Chapter 1236 Jin Qingtian

The surging killing intent within the conference pavilion remained for a good while before great elder Jin Jie asked, “Clan leader, what is the Sacred Race’s plan? Could they be racking their brains because they have their eyes on the opportunities in the Dragon Spirit Utopia?”

The great elder had sharp eyes and directly identified the Sacred Race’s motives.

The opportunities in the Dragon Spirit Utopia weren't small, and there were even Law Domain seeds, which could help cultivate powerful Law Domain experts.

But in truth, although Law Domain experts were considered top forces to the Sacred Race, it would be naive to think Law Domain experts could change anything. 

 Jin Yanghuang was silent for a moment before he answered, “The Saints of our Wanshou Heaven is investigating what the Sacred Race is planning but there hasn’t been any results yet. Perhaps the Sacred Race is just using the Dragon Spirit Utopia as a training session.”  

Many people’s eyelids twitched.


The Sacred Race that had been quiet for years was finally beginning to act? 

Jin Yanghuang said, “It doesn’t matter. The Wanshou Heaven must guard the Dragon Spirit Utopia regardless of what the Sacred Race’s motive is. All-races also sent an order…the evil beast clan that enters Dragon Spirit Utopia must be wiped out!”

Intense killing intent permeated the air as he finished speaking, as if turning into a sea of blood and corpses, and made it difficult for everyone to breathe.  

"Because of this matter, the requirements for entry into the Wanshou Region will be relaxed and there will be a higher number of places. At the same time, the various races will send out more elite forces to provide support.”

A lot of whispering broke out and many people wore surprised expressions. After all, according to the past rules, they required an object contaminated with the essence and blood of an Alpha Holy Beast. Although such objects existed in all-races, they were very rare. Therefore, there was a limited number of places each time. But since the requirements were relaxed, many people had a higher chance of participating.

“More elite forces..."   

Zhou Yuan was focussed on the last sentence that Jin Yanghuang said.

The Dragon Spirit Utopia had a restriction on power and only those below the Law Domain stage could enter. Those already selected to enter were at the pinnacle of the Nascent Source stage, such as Jin Lan. Were there people stronger than Jin Lan below the Law Domain stage?

Of course there were…    

A bright light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes because there was a strange level between the Law Domain and the Nascent Source stage, and that level was called the pseudo Law Domain stage.

Peak master Liu Lianyi and peak master Ling Jun from the Cangxuan Sect were also at that level back then.

And among all-heavens, whoever had stepped into that level and possessed a pseudo Law Domain would gradually move away from the Nascent Source stage. Therefore, Nascent Source stage experts with pseudo Law Domain were also called Little Law Domain.

They weren’t considered at the Nascent Source stage, just as they wouldn’t be ranked on the Hunyuan Heaven’s Nascent Source List.

While thoughts streamed across Zhou Yuan's mind, Jin Yanghuang flicked his fingers and the space in the hall tore apart. Then, a middle-aged man stepped out from the torn space.

The middle-aged man’s face was devoid of expression. He was burly and his golden hair glistened under the light like a lion. His imposing bearing was so terrifying that many felt their hearts suppressed.

Many people from the Golden Monkey Clan exclaimed with his appearance.

"Elder Jin Qingtian?”

"Isn't he in closed-door cultivation all year round? He was also summoned out?”


Zhou Yuan similarly stared intently at the middle-aged man, who stood silently while emitting an oppressive pressure. The pressure made even him tense up uncontrollably.

Moreover, he perceived dangerous yet familiar waves of energy from his body.

If Zhou Yuan’s speculation was correct, the man should be at the pseudo Law Domain stage.

In truth, pseudo-Law Domain experts might not necessarily be much stronger than perfect Nascent Source experts because the gap between them wasn’t huge based purely on Genesis Qi. The only thing was that a pseudo Law Domain could dramatically increase one’s combat strength.

A Law Domain seed had a relatively small effect on pseudo Law Domain experts, and perhaps this was why experts at that level rarely entered the Dragon Spirit Utopia in the past. 

"Elder Jin Qingtian will also enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia and will be in a team with Jin Lan.”

Many gazes shifted enviously to Jin Lan. The two will work together in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. Jin Lan was already a well-known figure at the perfect Nascent Source stage, and with Jin Qingtian's assistance, they would be even more powerful.

Everyone thought Jin Lan would have a lot of problems after losing Little Ancestor as a partner but unexpectedly, his clan had arranged a pseudo-Law Domaine expert to team up with him.

But in a sense, their team was stronger than Little Ancestor and Zhou Yuan.

After all, although Little Ancestor was an Alpha Holy Beast, he still hadn’t fully awakened yet and still only possessed Nascent Source stage strength and his chance of winning against pseudo Law Domain experts was unpredictable. 

Under these gazes, Jin Ya, who was sitting beside Jin Lan, lit up with joy. 

Jin Lan also showed a slight look of joy before he stood up and bowed to Jin Qingtian. After all, Jin Qingtian was higher up than him in terms of seniority. Moreover, Jin Qingtian’s arrival indeed helped him a lot. 

"I heard you lost to an outsider,” said Jin Qingtian as he glanced at Jin Lan.

Jin Lan flushed with embarrassment but eventually nodded. 

Jin Qingtian was considered his elder so he had to accept his teaching.

However, Jin Qingtian didn’t say much and just sat down while looking forward. “It’s just one time. Don’t worry. Now that I’m here I won’t let those cunning people take advantage of us. I will help you get revenge when there’s a chance.”

Jin Lan smiled bitterly, “Clan uncle, I actually stepped into the pit myself.”

Jin Qingtian waved his hand dismissively and closed his eyes to rest. 

Jin Lan could only shake his head helplessly.   

"That guy seems to dislike me." Although far away, Zhou Yuan still keenly sensed that Jin Qintian wasn’t friendly towards him. 

However, his emotions didn’t change because of that. A pseudo Law Domain expert might sound intimidating but it was still the Nascent Source stage. Moreover, no Law Domains were the same!

His Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune could also form a Law Domain. My one is not considered a true Law Domain expert, but yours is? It’s just a fake vs. a fake! We will only know what happens in a battle!

Of course, he couldn't deny that the various clans in Wanshou Heaven attached much more importance to the Dragon Spirit Utopia because of the Sacred Race’s intervention, which they did not know the reason for. However, the pseudo Law Domain experts’ participation would undoubtedly make the competition in Dragon Spirit Utopia the most intense ever. 

"I feel like there are troubles wherever I go..." Zhou Yuan sighed.

Dragon Spirit Utopia turned out to be such a bad idea.

While Zhou Yuan was sighing, Jin Yanghuang had already arranged the various matters. After nodding to Yaoyao, he ended the meeting.

The people from the Golden Monkey Clan left one after another, but whispers continued to circulate. It was clear that the matters regarding the evil beast clan had a huge impact on many people.

This offered a glimpse into the state of shock the various clans in Wanshou Heaven were in.


In the next few days, Zhou Yuan distinctly noticed the atmosphere within the Golden Monkey Clan became much tenser, and almost all the conversation topics were related to the evil beast clan.

As he expected, the news of the evil beast clan spread throughout the Wanshou Heaven, and the shock it brought could be described as a landslide or tsunami.

Zhou Yuan still underestimated the bone-deep contempt and hatred the Genesis beast race had towards the evil beast clan.

When the evil beast clan was born from the flesh, blood and bones of the various Genesis beast clans was perhaps when the two races stood on absolute opposing sides…

Time quietly passed by under the atmosphere that resembled a storm brewing.

The Dragon Spirit Utopia was about to open. 

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