Chapter 1230 Reuniting with Tuntun

Deep within the mountains was a domain separate from the outside world.

This was the Golden Monkey Clan’s ancestral land.

When Zhou Yuan stepped in behind Jin Ling’er, he felt a thick and ancient wilderness aura assault his senses. He could faintly hear countless Genesis Beasts growling and grunting in the background.

An indescribable pressure enveloped him. It was a pressure unique to the Golden Monkey Clan, and it had gradually built up over countless years.

Any uninvited guests in the domain would be attacked by the pressure, and even Law Domain experts would not be able to escape unscathed.

Since Jin Ling’er was leading them, the pressure did not affect Zhou Yuan much. However, it still made his eyelids jump. Since the clan was one of Wanshou Heaven’s seven great clans, its foundations were not to be underestimated.

After entering their ancestral land, Jin Ling’er looked towards Zhou Yuan and asked him in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan, do you know why Jin Ya tried to obstruct you previously, and why Little Ancestor called you over?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head with a calm face.

“It’s because of the Dragon Spirit Utopia.” Jin Ling’er let out a bitter chuckle. “The Dragon Spirit Utopia is said to have originated from a sliver of the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit. In it lies the greatest blessings in Wanshou Heaven, making it irresistible to the countless Genesis Beast clans.

“It also holds something that Little Ancestor needs.

“In the Dragon Spirit Utopia, the stronger a sacred beast’s bloodline, the greater the potential blessing it can obtain. The law always states that two individuals are required to form a team. Hence, you should understand that anyone who partners with Little Ancestor will reap better rewards.

“Little Ancestor is participating as a representative of the Golden Monkey Clan. Hence, the clan’s grade-7 experts fought intensely over who would become Little Ancestor’s partner.

“The one who ultimately triumphed was Jin Lan, our Golden Monkey Clan’s top grade-7 expert. In a certain manner of speaking, he has rightfully earned the spot.

“He’s also Jin Ya’s elder brother and the boss of the clan’s law enforcement squad.”

After throwing out a bunch of information, Jin Ling’er stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “Everyone believed that he would become Little Ancestor’s partner. No one had expected Little Ancestor to suddenly announce a few days ago that it already has someone in mind and refuses to acknowledge Jin Lan.

“The person it you.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback as the corners of his eyes twitched. Tuntun, you bastard. Do you have nothing better to do than draw hate for me?

It was no wonder Jin Ya had angrily tried to obstruct him. She was probably feeling indignant for her elder brother.

Zhou Yuan helplessly asked, “Does this comply with the rules?”

Jin Ling’er answered, “Entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia requires a payment of sacred beast essence blood, and Little Ancestor has generously contributed most of it this time. Strictly speaking, it has the right to decide such matters. The Golden Monkey Clan actually received more spots to enter because of Little Ancestor.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in understanding. “No wonder your clansmen were giving me unfriendly looks.”

However, Jin Ling’er shook her head. “To be more precise, the first elder faction finds you an eyesore. After all, Jin Lan is the first elder’s most favored grandson.

“I, on the other hand, belong to the second elder’s faction. Our clan leader has been in closed cultivation for many years, and most of the clan affairs are handled by our first and second elders. As a result, the two factions often clash. Hence, although we aren’t gloating over Little Ancestor’s rejection of Jin Lan, we won’t help them either.”

Zhou Yuan nodded again. Internal conflicts within a clan were unavoidable no matter where one went.

Fortunately, he was finally able to understand the situation.

He raised his head and peered into the distance. The land was covered in majestic mountains, and he could even see giant beasts moving mountains and devouring the oceans far away. It was like a prehistoric world.

After Jin Ling’er explained a few more things, she led Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao towards a giant mountain at the center.

The giant mountain shocked even Zhou Yuan when he set eyes on it. Its majesty was difficult to put into words. As they approached, the mountain completely filled their vision, making it practically impossible to see it in its entirety.

Unknowingly tall and giant.

It was said to be the Golden Monkey Clan’s ancestral mountain.

Jin Ling’er led Zhou Yuan to a large plaza on the mountain, where several figures were present.

Zhou Yuan looked over and found that all of them were in human form like Jin Ling’er. Most Genesis Beasts would stay in their human form, not because it was special, but because it was easier to interact as humans.

If they used their true forms, their enormous bodies would honestly be rather inconvenient.

