Chapter 1233 Giant Bell Cannon

The numerous Golden Monkey Clan members suddenly jerked to attention at Jin Lan’s calm voice. Even a million words and arguments would not be as convincing as a fight.

Only by showing one’s worth would one truly be able to convince the masses.

This was also the case in the other heavens and even more so in the strong-eat-weak Wanshou Heaven where only the strongest were worshipped.

Behind Jin Lan, Jin Ya’s eyes lit up as faith rose in her heart. Her eyes were full of pride because she knew how strong her elder brother was.

Jin Lan was top tier even among all of Wanshou Heaven’s Nascent Source experts.

Although Zhou Yuan was no simple individual, far too little time had passed since he had stepped into the Nascent Source stage. He was merely at the advanced Nascent Source stage, so how could he be Jin Lan’s match in a real fight?

Once he lost to Jin Lan, Little Ancestor should be able to see how big of a burden Zhou Yuan would be in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Dragon Spirit Utopia was filled with danger, and numerous fights awaited every participant. Although Little Ancestor was an Alpha sacred beast with overwhelming battle prowess, it was not the only one with a sacred beast bloodline in Wanshou Heaven.

Of course, Little Ancestor was a higher-ranked sacred beast. However, the other sacred beast bloodline holders were still a threat to it.

After all, Little Ancestor had yet to fully mature.

Hence why Little Ancestor really needed a powerful helper and not a burden who was only there to take advantage.

Numerous gazes were cast towards Zhou Yuan, awaiting his response.

Jin Ling’er also looked at Zhou Yuan in worry. Jin Lan was definitely no pushover. A little speech was all it had taken to force Zhou Yuan into an awkward situation.

If Zhou Yuan turned down the duel, the other clan members would surely laugh at him even if the clan leader tried to suppress it. When that happened, it would not be a pretty sight.

But accepting the duel won’t be a good choice either. After all, it had only been half a year since Zhou Yuan had advanced to the Nascent Source stage.

Jin Lan gazed at Zhou Yuan, who had yet to answer, and said in a seemingly sincere manner, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, although it might appear as if I’m bullying you, I hope that you can understand I’m doing this for Little Ancestor.”

Zhou Yuan was naturally aware of the surrounding gazes and could not help but chuckle at Jin Lan’s many actions. Jin Lan was indeed cunning. He was clearly after the benefits from following Tuntun, but he had somehow turned it into some righteous reason. There was basically no way to make a rebuttal.

Smiling, Zhou Yuan patted Tuntun on his head and asked, “What do you think?”

Tuntun let out a lazy yawn. It did not make any noise, but Zhou Yuan could feel a message enter his brain, condensing into a line of rather large words. Beat him, and do it beautifully!

Zhou Yuan received the message. He looked at the earnest-looking Jin Lan and grinned. “It seems that you’re very confident. Fine, since you’ve already made your case, it would bring shame to Tuntun if I ran away.”

Zhou Yuan slowly walked forward and said, “However, this is the Golden Monkey Clan’s land, after all, and it won’t be suitable for a battle. How about this: if you manage to receive my attack, I will wash my hands of this Dragon Spirit Utopia affair? What do you think?”


His words immediately elicited an uproar in his surroundings.

Gaze after gaze stared at Zhou Yuan in shock. Was he crazy? Was he trying to say that he was capable of making Jin Lan concede with a single move?

What a joke!

Although Wanshou Heaven did not have numerous lists like Hunyuan Heaven, Jin Lan’s strength was absolutely at the apex level. In comparison, Zhou Yuan was only at the advanced Nascent Source stage!

To be blunt, someone with such cultivation did not even have the qualifications to challenge Jin Lan!

Jin Ya ground her teeth and icily said, “He’s seeking his own humiliation!”

Nearby, several Golden Monkey Clan members part of the first elder’s faction also smiled mockingly and nodded in agreement.

Jin Lan was also slightly taken aback. However, he did not show any anger. He stared deeply at Zhou Yuan and said, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, aren’t you afraid your overconfidence might bite you in the back?” 

