Chapter 1232 Jin Yanghuang

While Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao and Tuntun were in a world of their own, a strange silent atmosphere enveloped the numerous surrounding Golden Monkey Clan members, who were clearly overwhelmed by this scene.

Jin Ya, the girl who had obstructed Zhou Yuan previously, watched with a deathly pale expression. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Jaw tightly clenched, she could not help but mumble, “How can this be…Little Ancestor is an Alpha sacred beast, why would it—”

Her words were cut short by first elder Jin Jie’s stern piercing gaze.

Jin Ya could only sullenly shut her mouth.

The golden-haired man, Jin Lan, was also watching. However, he was clearly far more shrewd than Jin Ya and thus did not reveal any of his feelings.

He said to Jin Ya in a low voice, “Little Ancestor’s thinking is very pure and might have been deceived while it was young. When it matures in the future, the pride of an Alpha sacred beast will likely no longer allow such a scene to appear. When that time comes, these two will suffer.”

Jin Ya nodded in agreement. That’s right, these two must have obtained Little Ancestor’s trust through some despicable means during its youth.

However, did they really think an Alpha sacred beast could be tamed?

When she imagined the future backlash, Jin Ya could not help but chuckle icily.

While the two siblings were conversing in low voices, second elder Jin Jin had already walked toward Zhou Yuan, his expression clearly more courteous than before. He smiled and said, “I did not expect Lord Ancestor Taotie to be so close to you two. This is a very rare sight.”

First elder Jin Jie also walked over and cupped his fists together towards Yaoyao. “I still do not know this esteemed one’s name. My Golden Monkey Clan has failed to recognize a great one such as yourself.”

Yaoyao merely cast a glance at Jin Jin while completely ignoring Jin Jie.

She indifferently said, “Where’s your clan leader?”

Jin Jin and Jin Jie were taken aback. Did she feel that they were unworthy of communicating with her?

First elder Jin Jie’s brows furrowed. “Our clan leader has been in secluded cultivation for many years, leaving us two elders to manage the affairs of the clan. If you have something to say, you may go ahead and tell us.”

Although he was unable to measure Yaoyao’s depth, Jin Jie did not sense the aura of a Saint from her. Hence, he felt that her words were quite arrogant. Their clan leader was a genuine Saint expert, so how could anyone request his presence so easily?

However, Yaoyao ignored him and suddenly said, “No need. He’s here.”

Jin Jie and Jin Jin were stunned.

Before they could say anything, their expressions shivered when they saw the space in front of them slowly warp. A figure walked out.

The figure was not tall and instead appeared somewhat short compared to the other Golden Monkey Clan members. He had the appearance of a young man, with fair skin and a head full of golden hair that shone like the sun.

When he appeared, the Golden Monkey Clan ancestral domain buzzed in resonance. Mountains heaved as thousands of beasts roared as if welcoming him.

Jin Jie and Jin Jin were dumbstruck.

The golden-haired youth was their clan leader, who had been in secluded cultivation for many years, Jin Yanghuang!

He had really appeared?!

The two elders hurriedly bowed and greeted, “Welcome clan leader!”

Their actions elicited shocked looks from the surrounding Golden Monkey Clan members. They likewise had not expected their usually never-seen clan leader to appear.

Was it because of that mysterious girl?

Jin Ya’s eyes slightly filled with fear; he no longer dared to have any of her previous thoughts. Beside her, Jin Lan also fell silent as his heart loudly thudded in his chest.

At this juncture, even the most foolish person would understand how terrifying the mysterious girl was. After all, no one had ever been personally welcomed by their clan leader for several hundred years.

“Welcome, clan leader!” Numerous Golden Monkey Clan members bowed respectfully.

In response to everyone’s greetings, the golden-haired youth waved his hand. His gaze was fixed on Yaoyao from the start. Soon after, he displayed an appropriate smile and said, “Your presence brings light to our humble Golden Monkey Clan.”

As one of the all-heaven Saints, Jin Yanghuang was also part of the Omega Shrine and naturally knew Yaoyao’s true identity.

However, as a respected Saint expert, he maintained a neither overbearing nor servile attitude even in the face of the world’s Third God.

Yaoyao looked at the golden-haired youth and gave a faint nod. “I have to thank the Golden Monkey Clan for taking care of Tuntun for so many years. It must have been troublesome.”

Jin Yanghuang’s gaze shifted towards Tuntun, who was still on Zhou Yuan’s head, and smiled. “The Ancestral Taotie has some relations to our Golden Monkey Clan in ancient times. Moreover, it was supreme sovereign Cang Yuan who placed it in our care. There is naturally no trouble to speak of.”

