Chapter 123 Small Fry

Inside the Spirit Devouring Tower, the trio of Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao and Luluo walked within the black mist.

Yaoyao’s footsteps suddenly paused, her red lips parting slightly as she said, “They’ve discovered us and are likely going to deal with us soon.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as the Genesis Qi around him began to churn.

On the other hand, Luluo’s large eyes brightened slightly, unmistakably eager to do battle.

The trio stopped walking. After some silence, they saw the black mist to their front heave as three figures slowly descended, landing some distance away.

The leader of the group had a shrunken aged face. It was the Gu clan leader, Gu Qiu.

Gu Qiu’s deep-set eyes were akin to a malicious spirit as he stared at Yaoyao and slowly remarked, “I did not expect that someone would actually be capable of discovering the secret of my Gu clan’s Spirit Devouring Tower.”

Yaoyao nonchalantly asked, “Aren’t you afraid that news of you using such a method to strengthen the Spirit will spread?” 

Gu Qiu’s eyelids raised as his raspy voice sounded, “My Gu clan has already warned everyone that there will be risks before entering. Who else is there to blame but yourselves for choosing to enter? Moreover, my Gu clan is not unreasonable. We only take the Spirits of a few individuals each year while the majority are even allowed to benefit from the Spirit Refining Mist.”

Luluo made a funny face at him as she interjected, “How shameless!”

Yaoyao said, “The benefit you speak of is only temporary. Your Spirit Refining Mist secretly contains an insidious poison that damages the Spirits of those who absorb, making it difficult for any further progress.”

Gu Qiu chuckled. “Any mishap that happens in the future is already out of our hands.”

Zhou Yuan looked at the trio and slowly said, “It seems that you plan on making sure we never leave this place.”

If not, the other party would not have said so much.

Gu Qiu smiled and nodded. “It is far too normal for a few individuals to die in here.”

He sighed before he continued, “If you must blame someone, blame yourselves for being too smart.”

Luluo snorted. “Big words. I’m afraid that a lousy place like this will not be able to contain anyone.”

Beside Gu Qiu, one of the elders laughed sinisterly. “Our Gu clan has set up a Genesis Rune boundary in this Spirit Devouring Tower long ago, allowing us to endlessly replenish our energy. You on the other hand are merely prey that have already been caught in the net!”

The other elder said in a low voice, “No need to waste any more words on them. Let’s kill them and get this over with!”

Gu Qiu nodded as vigorous Genesis Qi exploded from his body, while his Spirit flickered brightly between his brows. He was evidently strong in both Genesis Qi and Spirit cultivation.

The other two elders also brought out their Genesis Qi as three astonishing auras immediately swept across the place.

As Yaoyao watched this scene, she suddenly turned towards Zhou Yuan and said, “We will stay here to deal with them. You go deeper into the tower and find its core, which should also be the center of the Genesis Rune boundary. Destroy the core and the Spirit Devouring Tower will lose its power.”

“These are three are the Gu clan’s only Alpha-Origin experts, so it is likely that such an important location will be personally guarded by Gu Lang. That guy has the strength of the mid Heaven Gate stage…” Luluo suddenly interjected from the side, her large clear eyes sweeping towards Zhou Yuan. Although she had not completed her sentence, the implied meaning was very clear. The advance Qi  Nourishing stage Zhou Yuan did not seem to be his opponent’s match.

However, Zhou Yuan did not mind her gaze. He merely smiled at Yaoyao and said, “You guys be careful.”

Without any hesitation, his body dashed towards the depths of the tower.

The Gu Qiu trio were originally about to stop him, but stopped themselves when they realised his cultivation level. A mere Qi Nourishing stage small fry was not worth their attention.

Yaoyao gently threw out Tuntun as the latter’s tiny body began to grow. With a final surge of scarlet light, it transformed into a giant ferocious beast.

Scarlet light orbited around it, its four legs seemingly doused in flames, while black light hovered inside its huge mouth.

Mysterious and powerful.

An astonishing and intimidating pressure slowly spread from Tuntun.