To be frank, he held no contempt for Zhou Yuan. Even if he was only an advanced Nascent Source expert, his battle achievements in Guyuan Heaven were nothing short of spectacular. Zhou Yuan had dared to challenge the Sacred Race’s strongest experts and had ultimately triumphed. Such tactics and courage were truly amazing.

If Zhou Yuan was at the perfect Nascent Source stage, Jin Lan might have forced himself to withdraw his ambitions. Unfortunately, Zhou Yuan was merely at the advanced Nascent Source stage.

Jin Lan’s dark eyes seemed to swirl as he indifferently said, “Please go easy on me, then.”

Since you seek humiliation, don’t blame me for what happens.

As his voice rang out, his figure disappeared from the spot and appeared in the sky.


Vast Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from his body as an astonishing roar rippled the clouds. An enormous thousand-foot-tall giant golden beast appeared in the air, pulsing with torrential savagery.

The giant creature wore golden armor, its long golden tail tearing the fabric of space when it whipped through the air.

Jin Lan had brought out his true body and clearly had no intention of giving Zhou Yuan any chances.

Smirks appeared on the faces of numerous Golden Monkey Clan members.

Jin Ling’er could not help but utter, “Zhou Yuan…”

Genesis Beasts like them had strong bodies, and they were strongest in their true forms. She was truly unable to imagine how Zhou Yuan would be able to subdue Jin Lan with a single move.

Zhou Yuan smiled at her. His words might sound arrogant, but there were many Golden Monkey Clan members who were clearly skeptical of him. Although he did not care about what they thought, Tuntun was ultimately borrowing the Golden Monkey Clan’s name to participate in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Hence, he needed to do something that would dispel all of their doubts.

This was the only way to quell their dissent.

As for how, what better method was there than mercilessly destroying their strongest Nascent Source expert?

If it was before Yaoyao’s special training, he would not have the confidence to make such a claim. After all, Jin Lan was no pushover, and according to Zhou Yuan’s estimates, Jin Lan’s strength was very close to Lu Tai, whom he had fought before.

Unfortunately for Jin Lan, after a month of Yaoyao’s special training, Zhou Yuan’s battle power had soared to a completely new height.

Under numerous gazes, Zhou Yuan’s figure also rose into the air, ultimately coming to a stop in front of the giant golden beast.

Compared to the giant creature, Zhou Yuan looked like an ant.

“Zhou Yuan, show me what kind of capabilities you have to make such a claim!” The golden beast’s voice boomed like thunder.

After taking on his true form, Jin Lan began to be influenced by the Golden Monkey Clan’s savage nature, his eerie eyes locking onto Zhou Yuan.


Boundless golden light surged as a vast Genesis Qi pressure spread.

The Genesis Qi undulations had reached a hundred billion!

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to Jin Lan’s thunderous roar. Instead, he slowly closed his eyes.

Platinum Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head, seemingly coloring the entire horizon in a platinum glow.


The platinum Genesis Qi turned into a sea of platinum as the roar of an ancient dragon echoed.

The silhouette of a giant dragon seemed to surface within the platinum sea.

Zhou Yuan slowly raised his hands as the platinum Genesis Qi surged. Moments later, a strange sound was heard.

It seemed to be some kind of sound wave that made the surrounding Genesis Qi boil.

The sea above his head gradually receded, and an object slowly descended.

Countless people gazed over and found a giant platinum bell.

A mysterious dragon silhouette was coiled around it, and countless ancient and cryptic Genesis Runes had been carved into the bell.

Zhou Yuan hoisted the bell and aimed its mouth at Jin Lan as if he was holding a cannon.

The corners of his mouth slowly lifted.

He had made his earlier suggestion because this move took a long time to prepare.

“Mr. Target, are you ready?” Zhou Yuan softly chuckled as terrifying light converged towards the bell’s black mouth. A frightening sound wave was suddenly fired.

“Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell!”


It was the loudest and most beautiful sound!

All of Jin Lan’s scales suddenly stood up. He could sense death flooding towards him like the tide.

Below, horrified looks emerged on the faces of the many Golden Monkey Clan experts.

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