didn’t give him a good first impression, he had to admit she was shockingly strong. Zhou Yuan felt that she was likely stronger than Hunyuan Heaven’s Lu Tai.

She was likely the most troublesome person to deal with at the Nascent Source stage.

However, even if she was troublesome and tricky to deal with…    

Since she decided to incite him, Zhou Yuan naturally wouldn't shrink back.   

Zhou Yuan had encountered many powerful enemies over the years, he of course wouldn’t be afraid of Jiang Hongying.

Zhou Yuan slowly balled his hands into fists and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

I don’t care what kind of dragon you are! I will become a dragon knight today to get the Ancestral Spirit Fruits!

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