Chapter 1239 Ancestral Spirit Tree

Berserk earth shattering Genesis Qi pressure as well as overbearing dragon might swept out from Jiang Hongying’s body, causing the surrounding expert of various clans to turn pale and retreat hurriedly. They feared being impacted in the savage and unreasonable woman’s attack. 

Terrifying pressure directly assaulted Zhou Yuan’s face, but his expression remained unchanged and he simply said calmly, “You really want to play?”


Jiang Hongying responded with a sudden move. She swung her long leg out like a giant hammer and shattered the surrounding space. Faintly, there seemed to be the roar of a dragon. 

Even the space wailed as terrifying power erupted. 

Jiang Hongying hadn’t brought out her Genesis Qi, but even so, her pure bodily strength was already terrifying enough.


As Zhou Yuan lifted one arm it glowed with the Sant Glass Light. Then, he expressionlessly thrust out a punch. His Saint Glass Body was activated and power erupted from him like a volcano, flowing all over his body like lava.   

 The kick and punch collided.   

The collision, like an explosion of thunder, caused many experts’ ears to ring painfully. 

Berserk waves of qi raged across the area.

Zhou Yuan's arm vibrated, then a force strong enough to smash a mountain blasted Jiang Hongying's long leg back. Her leg drew a half circle in the air before she put her leg back on the ground, causing the entire stone platform to shake violently. 

“Interesting. You’re only at the advanced Nascent Source stage yet you possess such strength,” said Jiang Hongying coldly.

Zhou Yuan stared at her indifferently. "Jiang Jinlin died in battle in Guyuan Heaven. Although I’m not considered friends with him, I still respect him. It’s unfortunate that he has an idiot older sister.”

Killing intent surged to Jiang Hongying's narrow and long eyes. "What did you say?!” 

The several Mystic Dragon Clan experts behind Jiang Hongying also gave Zhou Yuan hostile stares.

It was at that moment when several figures came to stand behind Zhou Yuan. "Jiang Hongying, you’re being too unreasonable.”

Zhou Yuan glanced behind him and saw a golden-haired middle-aged man with a long beard. He was from the Golden Monkey Clan.

Zhou Yuan remembered he was called Jin Zhong. Jin Ling'er had brought Jin Zhong to meet Zhou Yuan before when he was at the Golden Monkey Clan and so they were somewhat acquainted.

Zhou Yuan was a little surprised that he would stand up for him at such a time.  

“Your Golden Monkey Clan wants to protect him?” Jiang Hongying studied Jin Zhong and the others with a sharp knife-like gaze, and then a hint of content flashed to her eyes. “Even Jin Lan dared not say anything to us. Who do you think you are?” 

"Zhou Yuan is a distinguished guest of our Golden Monkey Clan. Also Little Ancestor is here. We we can’t tolerate you acting so arrogant and unreasonable!” Jin Zhong said coldly.

Jiang Hongying turned her gaze to Tuntun who was yawning on Zhou Yuan’s head. "Your Excellency, you are also a member of the Genesis beast race, why did you side with an outsider?”

Tuntun swept a glance over Jiang Hongying, took out a stone slab and wrote: What does it have to do with you? 

Jiang Hongying's eyes suddenly flashed with anger. Although Tuntun was an Alpha Holy Beast, she wasn’t afraid of him because her Mystic Dragon Clan was a Sacred Beast Clan. Although they had to evolve repeatedly to become a true Sacred Beast in terms of the purity and age of their blood, they wouldn’t be afraid of Tuntun’s might. 

Moreover, Tuntun only possessed strength of the Nascent Source stage!

As though knew what Jiang Hongying was thinking, a chilling and fierce intent flashed in Tuntun's eyes. He slowly floated up from the top of Zhou Yuan's head and an earth shattering oppressive pressure erupted from him. As dazzling golden light flashed, he transformed into his giant beast form. Black light flowed around his giant mouth and made many people shudder.

Many people on the stone platform were filled with fear when they looked over and felt the threatening power emitting from Tuntun.

Jiang Hongying also noticed the oppressive pressure emanating from Tuntun. Her expression froze and she couldn’t stop her slender and long body from tensing up.

