Chapter 124 Break the Sky

Zhou Yuan’s gaze scanned the area, eventually coming to a stop on a certain spot behind Gu Lang where a black crystal ball that shined with a strange light lay atop a stone pedestal. Ancient patterns spread down the pedestal, reaching into the ground.

The crystal ball should be the core of the Spirit Devouring Tower.

“Small fry?”

Zhou Yuan seemed to smile when heard Gu Lang’s words. The former was after all someone who had once slayed an Alpha-Origin expert. Although he had borrowed Silver Shadow’s power, the one before him, Gu Lang, was merely a mid Heaven Gate stage practitioner. 

“How does it feel to smash your own foot with a rock?” Zhou Yuan smiled thinly. If not for Gu Lang having designs on Yaoyao and subsequently giving them two entry tokens to the Spirit Refining Tower, they would have likely left, no desire...

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