Chapter 1237 Into the Utopia

A huge spatial vortex emerged above the Golden Monkey Clan’s ancestral land. The inside of the vortex, dark and unpredictable, made many tremble with fear. 

The vortex led to the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

The area around the mountains below was buzzing unusually, and countless members of the Golden Monkey Clan were staring at the spatial vortex with envy and desire.

Only the elites of each clan could enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia. They hoped they could represent their clan and win glory and obtain amazing opportunities.

With Tuntun on his head, Zhou Yuan stood beside Yaoyao on a mountain summit.

“You need to be careful in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. The Sacred Race mustn’t be underestimated.” The mountain wind lifted Yaoyao’s silk-like hair, and her slender and graceful figure was so perfect that her figure seemed created by heaven. 

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help staring at her in admiration. Her figure seemed to be becoming better and better.

But when he saw the corners of Yaoyao’s lips slightly curving in a strange arc, he immediately looked straight ahead and said, “I understand.”

Tuntun yawned on Zhou Yuan’s head, then laughed out loud in mockery.

Yaoyao cast her cold and clear eyes at Tuntun. “Listen to Zhou Yuan in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. He is more cautious and reliable than you.”

Tuntun, who was smiling smugly, lowered its head dispiritedly and didn’t have the strength to respond. He originally planned to become the boss when they got into the Dragon Spirit Utopia and order Zhou Yuan about, but Yaoyao destroyed its thought with one sentence.

After all, Tuntun, who was always fearless, would never disobey Yaoyao’s order, which to him was like an imperial decree.

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help smiling triumphantly. “Little boy, you wanted to order me around?”

Then, he turned to the remarkably beautiful girl beside him and took her little hand, sighing, “I thought I could travel with you, but we have to be apart again for a while.”

Yaoyao said reassuringly, “The Dragon Spirit Utopia is a good opportunity for you guys. You can’t give up such a good chance. I will wait here for your return.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and opened his arms for a hug. “Let’s say goodbye.”

As Yaoyao gazed at Zhou Yuan with her clear and bright eyes, Zhou Yuan’s face was reflected in them. She slightly curved the corners of her lips upwards and stepped forward to let Zhou Yuan hug her.  

Soft, warm and sweet-smelling.    

That softness almost made Zhou Yuan unwilling to let go and head into the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

The scene attracted the attention of many people in the surroundings. After all, the girl in Zhou Yuan’s arms was too remarkable, and even Jin Ling’er and Jin Ya, who were known for their beauty, paled in comparison to her.

But what they noticed was that Yaoyao wasn’t only beautiful but also elegant and radiating an extraordinary aura. Moreover, she possessed a mysterious identity. 

Jin Yanghuang stood with his hands clasped behind him on a mountain summit, watching the embrace with a strange expression. He was vaguely aware of the affairs between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, which had stirred up a lot of waves in the Omega Shrine. 

No one thought that she would fall for a mortal. 

“I don’t know whether it’s good or bad,” he murmured. Then, he ran his eyes across everyone, and his majestic voice resounded, “It’s almost time. Get ready to leave.”

After a pause, his eyes grew fierce and sharp. “I want to say one more thing. The Dragon Spirit Utopia is no longer a place of training. I suggest you treat it as a battlefield. Your ultimate goal is to kill the evil beast clan that entered the Dragon Spirit Utopia!

“My Wanshou Heaven can’t be contaminated by that clan!”

Monstrous killing intent directly caused the wind to rise and the clouds to scud across the sky. The temperature dropped.

All Golden Monkey Clan members responded fiercely, and their murderous auras circulated around them.

Their monstrous murderous intent pulled Zhou Yuan from the soft and warm embrace. The evil beast clan deserves to die; they turned such a good training experience into a battlefield of life and death.

Zhou Yuan could foresee the slaughter even before entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

As Jin Yanghuang’s voice faded, streams of light shot into the sky from the mountains and formed a team. They dove into the spatial vortex.

Each member held a strange object that emitted an ancient and wild aura in their hands. The object should be the essence and blood of a sacred beast. 

“Let’s go.”   

Zhou Yuan nodded to Yaoyao before he soared into the sky.

As he neared the spatial vortex, a little purple-gold scale suddenly detached from Tuntun, who was on Zhou Yuan’s head. The scale was stained with a dash of blood and essence, and it darted into the vortex.

Then, the vortex parted, and Zhou Yuan took advantage of the chance to dive in.

Yaoyao didn’t move from her spot as she watched the two disappear. 

Jin Yanghuang appeared next to her. He gave a cupped fist salute to Yaoyao and said with a smile, “Your Excellency, there is a message from the Omega Shrine. If you have time, you can pay the Omega Shrine a visit.”

Yaoyao retracted her gaze from the vortex, but there wasn’t a hint of emotion on her stunning face.

“If I have time, I will consider it.” Her tone was indifferent.

Jin Yanghuang didn’t seem angry and just nodded with a smile. “Your Excellency should do what you feel like.”

“Why would the Sacred Race target the Dragon Spirit Utopia?” Yaoyao suddenly asked.

Jin Yanghuang’s expression tensed up, and he shook his head. “It’s difficult to know because this is the first time the Sacred Race is after the Dragon Spirit Utopia. But I heard from the Omega Shrine that Saints from the Sacred Race had appeared in the chaos void and that the Saints from the shrine had fought them.” 

Yaoyao was silent for a moment before she said, “There are more and more movements from the Sacred Race these days.”

She raised her stunning face as though her eyes could penetrate the countless voids. After a long while, she said indifferently, “Please pay attention to their movements. That person from the Sacred Race will perhaps awaken soon.” 

Jin Yanghuang’s heart trembled. Even someone with his identity and calmness couldn’t stop his expression from changing.  

This was because he knew who Yaoyao was talking about. 

That existence was like a sickle hanging on the heads of the all-races.

There was only peace in the past thousands of years because the Ancestral Dragon’s will had severely wounded him in the ancient times. But he would eventually reappear.

And when he appeared, the all-heavens would undoubtedly be destroyed.

Jin Yanghuang drew a deep breath and bowed to Yaoyao. “Thank you very much. I will report this matter to the Omega Shrine.”

Yaoyao waved her hand and no longer paid attention to the Saint from the Golden Monkey Clan. Instead, she stared at where the spatial vortex had vanished, as if at a loss on what to do.

She felt distressed. 

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