Chapter 1234 Subdued by the Cannon


When the giant bell rang, all sound in the world seemed to disappear. The only thing everyone could hear was the dragon-roar-like chime filling their ears.

Although the bell was aimed at Jin Lan, numerous Golden Monkey Clan members below had looks of agony on their faces. Some of the experts that were below the Nascent Source stage even began to bleed from their ears.

Despite the intense discomfort, everyone’s gazes were still tightly glued to the sky.

The bell’s mouth shot out a torrent-like sound wave visible to the naked eye. The sound wave took the form of a dragon, destroying even Genesis Qi as it swept forth, leaving an empty Genesis-Qi-less space in its wake.

Such power made the expressions of the numerous watching Golden Monkey Clan experts change drastically.


Jin Lan also released a mighty howl. There was no longer any trace of amusement in his giant beast eyes but a sense of dread. The power of Zhou Yuan’s attack had made Jin Lan feel a trace of death.

Hence, he did not dare to be the slightest bit negligent.

Millions of resplendent rays abruptly shot out from Jin Lan’s body. The golden light flowed across his enormous body like liquid gold, swiftly condensing into a layer of sparkling holy golden armor.

The golden armor looked rather sinister, with golden spikes sticking out from it, each spike so sharp it could tear the fabric of space.

From a distance, Jin Lan looked like a golden-armored beast that heralded destruction.

Meanwhile, his deep roar rang out, “Liquid Gold Holy Armor Art!”

It was one of the Golden Monkey Clan’s defensive Saint Genesis arts, and it bestowed astonishing defensive power. Together with the Golden Monkey Clan’s already strong bodies, the combination made one basically indestructible.

Evidently, Jin Lan was raising his defensive power to the max to take on Zhou Yuan’s attack.


The soundwave torrent was far too quick, reaching Jin Lan the instant his golden armor formed. Space violently rippled around him as the dragon-shaped sound wave smashed into his body like a meteor.


A loud sound accompanied the impact. Sound waves unfurled in a circular pattern, instantly disintegrating the nearby mountains.

Before the waves could travel any farther, they suddenly vanished into nothingness.

The two elders, Jin Jie and Jin Jin, had neutralized the waves. This was the Golden Monkey Clan’s ancestral land after all, and they could not possibly allow Zhou Yuan to wreak too much destruction.

Jin Jie’s old face was somewhat stormy. He glanced at Zhou Yuan and considered whether to attack him secretly but could only withdraw such thoughts as he looked towards Yaoyao, who was nearby and carrying Tuntun with a calm expression.

Even their clan leader was so courteous towards her. If he tried anything funny, it would likely be detected in an instant and backfire.

In the sky, the terrifying shockwaves finally scattered.

Countless gazes looked over.

The giant golden beast stood in the air, its golden armor still shining dazzlingly. It was a majestic sight to behold.

Jin Lan seemed to have withstood the attack?

Several Golden Monkey Clan experts began to cheer.

Jin Ya, whose body had been tense since the start, breathed a deep sigh of relief as a proud smile appeared on her face.

As expected, my elder brother won’t lose!

Zhou Yuan had been so arrogant, but he had ultimately ended up smashing his own foot with a rock.

While they were rejoicing, none of them noticed Jin Jie’s and Jin Jin’s expressions slowly turning grim.

“As expected of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple.” A sigh was heard. The crowd looked over and found that the speaker was clan leader Jin Yanghuang.

Many Golden Monkey Clan members were stunned.


A muffled boom suddenly sounded from the giant golden beast in the sky. Gaze after gaze watched in horror as Jin Lan’s golden armor and scales shattered and released sprays of bloody mist.

A howl of pain rang out from Jin Lan’s giant mouth.

Below, the smile on Jin Ya’s face instantly turned rigid.

“How can this be…” 

The other Golden Monkey Clan members were also utterly shocked.

In the sky, the giant golden beast’s body rapidly began to shrink, ultimately returning to its human form as it stumbled in the air.

Jin Lan’s complexion was deathly pale, and blood was flowing from nearly every pore of his body. The powerful Genesis Qi around him had weakened tremendously, creating a rather pitiful sight.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan’s attack had seriously injured him.

Jin Lan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Zhou Yuan with a complicated expression. “Was that a greater Saint Genesis art?”

Such power had already surpassed ordinary Saint Genesis arts. The sound wave was far too unreasonable and domineering, easily bypassing his physical defenses to wreak havoc inside his body. It was the nemesis of a strong physical body.

