Chapter 1243 Not Qualified

When the figures shrouded in fierce auras soared into the air, Jin Zhong and the others behind Zhou Yuan let out an enraged roar before golden light flowed around their bodies like golden armors. Then, they charged forward and met the attackers with all their strength. 


The two waves of people collided head-on, causing the earth to quake and space to tremble. 

Jin Zhong and the others were caught in a siege right from the start of the battle. There were too many people on the other side, and even if the opponents weren’t as strong as them in terms of individual strength, they were able to besiege Jin Zhong and the others due to their advantage in numbers. 

At the same time, figures cut through the air with incredible speed, heading for the area of the Ancestral Spirit Tree behind them. They evidently wanted to take the opportunity to snatch away the Ancestral Spirit Fruits.


It was then when an ear-splitting roar resounded across the sky and a shadow shrouded everyone.

A terrifying imposing aura bore down on them with the weight of Mt. Tai.  

The grade-7 expects lifted their eyes to see a giant golden beast emitting a mysterious and imposing force. It brandished its claws and tore through space with buzzing noises.

The grade-7 experts dared not act careless when such an aura of death enveloped them. With a furious roar, Genesis Qi erupted from them without any hesitation and turned blasted towards the giant golden beast like torrents.

However, contempt flashed across the golden beast’s eyes and dark light that seemed capable of engulfing everything flashed beneath its claws. The Genesis Qi speeding over were immediately swallowed upon contact with the dark light. 

The giant claw slammed down!   


Dozens of grade-7 experts were immediately blasted back and vomited out blood. It was an abnormally tragic sight.

The reinforcements charging up from behind immediately halted their steps with ashen faces.

They could identify the giant beast from the special oppressive pressure it exuded. It was clearly the Alpha Holy Beast of the Golden Monkey Clan. Although he was only at the grade-7 stage, he was undoubtedly at the pinnacle of the grade-7 stage.  

“Let’s attack together. Some people should distract him while others should snatch the fruits!” Although terrified, they very quickly suppressed their fear because the Ancestral Spirit Fruits hanging on the tree gave them enormous courage.

Soon, more figures sped over and revealed their true body form after a furious roar. All sorts of bizarre beasts soared into the air, emitting fierce storm-like auras. They resembled a group of demons and monsters dancing like mad.

Tuntun watched the scene half-heartedly and stretched out his claws and curled them in front of the giant beasts.  


Many grade-7 experts roared in fury before charging out. 

While Tuntun overwhelmed dozens of grade-7 Genesis beast experts alone, Zhou Yuan calmly looked at Liang Zheng. He wasn't alone but came with two experts from the White Jade Elephant Clan.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan is famous. You won’t mind if I bring some helpers, right?” Liang Zheng said with a smile, like a smiling Buddha.

Zhou Yuan smiled. Liang Zheng was really cautious. Zhou Yuan clearly possessed strength of only the advanced Nascent Source stage while Liang Zheng was at the pinnacle of the grade-7 stage, which was equivalent to the perfect nascent Source stage. Moreover, Zhou Yuan knew his Genesis Qi foundation was around the level of 90 billion, which although was weaker than Jin Lan’s, he could still be considered one of the strongest among grade-7 experts.  

But even so, he still cautiously brought two helpers.

Liang Zheng felt a chilling feeling in his heart when he saw Zhou Yuan’s smile. Among the Golden Monkey Clan team, Tuntun should be the strongest and this was why they sent the majority of their team to deal with him.

But he also understood that this was only temporary. The only way to break out of the situation was to capture Zhou Yuan as a hostage. At that time, they could use him to exchange for some Ancestral Spirit Fruits. Otherwise, their plan wouldn’t be successful.

"Although Zhou Yuan is a little strange, it shouldn't be difficult to deal with him if we combine the strength of us three.”

Liang Zheng took a deep breath with a fierce glint in his eyes. As he stepped forward, monstrous Genesis Qi rolled out and stirred the clouds. Then, an incomparably huge white elephant appeared behind him, inhaling and exhaling universe Genesis Qi.

A foundation of 90 billion Genesis Qi stars was completely revealed.

“Get into formation!”  

Liang Zheng revealed his Genesis Qi foundation but he didn’t act right away. Instead, he yelled to the other two experts from the White Jade Elephant Clan experts. 

The two White Jade Elephant clan experts also came prepared. They folded their hands together in a seal with lightning speed and Genesis Qi rose from the top of their skulls, forming two tremendous elephant images as if made from white jade.


The elephant shadow behind Liang Zheng suddenly swung its long trunk and inhaled sharply in the two white jade elephant shadows’ direction.

