Chapter 1235 Evil Beast Clan

“The Dragon Spirit Utopia was a world transformed from a wisp of remnant spirit of the Ancestral Dragon but the most mysterious thing was that the universe Genesis Qi within the Dragon Spirit Utopia has a huge refining effect on one’s flesh and blood. In other words, it is a sacred cultivation land to Genesis beasts. 

“Additionally, there is a well-known object in the Dragon Spirit Utopia called the Ancestral Spirit Fruit, which is born from the combination of the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant spirit and universe Genesis Qi, and it can greatly strengthen one’s Spirit.

"But the most important thing is the mountain called the Ancestral Spirit Mountain in the depths of Dragon Spirit Utopia. The mountain is incredibly mysterious and seemed to possess spiritual intellect. There is an ancient beast platform divided into levels built on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and the person who could occupy the top of the battle platform and defend it will receive the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s gift, which is a great opportunity.”  

Yaoyao softly explained its origin in front of a secluded bamboo building in the depths of a lush green mountain.

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun sat cross-legged in front of her like two good students, though Tuntun already knew about its origin.

Yaoyao glanced at Tuntun and said, “Tuntun needs the gift from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, which would allow him to progress further in his cultivation and reach grade 8 or even shorten the time he needs to reach grade 9.”  

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help smacking his lips. Grade 8 was equivalent to the Law Domain stage and grade 9 was the Saint stage.

"I don’t know why it is taking you so long. I thought Alpha Holy Beast should reach grade 8 directly, but you’re only around the same level as me,” teased Zhou Yuan as he glanced at Tuntun.

Tuntun simply grinned when he heard Zhou Yuan’s ridicule.

Yaoyao explained, "Alpha Holy Beast can’t be measured using conventional reasoning. You gradually cultivate your strength by absorbing universe Genesis Qi, but Alpha Holy Beast’s power comes from their bloodline. Their power is not dependent on universe Genesis Qi but on themselves.

“This means Tuntun doesn’t need to painstakingly cultivate for years but he only needs the key to unlock his bloodline. Once he gets the key, he could even soar to become a Saint in one leap.”

Zhou Yuan’s mouth fell open, somewhat resentful. As he thought, the so-called Alpha Holy Beast was abnormal because for cultivators like him, it was like a fairytale to become a Saint in one step.

Tuntun stretched out his claws and pointed at Zhou Yuan while laughing.

Zhou Yuan smiled and sat down next to Yaoyao. He held her little delicate hand and raised his brows at Tuntun.

Tuntun’s mouth twitched. He took out a stone slab and wrote a large word: ‘Pervert!’

Then, he wrote again: ‘Boss, ignore him!’ and added a drawing of himself with a tearful expression.

Yaoyao was amused and annoyed at the same time seeing them fooling around, but she could feel a faint warmth filling her heart. She was always disinterested in everything in the world and only they could make her feel warm emotions flowing in her heart. 

So she didn't stop the two. She let Zhou Yuan hold her hand while she took out a jade gourd with the other and elegantly took a sip.


It was at that moment that a clamour of bells resounded from the ancestral land of the Golden Monkey Clan.

Zhou Yuan trembled a little as he said, “What’s going on?”

While Zhou Yuan was bewildered, the space rippled and a voice spread over.

"Your Excellency Yaoyao, little friend Zhou Yuan, and Your Excellency Little Ancestor, please come to the conference pavilion.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed because he recognized the voice belonged to clan leader Jin Yanghuang.

As he turned to Yaoyao, who was putting away the jade gourd, she urged, “Let’s go and see.”

After all, they were guests in the Golden Monkey Clan and so should give the clan leader face.

As Yaoyao's voice faded, she flicked her sleeve and a stretch of brilliant light rolled up Zhou Yuan and Tuntun. Space around them suddenly twisted and directly consumed them.

The world in front of Zhou Yuan turned to a blur, and by the time he regained consciousness he was already situated inside a spacious hall. The hall was noisy and crowded with many cultivators from the Golden Monkey Clan.

Sitting on a higher platform in the conference pavilion, Jin Yanghuang wore a solemn expression. He immediately nodded at Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan when they appeared.

