Chapter 1231 Protect the World’s Best Tuntun

“Greetings, Little Ancestor.”

When the mysterious giant beast appeared, the numerous Golden Monkey Clan members present bowed with respectful looks.

Even the two elders, Jin Jin and Jin Jie, gave a faint nod with solemn faces, indicating their respect.

Only fellow Genesis Beasts like them could clearly feel the pressure from a sacred beast like Tuntun, making them instinctively deferential towards it.

Tuntun might only be at the grade-7 level, but sacred beasts could not be judged by common sense, especially their limitless potential, which allowed them to match Saint experts when they matured.


In the air, Tuntun released a roar. Its roar boomed like thunder, shaking the clouds.

Its eyes immediately locked onto Zhou Yuan’s figure. They shone as happiness bubbled within them.

In the next instant, Tuntun leaped downwards, and its enormous body rapidly shrank. Tuntun finally stopped shrinking when it was ten feet long and appeared in front of Zhou Yuan.

Tuntun extended a paw, an almost human smile on its face as it patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder in a satisfied manner.

Tuntun clearly could not speak, but at this moment, Zhou Yuan felt a mysterious message enter his head, allowing him to understand what it was expressing...

Little brother, you’re finally here, huh?

Zhou Yuan’s expression immediately darkened. He slapped away Tuntun’s paw and sullenly said, “Call me master.”

Tuntun leisurely withdrew its claw and disdainfully curled its lips as if it could not be bothered to lower itself to Zhou Yuan’s level.

Human and beast conversed. The Golden Monkey Clan members were stupefied as they watched Tuntun interact with Zhou Yuan in its large dog form.

Tuntun had always maintained the proud air of a sacred beast while it was staying with the Golden Monkey Clan. No one could get close to it, let alone make it take this large dog form.

Existences like sacred beasts were extremely proud. You want to make it turn into a doggy and be intimate with you? It will more likely devour you in a single gulp.

All of the Golden Monkey Clan members had thought this until they saw today’s scene...

Even the two elders, Jin Jie and Jin Jin, were quite startled. They likewise never imagined that Tuntun would be so friendly towards Zhou Yuan. The two clearly had a very special relationship.

However, this was not the end of their shock. Zhou Yuan grinned at a Tuntun and said, “Come and see who I brought.”

He moved to the side, revealing Yaoyao, who had been standing behind him. She had been there all along but had intentionally made Tuntun unable to see her.

Tuntun looked over and froze.

Yaoyao gazed at Tuntun as a sliver of gentleness rose from the depths of her eyes. She extended her hand and curled her finger, beckoning it.

The surrounding Golden Monkey Clan members immediately wanted to berate her. Why was such a beautiful lady so ignorant? To think that she actually dared to treat Little Ancestor like this! Does she think it’s a pet?!

However, before any words could leave their mouths, a deafening roar abruptly exploded.

It was a roar filled with indescribable joy.

Numerous gazes watched in shock as Tuntun pounced towards her and shrank once more. From ten feet long, it shrank to the size of a small dog and burrowed into the girl’s arms.

Woof woof woof!

It barked emotionally like a lost pet that had finally found its owner again after many years.

The surroundings fell silent.

Even Jin Ling’er was dumbstruck as she stared.

Who could have imagined that the cute little dog in the girl’s arms would be the usually dignified and imposing Little Ancestor!

That was an Alpha sacred beast!

An existence that could match a Saint expert in the future!

Who in this entire world would dare to treat it as a pet?

Who the hell was the girl that Zhou Yuan had brought along?!

Although Zhou Yuan’s play-fighting with Tuntun had already shocked them substantially, they now realized how trivial it was in comparison...

The Golden Monkey Clan members were speechless. There was genuine terror in their eyes when they looked at the breathtakingly beautiful girl again. To them, she now gave off a mysterious and unfathomable feeling.

No one here was a fool. Although the scene before their eyes was unimaginable, they at least had a little common sense: an ordinary person absolutely had no right to treat an Alpha sacred beast in this manner...

Elder Jin Jin’s and elder Jin Jie’s faces turned exceedingly grave. They had noticed Yaoyao previously but had not paid much attention to her. Only now did they finally realize the faint pressure that leaked from her body.

Their hearts shuddered at this observation. The girl did not seem to be a Saint. Moreover, it was impossible for a Saint to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

But if she wasn’t a Saint, why did just looking at her make them feel so panicky?

It was normal for them to be unable to recognize Yaoyao. After all, besides the all-heaven Saints, only a handful of Law Domain experts were privy to her identity.

Although Jin Jin was somewhat shocked, his expression was still relatively okay. First elder Jin Jie’s expression, on the other hand, had turned somewhat unnatural as he recalled his earlier attitude.

He had originally been under the impression that Zhou Yuan had come alone, and though he was a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region, such status did not hold much sway in their Golden Monkey Clan. That was why he had acted haughtily. Who could have imagined that the girl following Zhou Yuan would be more of a big shot than him?

Shocked and speechless, gaze after gaze watched as Yaoyao cradled Tuntun in her arms. As she felt its happiness, the corners of her mouth lifted slightly, creating a smile so beautiful that it could make light appear in the void.


Tuntun had already lost itself to elation. It had originally believed only Zhou Yuan would be coming this time and never imagined that the Yaoyao had already awakened from her deep slumber.

Zhou Yuan moved closer, gazing at the mini-sized Tuntun as he smiled and said, “This form is still the best.”

Tuntun bared its teeth at Zhou Yuan and suddenly appeared on top of his head. It swiftly made a mess of his hair as it chuckled mockingly.

Zhou Yuan asked, “Are you still unable to use human speech?”

Disdain flashed in Tuntun’s eyes.

Yaoyao explained, “It asks if you would be interested in learning how to speak in ant language and try to communicate with them?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned rigid, and he could not help but grit his teeth. This little bastard is as vile as usual. What’s so great about an Alpha sacred beast?

Yaoyao could not help but smile. “An Alpha sacred beast will usually never take on human form, even going as far as erasing the ability to do so. They are too proud of their bloodlines and know that their bodies are the strongest in the world.

“Although they can’t speak in the human tongue, they can communicate with anybody through their wills.”

Zhou Yuan unhappily said, “Then help me ask this little brat why he’s involving me in this messy affair.”

Tuntun reached out and patted Zhou Yuan’s head as if unsatisfied.

“Because the Dragon Spirit Utopia might aid you in your comprehension of the Law Domain Seed.” Yaoyao softly chuckled. “You’ve misunderstood it. Tuntun is fighting for your benefit.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, his pupils shrinking. Law Domain Seed?!

That was an amazing opportunity and the dream of every Nascent Source expert. It could help them sense the existence of the Law Domain in advance, building them a better foundation for stepping into the Law Domain stage in the future.

Nascent Source experts who cultivated a Law Domain Seed were rumored to have more than a seventy percent chance of reaching the Law Domain stage in the future.

Nearly every Nascent Source expert who successfully cultivated a Law Domain Seed was basically guaranteed to ascend to the next cultivation level.

However, Law Domain Seeds were difficult to find and rarely seen even in Hunyuan Heaven. Zhou Yuan had never imagined that he would come across them in Wanshou Heaven!

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth split open into a wide grin. He grabbed Tuntun and hugged it tightly as he displayed the most gentle of smiles.

“Don’t worry. I will protect the world’s best Tuntun.”

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