A black-clad figure behind Jiang Hongying took a step forward. Under that black robe was a very ordinary man’s face that always wore a smile. As he smiled, his eyes also smiled into slits.

But many Nascent Source experts’ expressions changed when they saw the ordinary-looking man. 

"It's Jiang Ba!”

"That guy also came…He is one of the most well-known figures in Wanshou Heaven back then. But he hadn’t been seen in the past 100 years because he has been in closed-door cultivation to comprehend the Law Domain stage. I didn't think the Mystic Dragon Clan would also send him here.”

“I heard he has long formed a pseudo Law Domain. I wonder how far his Law Domain can open up to now.” 

"With him here, we don’t need to be afraid of that Little Ancestor.”


Amidst the whisperings, the man called Jiang Ba looked up and said to Tuntun, "Your Excellency, although you might have a much greater potential than I do, that is in the future. But right now, we are at the same level.”

What he implied was that the oppressive pressure that Tuntun exuded can’t deter him.

Jin Zhong’s complexion changed a little as his eyes fearfully locked on Jiang Ba. At the same time, his expression turned cold and grave, and beads of sweat gathered on the several Golden Monkey Clan experts’ foreheads. Jiang Ba’s and Jiang Hongying's reputations in Wanshou Heaven were after all superior to them all.

If a battle really broke out between them, they likely wouldn’t benefit anything from it.

Tuntun stared disdainfully at Jiang Ba in mid-air, and the oppressive pressure emanating from his body grew increasingly terrifying. Even the surrounding space began to vibrate.

It was a sign that he was about to make a move.   

Jiang Hongying fixed Zhou Yuan with a fierce look and said to Jiang Ba, "You stop Little Ancestor and I will see how strong Zhou Yuan is.”

Jiang Ba smiled. "I can give you around one hour.”

“That’s enough,” said Jiang Hongying arrogantly. Although Zhou Yuan had a bit of fame in all-heavens, he had only been at the Nascent Source stage for around half a year. Although she could tell that Zhou Yuan possessed extraordinary strength from their previous exchange, she still had absolute confidence in herself. 

If Zhou Yuan wanted to stand out at the Nascent Source stage, it would likely take him some time first!

At the very least, he had no qualification to do so right now!    

As Jiang Hongying clenched her hand, a spear covered with dragon scales appeared in her grip and her imposing bearing soared dramatically. Then, with a blazing and provocative gaze, she looked at Zhou Yuan.

"If you beat me, I will let go of Jiang Jinlin's matter.”

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, "First of all, I have to tell you that I’m very sorry for Jiang Jinlin's death, but I am not going to take responsibility for it. But that doesn’t mean I decline your offer.” He smiled, revealing his white teeth. “Because I think you need a beating!”   

Many experts of various clans looked dumbstruck at Zhou Yuan because they didn’t think he would speak so frankly. After all, Jiang Hongying was known for her violent temper. It would be strange is she didn’t explode wildly because of Zhou Yuan’s words.

As expected, Jiang Hongying's face turned frosty and she locked her narrow eyes on Zhou Yuan, A suffocating killing intent filled the air.

"Very well, I hope you can still speak when I break your mouth!” Jiang Hongying laughed angrily as terrifying Genesis Qi erupted from her.

Tuntun also let out a deafening roar as his oppressive power enveloped the world.

Jiang Ba's robe billowed around him, and his pupils gradually turned gold. He floated up to the sky, ready to face Tuntun who was enraged.

But just as the two sides were about to launch an attack, a loud noise suddenly resounded across the world.

It was like the sound of an earthquake splitting the ground apart.

Everyone paused for a moment before they simultaneously turned to the source of the loud noise. There, they saw the distant mountains parted and a giant ancient tree slowly rose, blotting out the sky. The tree emitted brilliant light that enveloped that side of world. 

Vaguely, they seemed to see divine lights hanging on the ancient tree like some kind of mysterious fruits.

Even the whistling of wind around the platform seemed to still for a moment.

Even Jiang Hongying and Jiang Ba who were about to launch an attack stared in the direction of the ancient tree with narrowed eyes.

The stillness lasted a few breaths before loud and joyous voices rang out from the stone platform.

“That’s…the Ancestral Spirit Tree with Ancestral Spirit Fruits?!"   

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