The two elephant shadows turned to white qi and sucked into Liang Zheng's long trunk.

The two powerful white jade elephant experts’ faces turned deathly pale and quickly descended. Their Genesis Qi had weakened hugely, while Liang Zheng let out a long roar that resounded like thunder.

The huge white jade elephant shadow spewed out a white jade light beam from its mouth. The light expanded with the wind and in a flash, became as huge as a mountain.

It was a huge white jade seal, under which there were countless elephant patterns.

It released a terrifying wave of energy, which drew apprehensive gazes of many top grade-7 experts.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, this is my White Jade Elephant Clan’s Sacred Art of Sky Subduing Demon. Please have a careful taste!" Liang Zheng laughed. His laughter was full of confidence. Not only was his first attack his strongest one, it combined the power of three White Jade Elephant clan experts!

Liang Zheng had confidence in his move even in front of renowned grade-7 experts from Wanshou Heaven so there shouldn’t be any problem to suppress Zhou Yuan.

The huge white seal suspended in the air drew gazes from even Jiang Hongying, Meng Chong and others who were locked in a fierce battle.

Jiang Hongying curled the corners of her lips in a mocking smile, as if watching a show. Liang Zheng is pretty good. I underestimated him. His attack should be enough to threaten Zhou Yuan. If Liang Zheng captured Zhou Yuan, it will really be a good show.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, be careful!” Jin Zhong yelled anxiously.  

Liang Zheng didn’t call out his two helpers because he had already planned such an attack on Zhou Yuan. He planned to take Zhou Yuan as hostage to exchange for Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

They also would have to admit defeat if Zhou Yuan lost. 

But that would undoubtedly make them a laughingstock. For both Zhou Yuan and the Golden Monkey Clan.

However, while they panicked, there wasn’t a ripple of expression on Zhou Yuan's face. As he felt the pressure emanating from the white jade seal, he stepped forward and sent platinum Genesis Qi roaring into the sky.

Followed by powerful Genesis Qi pressure filling the air.

Liang Zheng's pupils shrank. He could feel that Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation also was around the level of 90 billion and perhaps even surpassed his. 

“You’re just at the advanced Nascent Source stage…yet you possess such a foundation…" The corners of Liang Zheng's eyes twitched slightly. Fortunately, he cautiously didn’t choose to face Zhou Yuan alone and used a unique secret art of the White Jade Elephant Clan that combined their strengths.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, don't blame me for stepping on you to rise to fame!”

A cold light flashed in Liang Zheng's eyes. The white jade seal violently vibrated as earth shaking elephant cries erupted. Then, it smashed down in Zhou Yuan’s direction.

“Sky Subduing Demon Seal!” 

The huge seal smashed through space and the force that could shatter the sky attracted many horrified gazes.

As the huge seal descended, Zhou Yuan appeared on a nearby mountain summit. He raised his head and peered indifferently at the huge image that covered his entire sight. His face didn’t ripple in the slightest and he only stamped his feet lightly.

“Earth Saint Rune!”

The earth rippled and vast Genesis Qi rushed into his body. 

Zhou Yuan's body suddenly emitted dazzling glass light, making him appear particularly sacred. The Saint Glass Body allowed Zhou Yuan to withstand the mighty force from the raging earth Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation soared dramatically.

“Promotion!” Following another whisper in Zhou Yuan's heart, his Genesis Qi skyrocketed again.

In just a few breaths, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation broke the level of 100 billion under astonished gazes.

Even the space around his body constantly collapsed under the raging Genesis Qi, as if unable to bear the pressure.


With a stamp of his foot, the mountain summit under his foot crumbled and his figure soared towards the huge white jade seal smashing down.

Zhou Yuan and the giant seal were about to collide.   

He balled his hand into a fist and white hair rushed out from under the skin. They completely covered his entire arm before turning a deep black color.

“Genesis Breaker!”   

Although Zhou Yuan's figure was as small as an ant compared to the giant seal, he didn’t waver in the least. He blasted out his clenched fist and collided with the giant seal without any showy movements.

Zhou Yuan's voice was heard during the collision. "Too many people want to step on me to rise to fame…You are not qualified yet.”  

Liang Zheng's pupils suddenly shrank.  

However, before he could say anything, Zhou Yuan's fist had already smashed into the giant white elephant seal. At that moment, there was a loud sound that shook the mountains.

At the same time, many people were horrified to see the huge white elephant seal that combined the power of Liang Zheng and others exploded into pieces.

It turned into rays of dazzling jade light.

As the jade light filled the sky, it illuminated the faces and the panic spreading on them under the Ancestral Spirit Tree.

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