The Golden Monkey Clan members were looking at him peculiarly. They closely examined him, eyes filled with both curiosity and skepticism.

When they finally turned to Yaoyao, amazement immediately erupted in their eyes. For a time, several of them stirred restlessly.

Zhou Yuan ignored the crowd. His expression remained impassive as he looked towards the center where several figures gave off faint but astonishing presences. They were led by two golden-haired elders. From the pressure they gave off, they were likely Law Domain experts.

Behind the two elders, Zhou Yuan found Jin Ya, who had obstructed him earlier. She was currently standing beside a tall and slim young man, still angrily grinding her teeth as she glared at him and told the man beside her something.

The man really stuck out from the crowd. He had a handsome face, and his golden hair gently swayed in the wind. At a glance, anyone could see that he was the focal point in the crowd.

He was currently listening to Jin Ya as he looked at Zhou Yuan with his deep dark eyes. It was impossible to tell what was on his mind.

As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s gaze, faint gold glimmered in his pupils. An extremely oppressive sensation emanated from his eyes, and it was accompanied by a ferocious aura that made one’s hair stand on end.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change. He knew the man was Jin Lan, who had tried to become Tuntun’s partner.

When Zhou Yuan landed, one of the two elders laughed heartily as he walked forward and cupped his fists together. “Hehe, grand elder Zhou Yuan, the long journey must have been tough on you. Our Golden Monkey Clan has been tardy in our welcome.” 

Although Zhou Yuan was only at the Nascent Source stage, he was still a Tianyuan Region grand elder. Hence, the clearly high-status elder welcomed him as an equal.

Jin Ling’er explained in a low voice, “This is our second elder, Jin Jin. The one who didn’t come over is our first elder, Jin Jie.”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the tall and strong-looking elder behind Jin Jin. The elder merely watched the second elder with indifference, his gaze tinged with a sliver of disdain.

It seemed that the first elder was quite arrogant and did not view Zhou Yuan as an equal, unlike the second elder.

Zhou Yuan was not angered. He cupped his fist towards the second elder, Jin Jin, and smiled. “I hope that elder Jin Jin will forgive me for disturbing you.”

Elder Jin Jin waved his hand as his voice boomed, “You’re a guest Lord Ancestor Taotie personally invited, which makes you our clan’s important guest as well. I’ve already been informed of how someone tried to obstruct you earlier. Our Golden Monkey Clan is at fault in this matter, and I will definitely give you an explanation.”

Behind them, Jin Ya’s expression turned somewhat ugly.

The first elder finally spoke in an indifferent voice, “Second elder, it’s merely a moment of hot-headedness for the young ones, and there’s no need to be overly critical. I’m sure grand elder Zhou Yuan does not mind either.”

He looked towards Zhou Yuan and continued, “I’ve heard that you’re supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. I am also acquainted with the Tianyuan Region’s sect master Xuan Kun and the others. Jin Ya was rash earlier. I hope that you will not take this to heart.”

He talked like an elder consoling a younger person.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled faintly. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed, and he lifted his head to peer into the distance.

Jin Jie and Jin Jin also looked behind them.


Terrifying Genesis Qi rose from the horizon as a streak of light zipped through the air like rushing lightning. A roar filled with dignity and pressure echoed across the land.

After several dozen breaths, the streak of light stopped above the plaza.

The light faded, revealing a giant golden beast. Clouds swirled around its feet, and its body was covered in golden scales. Purple flashed on its body, making it appear mysterious and noble.

It opened its large mouth, revealing a sinister set of fangs. Black light leaped in its mouth like a black hole.

A golden mane majestically fluttered on its head.

An indescribable pressure spread. Under this pressure, the numerous Golden Monkey Clan experts felt an unexplainable sensation of fear.

Fear that originated from their bloodline.

Although there were no blood relations between Tuntun and the Golden Monkey Clan, Alpha sacred beasts were the highest level of Genesis Beasts. Hence, any Golden Monkey Clan member would feel respect when they saw it.

Zhou Yuan also gazed at the mysterious and noble giant beast. There was still a little resemblance to its image from years ago, but it had indeed changed greatly in both appearance and presence.

Tuntun now possessed the pressure of a sacred beast.

This guy has changed so much...

The giant beast before them was obviously Tuntun, whom Zhou Yuan had not seen for many years!

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