Chapter 1242 Chaotic Battle


Waves of powerful and berserk Genesis Qi erupted almost at the same time around the Ancestral Spirit Tree area.

Many figures shot out, racing towards the last three unclaimed Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

But there were too many people fighting for the three fruits and many were attacked on the way.

Then, ferocious roars resounded and figures enlarged one after another, turning into fiendish beasts and continued to fight in midair. 

Ferocious auras surged, causing the area to dim as dark clouds rolled in and filled the sky.

Zhou Yuan led Jin Zhong and others to block the path leading to the area of the tree they selected. They all circulated their Genesis Qi to its peak and their eyes were vigilantly locked on the chaotic situation. 

Although the other clan experts were considered as loose sand in terms of individual strength, they had an advantage in number and if they joined forces, even the three strongest clans wouldn’t withstand against them.

Fortunately, if loose sand could gather so easily, they wouldn’t be called loose sand.


Chaotic fights were constantly being performed in the air.

As time passed, the chaotic battlefield gradually changed and some remarkable experts rose above the others.

But Zhou Yuan’s gaze were fixed on one figure.    

A strong iron tower-like figure. His skin emitted a white-jade-like luster and every movement of his produced an explosion of terrifying bodily strength. Even space collapsed under his punches.  

He blasted away the several experts who besieged him until they vomited blood.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, that person is called Liang Zheng, a member of the White Jade Elephant Clan. He is said to possess the strength to pull up a mountain and has some fame among the grade 7 rank of Wanshou Heaven,” Jin Zhong timely said to Zhou Yuan when he saw the direction of Zhou Yuan’s gaze.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Perhaps the Wanshou Heaven didn’t have as many lists as the Hunyuan Heaven because Genesis beast clans were naturally aggressive and the list would likely trigger endless fights and create countless troubles. This was why there were many concealed talents in Wanshou Heaven.  

Liang Zheng was only one of the people who stood out. There were similar powerful figures in the other areas.

Zhou Yuan felt that Liang Zheng had the ability to win one of the Ancestral Spirit Fruits. 

“We should be prepared,” Zhou Yuan reminded Jin Zhong and the others. Although their side was still peaceful and no one dared to charge over, this was only temporary. Once all three Ancestral Spirit Fruits were taken, those who were empty-handed would shift their covetous gaze to them. As a result, clashes were inevitable. 

Jin Zhong and the others also nodded solemnly.

While Zhou Yuan and the others vigilantly watched the chaotic battlefield, the teams headed by Jiang Hongying and Meng Chong were also on guard. 

As time passed by, the cloying smell of blood filled with air around the Ancestral Spirit Tree.

The ground was dyed red from blood.

The outcome for the three unclaimed Ancestral Spirit Fruits was finally decided after around an hour.

As Zhou Yuan thought, Liang Zheng won one, and the other two were snatched by another two powerful experts that stood out in the chaotic battlefield.

The chaotic battlefield suddenly fell silent when the three fruits were taken.

Many experts dripped with blood and emitted fiendish auras. 

Such a scene, coupled with the quiet atmosphere, felt somewhat eerie.

Amidst the silence, gazes, one after another, shifted to the areas that the three strongest clans had occupied. There, the Ancestral Spirit Fruits glistened beautifully and released a tremendous attractive force that made greed emerge in those gazes. 

Commotion broke out.  

At the same time, waves of Genesis Qi rippled, which were Genesis Qi sound transmission. 

The experts from various clans were communicating to each other in secret.

There were eventually some movements.

Figures began to act, assembling behind three figures to form three imposing-looking teams. 

The three figures that led the teams were the three who won the three Ancestral Spirit Fruits. 

The strength they showed on the chaotic battlefield had convinced all the others. As a result, the loose sand began to show signs of cohesion. 

Fortunately, this wasn’t everyone.  

Some secretly retreated because they could see the three newly formed teams would challenge the three strongest clans and there was bound to be a long and bitter battle so they didn’t want to get involved. 

The three teams stood separated under the Ancestral Spirit Tree and showed no intention of combining forces. They only exchanged a few words and decided on their target.  

The atmosphere under the Ancestral Spirit Tree stiffened.

The oncoming storm made it difficult for many people to breath.

But what will come, will eventually arrive.  

Three waves of people moved in a mighty manner at the same. They rose into the sky and erupted with berserk Genesis Qi as roars echoed in the void.

Several giant beast figures hovered in the air and their shadows shrouded the ground. 

“Attack!" As a low roar sounded, Genesis Qi gushed out and figures charged forward.


Jiang Hongying's face was frosty but killing intent filled her eyes. She roared fiercely when she saw dozens of giant beasts racing over. She was the first to soar into the air, clasping a long spear wrapped in mighty power. She directly faced the ignorant people who dared to anger her Mystic Dragon Clan.

In another place, Meng Chong from the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan stared at the team coming towards them with a darkened face. The number of opponents was nearly ten times that of theirs. Although most of them were only there to make up the number, the opponents still could threaten them given their advantage in number.


Meng Chong unleashed an earth-shattering roar as he stepped forward. He opened his mouth and spewed out a beam of blood-colored light. Two giant axes descended from the light beam.

“You dare attack my Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan?!" Meng Chong smiled sinisterly. As he clasped the two giant axes, dark hair emerged from his body like sharp thorns. He led the Divine Dragon Clan to face the attacks head-on.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan and the others were also faced with a group of people charging over.

The leader was Liang Zheng from the White Jade Elephant Clan.

However, Liang Zheng didn't act immediately. He swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and others and suggested, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, although we might be disorganized, we have an advantage in numbers. You might not be able to stop us. So, I have a proposal.”

“Split the five Ancestral Spirit Fruits equally and you and I will both be happy, what do you say?”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Brother Liang, you are not disorganized.”   

Although Liang Zheng looked like he only had muscles, Zhou Yuan felt he was the most dangerous of the three. This was because Zhou Yuan could perceive that the people who Liang Zheng had gathered in his team were the strongest among the three teams, which indicated that he wasn’t only strong but had extraordinary skills.

Liang Zheng smiled. "Does grand elder Zhou Yuan agree to my proposal?”

Zhou Yuan studied him for a moment and then smiled, shook his head and said, “No."

Liang Zheng sighed disappointedly. "In that case, we will have to snatch them.”


As soon as his voice faded, the dozens of imposing figures behind him were already charging towards Zhou Yuan and others from all directions. 

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