Chapter 1240 Incredible Luck

A giant ancient tree appeared in the distant sky and the Genesis Qi it brought to the world could be distinctly felt even from the stone platform that was tens of thousand miles away.

The halo of light bloomed from the ancient tree rippled mysteriously.

The sudden strange spectacle completely swept away the tense atmosphere on the round stone platform as though it never existed.

The Ancestral Spirit Tree’s appearance undoubtedly made everyone's eyes blaze with wild excitement.

Such a huge Ancestral Spirit Tree must have already bore fruits and those fruits were no doubt very attractive to everyone present. This was because the Genesis beasts clans had always attached more importance to the cultivation of physical strength. Their Spirit cultivation was inferior or could even be considered as their weakness. 

The Ancestral Spirit Fruit was an incredibly rare treasure that could strengthen their Spirit.

If they could refine it, it could compensate for their many weaknesses and could give them an upper hand in battle. 

Amidst countless excited gazes, Jiang Ba was the first to snap out of the astonishment and calmed the Genesis Qi surging around his body. He immediately appeared beside Jiang Hongying and urged, “Hurry, since the Ancestral Spirit Tree has appeared, there must be opportunities!”

Jiang Hongying nodded and then glanced at Zhou Yuan without saying anything else. She turned into a stream of light and swiftly sped away in the tree’s direction with Jiang Ba.

This was because she knew that the battle between the two sides wasn’t over and Zhou Yuan no doubt wouldn’t give up on the Ancestral Spirit Tree; therefore, a real battle was inevitable between them.

This was also what she wanted. After all, when she targeted Zhou Yuan it was because she wanted to settle some personal matters. But with the Ancestral Spirit Fruits’ appearance, if Zhou Yuan still wanted to compete, he would be considered as fighting against the entire Mystic Dragon Clan.

The Mystic Dragon Clan's several Nascent Source experts immediately followed Jiang Hongying.

This confrontation seemed a bit anticlimactic.

As they set off, the other experts present couldn't stand watching any longer. Although the Mystic Dragon Clan was powerful and had a large number of people, a great opportunity was right in front of them and no one wanted to give it up so easily.

Several figures leapt up from the stone platform and streaked across the sky.

The lively platform was quickly deserted and turned quiet. 

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to Jiang Hongying and the others because his gaze was intently fixed on the giant ancient tree in the distance. The faint halo of light bloomed from it made his Spirit respond with waves of desire. 

Jin Zhong and other Golden Monkey Clan Nascent Source experts turned to Zhou Yuan with excitement and anticipation in their eyes, asking, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, Little Ancestor, what do you plan to do next?” 

All experts of the various clans most likely had detected the Ancestral Spirit Tree’s tremendous movements, which meant there would no doubt be fierce competition when they meet. Jin Zhong and the others were strong, but compared to the Mystic Dragon Clan troops led by Jiang Ba and Jiang Hongying, they were not on the same level.

If Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were willing to lead their team, their team’s power would increase significantly.

It was just that Jin Zhong and the others didn’t know whether Zhou Yuan would be willing to go find the Ancestral Spirit Fruits because he would truly clash with the powerful Mystic Dragon Clan experts including Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba. The battle at that time would be a real competition for the opportunity unlike the one before.

Tuntun's huge body shrank and he landed back on Zhou Yuan's head.

Zhou Yuan asked with a smile, “What do you think?”    

Tuntun slapped Zhou Yuan's head excitedly and passed his thought into his mind, “Snatch it! Snatch it! Beat that woman!”

 His answer was simple and clear. 

Zhou Yuan smiled. “That’s what I was thinking too.”  

Jiang Hongying clearly warned Zhou Yuan to not intervene with her eyes before she left. Zhou Yuan shook his head. That stupid woman underestimated my temper.

When had Zhou Yuan ever given up on the many opportunities that appeared during his years of cultivation? 

He had killed even Jia Tu when he tried to block his path. What was Jiang Hongying compared to him?

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across Jin Zhong and the others and said with a smile, “How would I give up on such an opportunity? If you guys are interested you can come with me.”

Zhou Yuan had a very good impression of Jin Zhong and the others since they had chosen to stand forward and support him even under the pressure of Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba. He wouldn’t mind sharing the opportunity with them if he succeeded.

Upon hearing this, Jin Zhong and the others lit up with joy. 

“Let’s go.” 

Zhou Yuan didn’t waste any time. He led the way with Tuntun on his head and turned into a stream of light, speeding into the distance. 

Jin Zhong and the others quickly followed.


It was only as they continued to cut through the sky and hasten on with their journey that they realized how far the Ancestral Spirit Tree was and that they wouldn’t arrive any time soon, even if they travelled at full speed.

While they streaked across the sky at full speed, Zhou Yuan sensed waves of Genesis Qi constantly soaring from the vast land. They were all moving in the same direction as them, which means they were also heading for the Ancestral Spirit Tree.

“The main show started earlier than I thought.” Zhou Yuan sighed.  

The Dragon Spirit Utopia couldn’t be compared to Guyuan Heaven in terms of vastness, but this was normal because there was a huge difference between them. Nevertheless, the battles were equally exciting.

The location that appeared close was actually very far away. Zhou Yuan and the others were exhausted from flying.

After an hour of full speed travel, they finally were approaching the Ancestral Spirit Tree. 

As they neared, they marvelled at the tremendous size of the Ancestral Spirit Tree. The canopy of its leaves blotted out the sky for thousands of miles and its towering trunk resembled a pillar that supported the sky. 

Just when they were hundreds of miles away from the Ancestral Spirit Tree, Zhou Yuan and the others stopped and landed on a mountain.

There were constantly streams of light descending from all directions and turned into human silhouettes. 

Those people were all staring at the Ancestral Spirit Tree with blazing eyes.

Zhou Yuan also raised his head and saw countless mysterious rays of light entwining around the tree as if forming a natural Genesis Rune formation. Among the many light rays were balls of light hanging on the branches. 

Those balls of light were extremely mysterious—The light flowing in them resembled liquid, and upon a closer look, he discovered an illusory-like milky white fruit in their depths.

The fruit seemed to not exist to the naked eye, similar to illusory objects, and could only be perceived by one’s Spirit.

One’s physical body couldn’t touch Ancestral Spirit Fruits and only the Spirit could harvest them.

Zhou Yuan smacked his lips. It’s a real Ancestral Spirit Fruit!


He swept his gaze around the Ancestral Spirit Tree and saw dozens of similar balls of light. Moreover, below the most dazzling balls of light were some faint balls of light that hadn’t quite fully matured.   

Regardless, the presence of so many Ancestral Spirit Fruits made everyone breathe rapidly and their heart rate increased. Intense desire and greed rose to their eyes. 

It was very rare to see an Ancestral Spirit Tree bear so many Ancestral Spirit Fruits!

They were incredibly lucky to encounter one the moment they entered the Dragon Spirit Utopia!

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