Chapter 1241 Divide

A total of 19 light balls were hanging on the Ancestral Spirit Tree’s top level. In other words, there were 19 matured Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a little greedy. He wanted to swallow all 19 fruits because it would significantly increase his Spirit cultivation level.

But he knew he couldn’t pocket them all and not share with the others.

The experts from the various clans of the Wanshou Heavens had already gathered here, including those from the Mystic Dragon clan headed by Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba. He would no doubt arouse public indignation if he swallowed all the Ancestral Spirit Fruits, and he and Tuntun likely couldn’t withstand the backlash.

Tuntun suddenly patted Zhou Yuan’s head and sent a message to his mind, “Zhou Yuan, there is a surprise with ten Ancestral Spirit Fruits!” 

“What do you mean?” asked Zhou Yuan puzzledly.    

Tuntun didn't say anything more about this and sent another mysterious thought, "You'll know when the time comes.”

Behind the message was Tuntun’s mysterious and proud expression.

Zhou Yuan was at a loss for words. It was only after a while that he scrunched his brows and said, “Ten is too much.”

There were a total of 19 mature Ancestral Spirit Fruits. He felt that even Jiang Ba, Jiang Hongying and others wouldn’t dare to have such a huge appetite to take that many. If Zhou Yuan didn’t leave some for the others, it also wouldn’t be that easy to harvest the fruits.

“Let’s see how much we can take first." Zhou Yuan remained composed and wasn’t tempted by Tuntun’s mysterious words.

Tuntun yawned and didn't push any further. He simply reminded Zhou Yuan. Of course it would be best if they could succeed, but if not, it didn’t matter. 


While Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were conversing, a tiger’s roar containing terrifying fiendish aura resounded from the distant sky, enveloping the entire world for a moment.

Many experts’ expressions changed slightly when they heard the deafening tiger’s roar.

“It’s the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan!”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and peered at the distance. Soon, several figures cut through the air and landed around the Ancestral Spirit Tree like meteors, violently shaking the ground. 

"Hahaha, it's really lively here. I didn't expect there to be such an opportunity here." A thunderous laughter reverberated as the Divine Tiger Clan experts descended.

Everyone looked over to see a burly man with his upper body bare standing in the leader’s position. He was riddled with deep and hideous scars, and together with his eyes that were filled with fiendish intent, he resembled a ferocious beast.

“It’s Meng Chong from the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan.”   

“It’s another difficult one. He’s going to reduce our share of Ancestral Spirit Fruit.”


Amidst whispers, the burly man called Meng Chong grinned, his white teeth reflecting light. He turned to the Mystic Dragon Clan’s direction and wrinkled his thick brows when he saw Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba. He even secretly cursed to himself. 

He was aware how strong Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba were and knew that he likely wouldn’t get the lion’s share this time.  

Then, he scanned the Golden Monkey Clan headed by Zhou Yuan.

His gaze hovered on Zhou Yuan and Tuntun for several breaths before he slowly retracted it. 

"Meng Chong, you have a sharp scent,” remarked Jiang Hongying when she saw Meng Chong.

Meng Chong pursed his lips and ignored her.

Jiang Hongying didn't care about Meng Chong's attitude towards and suggested, “Meng Chong, I have a suggestion. How about your Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan join forces with us to get rid of the third party first. After that, you and I can enjoy the lion’s share. Isn’t that better than splitting among three groups?"

Jin Zhong and the others immediately reddened with anger. The three strongest forces present, which were the Mystic Dragon Clan, the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan and the Golden Monkey Clan, would no doubt win the highest share. But Jiang Hongying wanted to join forces with the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan to get rid them first?

Meng Chong’s eyes flashed when he heard the proposal and the several Divine Tiger Clan experts behind him were also tempted. Among the three strongest forces, the Mystic Dragon Clan was undoubtedly the strongest. In other words, the Divine Tiger Clan would benefit if they worked together.  

The teams of the other clans simply watched coldly at the sidelines. They also wanted to see the three strongest forces fight because that meant they could take advantage of the chaotic situation.

But to everyone's surprise, Meng Chong grinned after pondering for a few seconds and said, "Jiang Hongying, I’m not interested in getting involved in your matters. I don’t want to work for you.”

He extended four fingers and said, "I only need four Ancestral Spirit Fruits here. You guys can fight for the others.”

Four wasn’t considered much out of the total of 19 but it also wasn’t small. Although Meng Chong seemed rough outwardly, he had an exceptionally sharp mind and clearly chose such an amount because it wouldn’t spark much dispute. 

Many spectators looked a little disappointed when Meng Chong refused. That guy looks headstrong but is in fact very cautious.

Jiang Hongying snorted coldly. That stupid tiger isn’t that stupid.

Jiang Hongying didn't care too much that her plan failed. She swept a cold glance over Zhou Yuan and took a large step forward. With a flick of her fingers, mighty Genesis Qi roared out and enveloped an area of the Ancestral Spirit Tree.  

There were seven light balls shining brightly in that area, which were seven mature Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

“The Mystic Dragon Clan will take seven Ancestral Spirit Fruits. If anyone objects, then you can take action according to the Wanshou Heaven’s rules!” Jiang Hongying's cold voice resounded. Although she was a woman, her fierce aura wasn’t inferior to any men. 

It was silent all around, but many experts’ eyes were flashing.

In Wanshou Heaven, if one sees rare treasures and think they were strong enough they could snatch them, but they must have the strength to defend themselves from attacks from all sides.

A single party of people might be no match for the Mystic Dragon Clan but if they joined forces, they could still threaten the Mystic Dragon Clan.

However, no one took action because Jiang Hongying cleverly only took seven. Although her appetite wasn’t considered small, she still left some to the others.

Meng Chong also made a move. He led his group into the air and blocked the path that led to the area with four Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

Only eight Ancestral Spirit Fruits were left.  

Gazes shifted to Zhou Yuan who headed the Golden Monkey Clan.

Jiang Hongying also cast a playful look over Zhou Yuan, curious to see how big Zhou Yuan’s courage and appetite would be.

Under countless gazes, Zhou Yuan expressionlessly waved his hand. A gush of Genesis Qi rose into the air and covered an area of the tree as his indifferent voice rang out, “We will take five Ancestral Spirit Fruits.”

His action made some people breathe a sigh of relief because he left three and gave the others a chance to compete for the opportunity.


But Jiang Hongying pursed her lips and seemed a little disappointed. She originally set up this pit to see if Zhou Yuan was courageous enough to take it, which would undoubtedly arouse public wrath. Then she would fan the flames and that should be enough to drive away Zhou Yuan and the others.  

But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan only took five and left three to distract the other clan experts’ attention.

Although disappointed, Jiang Hongying didn’t care too much because this was only the beginning. She knew well what the experts of the Wanshou Heaven clans were like. Once the last three fruits were taken away, the others would undoubtedly shift their attention to them. 

At that time, it would depend on true strength.

One was qualified to enjoy the opportunity if one could guard it. If you couldn’t guard it, then the opportunity had nothing to do with you.

This was Wanshou Heaven’s rule. The size of one’s fist was the most important factor, regardless of what status one had. It’s the same with the Mystic Dragon Clan.

Once the allocation was decided, Zhou Yuan led Jin Zhong and others into the air, guarding the area they selected.

The three teams intently fixed their eyes on their target, while the many other experts cast their gazes to the three unclaimed Ancestral Spirit Fruits. After a few breaths of silence, waves of Genesis Qi violently erupted.

Fierce auras shot into the sky and pervaded the air around the Ancestral Spirit Tree. 

A competition and fight for opportunity immediately unfolded.

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