Yaoyao seated herself, and Zhou Yuan quickly followed her with Tuntun on his head.

Their appearance undoubtedly attracted many gazes. After all, Zhou Yuan’s name had stirred many waves within the Golden Monkey Clan. Of course, there were many more people curious about Yaoyao’s identity. After all, it was obvious that their clan leader was incredibly respectful and polite to the astonishingly beautiful girl. 

Once Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan arrived, Jin Yanghuang ran his gaze across the audience and the hall fell silent.  

Jin Yanghuang's expression was somewhat grave when he said, “ I gathered everyone here because something major has happened.”

Everyone's hearts froze for a moment. What happened? Even Jin Yanghuang said it is a major event?

"Several Saints of our Wanshou Heaven noticed strange spatial undulations, and after investigations, we found that the Sacred Race has located the Dragon Spirit Utopia’s location.” When Jin Yanghuang spoke it was as though he threw a bomb down at everyone and left everyone aghast.


Then, the entire conference pavilion broke into an uproar. 

The Dragon Spirit Utopia was a treasure location unique to the Wanshou Heaven. The domain was attached to the Wanshou Heaven and the Saints of Wanshou Heaven had set up several boundaries to protect it. 

But the Sacred Race suddenly locked onto the Dragon Spirit Utopia’s location, what was their intention?!

“Clan leader, the Dragon Spirit Utopia has the mark of our Wanshou Heaven so no foreign races  other than Genesis beast clans can enter if entered from other heavens,” said great elder Jin Jie in a deep voice.

Jin Yanghuang nodded. ”That's correct, so the Sacred Race did not dispatch Sacred Race members to enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia…but the evil beast clan.”

The hall filled with clamor suddenly fell silent, but Zhou Yuan noticed many people's eyes had turned a little red and an intense murderous intent was surging within the hall.

Moreover, it wasn’t just them. Even Tuntun, who was lying on Zhou Yuan’s head, was digging into his scalp with his claws.

"What's wrong?" Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly. He couldn’t understand why they would react in such a way to the so-called evil beast clan.

After Tuntun was silent for a good while, a wisp of thought penetrated into Zhou Yuan’s mind. 

Zhou Yuan’s brows soon were scrunched together in a frown.  

It was said that when the Sacred Race started the world-ending war and wanted to wipe out all other races in the ancient times, the Genesis beast race fought back with all their strength and that was considered the Genesis beast race’s most pinnacle moment in history. They brought a lot of pressure to the Sacred Race that invaded.  

But traitors appeared within the Genesis beasts at the most critical moment.

Some Genesis beasts betrayed their race and turned to the Sacred Race.

That weakened the Genesis beast race’s strength.

Moreover, the Genesis beasts that joined the Sacred Race also brought the corpses of many ancestors of various beast clans. In the end, the Sacred God of the Sacred Race used the flesh and blood of many Genesis beasts as well as the remains of Genesis beast ancestors to cleanse the Genesis beasts that joined them. 

As a result, a new clan was born.    

It was the so-called evil beast clan that Jin Yanghuang was speaking about.

The new clan, built on the flesh, blood, and corpses of the Genesis beast race, possessed a unique characteristic—They had intense hunger for Genesis beasts and when the two meet, there was no doubt that one would die. 

The clan was a product that the Sacred Race specially created to target the Genesis beast race.

The two sides had clashed several times over the years and the feud between them was too deep and complicated to describe.

It was only when the Sacred Race withdrew back to their five heavens after the world-ending war that the killings gradually became less frequent. However, the deep hatred the Genesis beast race felt towards them was recorded in the ancient records. 

It was the hatred towards the traitors for betraying them and for tarnishing their ancestors’ corpses.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a good while. It was no wonder that there was such an uproar.

But there was something he was more concerned about…     

He realized there were more and more movements from the Sacred Race these years.

Zhou Yuan turned his head slightly, looking at Yaoyao’s beautiful side profile. He somehow felt a little uneasy about the changes, as if a storm was gradually brewing.

And when the storm erupts, when it rages, it likely would overturn all-heavens.

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