The Gu Qiu trio’s expression involuntarily changed when they felt the beast’s aura, obviously surprised that seemingly pet like little creature from before possessed such power.

“Big sis Yaoyao, Tuntun is truly amazing!” By the side, Luluo’s large eyes were practically glowing as she stared at Tuntun. Her drooling with desire appearance caused even the battle mode Tuntun to shiver slightly.

“Little Frost!”

Luluo stroked the little ice-blue bird on her shoulder, causing the latter to release a dazzling ice-blue radiance. Extreme cold Qi pulsed as it transformed into a giant ice-blue bird that was approximately a dozen feet tall.

Frost swirled around the giant bird’s wings. When it flapped its wings, gusts of wind swept outwards, covering the ground in a layer of frost.

This ice bird also possessed Alpha-Origin strength.

Tuntun’s eyes swept over, shooting a glance at the menacing ice bird. The ice bird immediately cowered in response, withdrawing its aura as its icy feathers shivered.

Luluo pouted upon seeing this. “Tuntun, don’t bully Little Frost.” 

The Gu Qiu trio expression had become rather grave. They did not dare to be negligent in the face of two Alpha-Origin Genesis Beasts.

“No wonder you dare to cause trouble in my Gu clan. It turns out that you do have something to rely on.” Gu Qiu icily chuckled, before exchanging a look with the two elders. The Genesis Qi around their bodies grew increasingly berserk as glowing patterns appeared on their bodies, evidently runes that had been inscribed beforehand.

The path they walked was similar to Zhou Yuan’s, dual Genesis Qi and Spirit cultivation.

However, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit cultivation was the fruits of his training using a spirit tempering method, which gave him a solid foundation. The Gu clan on the other hand relied on a vile method via the Spirit Devouring Tower. Although their progress was quick, their foundations were not stable, making it difficult for them to achieve big things.

Tuntun and Little Frost hissed before they shot forth, scarlet-red and ice-blue Genesis Qi charging towards their opponents.

The two elders did not dare to tarry and met the two beasts with their full power.

Boom boom!

A wave of Genesis Qi unfurled from their clash, shaking the entire tower.

Gu Qiu’s gaze was fixed onto Yaoyao. Due to his powerful Spirit, he could sense that the danger from this seemingly Genesis Qi-less girl was no less than either Genesis Beast.

Under Gu Qiu’s cold gaze, Yaoyao’s fair hand gently patted her Universe bag. A split second later, several scrolls appeared in her hand. Glowing runes pulsed in the scrolls, emitting extremely violent undulations.

“Grade 4 Genesis Runes!”

Gu Qiu’s pupils shrank when he saw these scrolls. It had finally dawned upon him that the girl in green’s Spirit mastery could only be higher than his own.

“However, we have the homeground advantage in the Spirit Devouring Tower. All of you will definitely lose!”


Deep in the Spirit Devouring Tower.

Gu Lang’s expression was somewhat grim as he gazed at the mirror in front of him. The aftershocks from the fight were far too strong, making him unable to see what was going on.

“Damnit, I didn't expect that little bitch to be so formidable!” Gu Lang’s complexion was steely green. He had originally taken Yaoyao as someone without any Genesis Qi, who could have imagined that her Spirit cultivation had already reached such astonishing heights.

“But even if you guys are strong, we possess an endless amount of power in this Spirit Devouring Tower so all of you will lose sooner or later.” Coldness flashed in Gu Lang’s eyes.

“When you land in my hands, I will seal your Spirit. Just wait and see how I will torment you then!” As if he could already see that scene, a lustful fire rose inside Gu Lang’s body.


However, Gu Lang’s fantasy was soon cut short. He lifted his head and looked to his front as an icy light surfaced in his eyes.

The mists parted as a young figure slowly walked out.

It was Zhou Yuan.

“Found it at last.” Zhou Yuan looked to his front and grinned.

Gu Lang was expressionless as he gazed at Zhou Yuan, no longer needing to mask the mocking smile his lips. He gently stretched his neck from side to side as a cold voice filled with sinister killing intent rang out within the mist.

“My mood is not very good now. So… Qi Nourishing small fry, have you thought of how you would like to die?”

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