Chapter 1238 Jiang Hongying

Dragon Spirit Utopia.

A desolate world.    

A tremendous round stone platform was suspended in the sky. The area above the platform constantly cracked as imposing figures continuously shot out and landed on the round stone platform.

The stone platform that had been quiet for a long time became lively again.

With Tuntun on his head, Zhou Yuan also landed on the round stone platform. He immediately sensed the different universe Genesis Qi and the faint strange aroma it contained. He could feel his flesh and blood much more spirited under such universe Genesis Qi.

His blood flowed much smoother and quicker.

It was as though his entire body was cheering.

"This Dragon Spirit Utopia's Genesis Qi is indeed perfect for cultivation,” Zhou Yuan couldn't help exclaiming. His bodily strength would likely improve tremendously if he could cultivate here for a period.

He swept his gaze around the figures on the stone platform. The majority were not from the Golden Monkey Clan, and from their aura, they should be from other clans in Wanshou Heaven.

It seemed everyone was randomly scattered on the suspended round stone platform after entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia through the vortex.

Zhou Yuan stroked Tuntun who was on his head. Although Tuntun was yawning, his eyes blazed as he scanned the ancient and desolate world. Zhou Yuan could feel the anticipation in Tuntun's heart from his restlessness.

"The Ancestral Spirit Mountain in the Dragon Spirit Utopia should appear later. We can wait here or explore for other opportunities,” said Zhou Yuan.

Tuntun slapped Zhou Yuan’s head.   

Of course we need to explore. There are many opportunities to be found!

Zhou Yuan grinned. He of course had the same thought. Besides the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, he was also very interested in the Ancestral Spirit Fruit, a specialty of the Dragon Spirit Utopia. because he hadn’t made much progress in his Spirit cultivation over the years, which he felt was due to a lack of opportunities. Perhaps the Ancestral Spirit Fruit could help him in that area.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan wanted to directly jump off the stone platform.

However, just as he moved, a wave of powerful and berserk Genesis Qi erupted from the platform, and then directly locked onto Zhou Yuan.

The sudden change startled Zhou Yuan a little. Then, he turned his head expressionlessly to where the Genesis Qi came from.

The Genesis Qi movement not only attracted Zhou Yuan's attention, but experts from other clans on the stone platform also cast surprised gazes over.

In that direction stood an extraordinarily tall and beautiful figure. It was a woman dressed in a black and gold combat robe tightly fitting around her curvaceous body and highlighted her beautiful sexy and strong curves as well as long and straight legs. 

The beautiful woman had short silver hair, which looked neat and tidy yet made her look striking and fierce.

She had a beautiful but aloof face, particularly her eyes, which were long and narrow. As she raised her brows, there was a ferocious air around her.


The expressions of all the other Nascent Source experts on the round stone platform changed when they saw the woman. Soon, there was a low commotion within the crowd.

 "It's Jiang Hongying from the Mystic Dragon Clan!" 

“It’s that savage and unreasonable female dragon…"

"The person she targeted is very familiar. I remember! He’s Hunyuan Heaven’s Zhou Yuan. He entered from the Golden Monkey Clan…"

"He is part of the human race of Hunyuan Heaven. Why did he come to our Wanshou Heaven’s Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

"Do you see who’s on his head? It’s Little Ancestor of the Golden Monkey Clan, an Alpha Holy Beast... and Zhou Yuan is the partner he invited.”

"But what does Jiang Hongying want to do?”

"I heard something. Do you guys know Jiang Jinlin? The one who died in Guyuan Heaven. He is Jiang Hongying's little brother…"

“What does that have to do with Zhou Yuan? It’s the Sacred Race who killed Jiang Jinlin.”

“How unreasonable is Jiang Hongying? I don’t know how many people who tried to reason with her has been ripped to shreds…"

"Zhou Yuan is really unlucky.”


A lot of whispering broke out and fell into Zhou Yuan's ears. He looked indifferently at the silver-haired woman and saw a thin black-robed figure behind her, who similarly exuded a dangerous aura.

At the same time, many Mystic Dragon Clan experts, who similarly possessed tyrannical Genesis Qi, followed behind Jiang Hongying as though about to surround Zhou Yuan.

Tuntun patted Zhou Yuan's head and a wisp of thought entered his mind, “You're in trouble."

The woman in front is stronger than Jin Lan.

Zhou Yuan's eyes turned cold. 

Jiang Hongying stopped a few feet away from Zhou Yuan under countless gazes.

"Are you Zhou Yuan of Hunyuan Heaven?" Jiang Hongying's voice sounded a little hoarse, but there was an unconcealable chilling intent.

“Is there something?” Zhou Yuan asked indifferently.   

"I am Jiang Hongying from the Mystic Dragon Clan and Jiang Jinlin who died in Guyuan Heaven is my younger brother." Jiang Hongying stared at Zhou Yuan with reddened eyes.

Zhou Yuan nodded, saying, “Sorry for your loss." 

"Although he died in the Sacred Race’s hands, I heard it was you who decided to break into the boundary formation.”

"It's me." Zhou Yuan didn't deny it. “Do you think we should have retreated instead and handed over all the Genesis Qi ancestral veins to the Sacred Race?”

Experts from various clans frowned, looking discontentedly at Jiang Hongying.

Zhou Yuan's decision at the time was correct. No matter what, they couldn't give in and retreat at that time.

All heavens benefitted from Zhou Yuan’s action, including Jiang Hongying. Therefore, her behaviour was unreasonable.

“I know I’m unreasonable,” said Jiang Hongying indifferently, "But I don't care. My younger brother is dead. I will rip any Sacred Race members apart when I see them even if I only have one last breath remaining and even if I risk my life.”

She looked at Zhou Yuan with reddened eyes. "But I feel that you’re also responsible for his death.


"Although I won’t kill you…I need to teach you a lesson. Otherwise you won’t understand.”

As she finished her sentence, dragon scales surfaced on her face and terrifying Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from her body. Then, the world changed color and dragon power permeated the air, making the experts from all clans draw back repeatedly with changing expressions.

Is that savage and unreasonable female dragon really going to take action?! 

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