Zhou Yuan did not answer the question. “Thank you for letting me win.”

The attack had honestly surprised him as well. The Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell was clearly just an ordinary Saint Genesis art, but when activated with the Heavenly Dragon Qi, its power did not lose to a greater Saint Genesis art. In fact, the uniqueness of the sound-based attack made it superior in certain aspects.

Jin Lan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. How could he not know by now that Zhou Yuan’s “one-move wager” was a trap...

The sound-based greater Genesis art specialized in penetrating physical defenses, the forte of Genesis Beast Clans like them.

Although the technique was powerful, it had its weakness: it took a long time to prepare. If not for the one-move wager, Jin Lan could have used other methods to avoid the attack. He could have retreated from its range, or even neutralized a part of it and tried to endure the rest. At the very least, he would not have sustained such serious injuries.

He had previously assumed Zhou Yuan was overly arrogant, but now, it seemed that it had all been an act.

And yet, Jin Lan had stepped right into it, leaving him a bloodied mess.

Jin Lan found the result rather hard to accept. He had lost before he could show his many cards. However, he did not say anything in the end. After all, a loss was a loss, and any excuse would bring shame to their Golden Monkey Clan.

If someone dug a pit for you, you could only blame yourself for being stupid enough to fall in.


Jin Lan exhaled before he said to Zhou Yuan, “I’ve lost. You will be Little Ancestor’s partner.”

A clean and straightforward admission.

His response surprised Zhou Yuan a little. The opponent should already know that he had used a cheap trick, but Jin Lan did not say anything about it. It seemed that the number one Golden Monkey Clan Nascent Source expert had his own pride.

Jin Lan calmly said, “However, you should know that your victory was partially because you took advantage of a certain trick. In addition, your ‘one-move wager’ won’t be of any use in the Dragon Spirit Utopia because none of Wanshou Heaven’s other apex experts will agree to such rules. Hence, if you truly want to support Little Ancestor and not mooch off it, you better pay more attention in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. Although Jin Lan’s words showed that he was still somewhat unconvinced of his defeat, it was also a reminder to Zhou Yuan. Moreover, he could tell that Jin Lan was quite respectful towards Tuntun.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand and did not say anything in response. To be honest, it would not be difficult to beat Jin Lan even without such tactics. However, he felt no need for it because it was not a life or death battle, and he did not need to reveal all of his cards.

The two individuals descended from the sky.

The Golden Monkey Clan members wore complicated expressions. After all, none of them had expected this outcome.

However, no one cast any indignant gazes towards Zhou Yuan. Even Jin Ya could only grit her teeth and accept the result.

In Wanshou Heaven, strength was everything.

With the strength Zhou Yuan had displayed, no one dared to treat him as an ordinary advanced Nascent Source expert.

Moreover, he had proved that he had the qualifications to be Little Ancestor’s partner and had not gained the spot by pulling strings.

Jin Ling’er’s eyes were nearly popping from their sockets as she stared at Zhou Yuan in disbelief. She still could not believe that he had triumphed over Jin Lan. One must know that initial Nascent Source experts like them were the lowest existences in the Nascent Source stage. However, Zhou Yuan was an outlier. They had entered the Nascent Source stage at the same time, but he had already begun to stand shoulder to shoulder with the apex Nascent Source experts.

In the face of such an abnormality, Jin Ling’er could only inwardly call him a monster. It was no wonder why Little Ancestor had specially called him over.

Tuntun’s figure appeared on Zhou Yuan’s head and patted him with its paw.

Beautiful! A word appeared in Zhou Yuan’s head, cheekily bouncing around. In the end, the word turned into Tuntun’s smiling face. It was basically an emoticon.

“Since our young friend Zhou Yuan won, we shall entrust Lord Ancestor Taotie to you.” Jin Yanghuang laughed heartily. Although he felt it somewhat regrettable that Jin Lan had lost, experts at his level did not overly concern themselves with the result.

“There should be half a month till the Dragon Spirit Utopia opens. We invite both of you to stay in the clan till it opens. I will also get someone to send you all the information we have on the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

Jin Yanghuang displayed his magnanimity and did not make things difficult. Of course, Zhou Yuan understood that the clan leader was only so amiable because of Yaoyao. His status as Cang Yuan’s disciple was obviously not enough to bring out such courtesy. In fact, he would likely have no chance to even catch a glimpse of the clan leader.

He could not help but sigh inwardly.

My wife is way too amazing!

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