The clan leader treated Tuntun as an equal. After all, although Tuntun was currently at the Nascent Source stage, it would definitely become a Saint expert when it matured. At that time, its true power would likely surpass his own.

To be honest, he had his own motive for helping Cang Yuan take care of Tuntun, and he had hoped to forge ties with the Alpha sacred beast.

Jin Yanghuang’s gaze moved down, pausing on Zhou Yuan’s face. “I believe this young man is Zhou Yuan. Hehe, you have won our all-heavens many benefits in the battle for Guyuan Heaven.”

In the face of a Saint expert, Zhou Yuan’s expression was respectful as he replied, “It was the fruits of our combined efforts. I didn’t play that big of a part.”

Jin Yanghuang chuckled and did not speak any further on the topic. His gaze moved back to Yaoyao. “I know why you have come. The Dragon Spirit Utopia is an opportunity unique to Wanshou Heaven, and the Law Domain Seed is no ordinary object. Anyone who manages to obtain one will have essentially paved half the road to the Law Domain stage.”

Law Domain experts stood at the peak of this world and were second only to the Saint experts. A new Law Domain expert would greatly increase the power of any faction.

In the face of such benefits, even a great clan like the Golden Monkey Clan would find it hard to abandon.

“Although the esteemed Ancestral Taotie is participating as a representative of the Golden Monkey Clan, it has paid sacred beast essence blood and is not taking advantage of us. Hence, it has the right to decide its own partner.”

As Jin Yanghuang talked, the surrounding Golden Monkey Clan members kept their silence. Only Jin Lan’s gaze flickered faintly as he took a step forward.

“Clan leader, Little Ancestor definitely has the right to select its partner, but the Dragon Spirit Utopia also holds the blessing it needs. I did my best to become Little Ancestor’s companion, not for my own benefit, but because I want to help Little Ancestor achieve its goal.

“I’ve heard of grand elder Zhou Yuan’s reputation and his amazing accomplishments in the battle for Guyuan Heaven. However, I have to point out that he has recently advanced to the Nascent Source stage, and it is too risky to enter the Dragon Spirit Utopia with such strength.

“As such, I feel that I am better suited to become Little Ancestor’s partner.”

Jin Lan’s voice was calm and earnest. He showed no fear even in the face of the Golden Monkey Clan’s almighty leader. His gaze was determined and filled with confidence.

This made numerous Golden Monkey Clan members praise him inwardly. The Genesis Beast clans highly approved of such courage.

Several clan members cast odd looks at Zhou Yuan. Although he was familiar with Little Ancestor, he shouldn’t use their relationship to hinder Little Ancestor.

First elder Jin Jie hurriedly stepped forward. “Clan leader, Jin Lan is still young and might be a little rash. I hope that you will not blame him for overstepping his boundaries.”

Although he said so, there was a sliver of satisfaction deep in his eyes. This was a brilliant move from Jin Lan. Stepping forward against the pressure at such a moment would undoubtedly place him on the side of virtue. In contrast, Zhou Yuan would now appear like a lowly person who was trying to pull strings.

Jin Yanghuang’s gaze paused on Jin Lan as he smiled a little. “Oh, it’s little one Jin Lan. You’ve grown some courage in the many years since I’ve last seen you. As expected of our clan’s number one Nascent Source expert.”

There was no reproach in his words, but admiration.

Jin Yanghuang’s gaze turned towards Yaoyao. “The Dragon Spirit Utopia will be a rare chance for Lord Ancestor Taotie to improve its cultivation. Shouldn’t we properly discuss such an important matter?”

From his words, it was already clear that he was more partial towards Jin Lan.

Zhou Yuan watched the entire thing play out with indifference. It seemed that the clan leader was no pushover either and wanted the Dragon Spirit Utopia’s blessings for his clan. After all, gaining a new Law Domain expert would definitely be great for the Golden Monkey Clan.

Jin Yanghuang merely didn’t have sufficient reason earlier, but this was now solved with Jin Lan’s supposedly righteous intentions.

After all, they were doing this for Tuntun.

His gaze faintly flickered as he slowly spoke, “Clan leader Jin, although it’s not been long since I advanced to the Nascent Source stage, if time was all that mattered, would there be a need to fight against the Sacred Race’s Jia Tu in Guyuan Heaven?”

Before Jin Yanghuang could speak, Jin Lan indifferently said, “That was then and should not be lumped together with now. If grand elder Zhou Yuan is so confident…”

A sharp and fierce light swirled in Jin Lan’s eyes as he paused. In the end, he spoke the words that had been brewing deep in his heart, “Shall we have a duel and see?”

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