Chapter 1229 Don’t Panic


The giant Genesis Qi hand viciously swiped through the air. Space warped, and faint cracks appeared around the target even before the attack landed.

The ground below rapidly crumbled.

The dainty beauty’s expression changed; she was shocked at Zhou Yuan’s ruthlessness. Did he not know that this was their Golden Monkey Clan’s territory?

To think that he actually dared to attack her!

Such arrogance!

“Impudence!” The beauty’s face turned white with rage as she sternly shouted, “Capture him!”

The four imposing figures behind her moved at her command without hesitation. They were likely Golden Monkey Clan experts.

All four were Nascent Source experts. However, there was no arrogance on their faces. Instead, they wore grave expressions.

They could sense how powerful Zhou Yuan’s attack was.

His Genesis Qi foundation was terrifying!


Roars erupted from the four as their bodies began to swell, growing into four giant hundred-foot-tall golden beasts. They looked like some kind of mix between a lion and a tiger, and they gave off savage auras. Long golden tails whipped through the air, shattering even space itself.

These four Golden Monkey Clan experts had immediately brought out their true bodies. From this, one would see just how wary they were of Zhou Yuan.

They roared at the sky. Golden light poured from their mouths, flooding the area. Space crumbled inch by inch wherever the golden torrent passed.

However, everything the experts did was useless. The giant Genesis Qi hand continued its descent and smashed apart the golden torrent. The four golden beasts wailed as their enormous bodies tumbled from the sky, flattening several mountains when they crashed into the ground.

The four Golden Monkey Clan experts were at best advanced Nascent Source experts. How could such strength possibly stop Zhou Yuan?

In the sky, the dainty girl’s expression turned exceedingly ugly. However, she was unafraid and angrily shouted, “Zhou Yuan, do you want to die? How dare you attack while in my Golden Monkey Clan’s territory?!

“Do you think this is the Tianyuan Region?!”

She was in disbelief and had never expected Zhou Yuan to be so arrogant. It did not matter how famous he was in Hunyuan Heaven because he was now in Wanshou Heaven’s Golden Monkey Clan territory!

Wasn’t Zhou Yuan’s actions basically a slap in the face to the Golden Monkey Clan?

Moreover, why the hell was he so powerful?!

From the information they had, he should have recently advanced to the Nascent Source stage. Although he had directly ascended to the advanced Nascent Source stage, the four opponents he had faced earlier were no weaklings among the Golden Monkey Clan’s advanced Nascent Source experts.

Zhou Yuan coldly gazed at the girl. Of course he knew this was the Golden Monkey Clan’s territory, but so what? He wasn’t alone; there was a really big shot at his side!

That’s right; it was due to Yaoyao’s existence that he dared to use such a blatant display of force. Without her presence, he would have to engage in a more roundabout tactic against the Golden Monkey Clan.

But there was obviously no need for such a tactic.

This was the power of connections!

Zhou Yuan said, “Get Jin Ling’er here. I have no interest in wasting my time with you.”

He frowned slightly, somewhat confused as to why the girl was so hostile towards him. He did not recall ever offending the Golden Monkey Clan, and he could even be said to be on pretty good terms with Jin Ling’er.

In addition, he had a favorable impression of the Golden Monkey Clan due to Tuntun.

However, the recent turn of events was really pushing his buttons.

The sexy and dainty girl was clearly even more enraged by his attitude. However, she did not dare to provoke him again due to the ferocity he had just displayed.

Flashes of gold suddenly appeared on the horizon and swiftly flew towards them.

Powerful Genesis Qi surged around each golden flash as an ominous pressure spread.

“The clan’s law enforcement squad!” The girl was overjoyed. She sneered at Zhou Yuan and said, “I already told you, if you think you could do as you please, then you’ve come to the wrong place!”

Zhou Yuan indifferently gazed at the approaching golden lights.

He did not reply to the stupid girl because he had already sensed Jin Ling’er’s Genesis Qi undulations.


After a dozen breaths, the golden lights descended from the air.

They were led by Jin Ling’er.

Jin Ling’er quickly took in the mess. Her face immediately turned white with rage as she looked towards Jin Ya and thundered, “Jin Ya! Zhou Yuan was invited by Little Ancestor. How dare you come here to obstruct him! Do you think you can do whatever you want because your grandfather is the clan’s first elder?!”

She had received Zhou Yuan’s signal earlier and had immediately informed the clan elders. After all, although Zhou Yuan was a Nascent Source expert, his identity was very special.

As a Tianyuan Region grand elder, he was basically equal in status to the key clan elders. In addition, he was invited over by Little Ancestor, making him the Golden Monkey Clan’s important guest.

Jin Ling’er had never imagined that Jin Ya would dare to secretly bring others to obstruct him upon hearing the news.

Jin Ya coldly snorted, ignoring Jin Ling’er. She berated the clan law enforcement squad, “This person has broken our laws by daring to attack our clan members. Quickly take him in!”

However, the law enforcement squad did not move. An imposing, tall and muscular middle-aged man with a claw-scarred face indifferently said, “Miss Jin Ya, the elders have ordered us to invite grand elder Zhou Yuan in.

“On another note, you’ve flouted the rules by taking action against an important guest and will receive punishment later.”

Jin Ya nearly lost herself to anger. “Very good, Jin Gui. My big brother is the law enforcement squad captain. Let’s see how you’ll explain this to him!

“Moreover, my big brother is the Golden Monkey Clan’s strongest Nascent Source expert, making him the best partner for Little Ancestor. Why are we finding an outsider? Which part of him can possibly compare to big brother?”

She glared venomously at Zhou Yuan before turning around to leave in a huff.

The atmosphere finally softened somewhat after her departure.

Jin Ling’er descended from the air and apologetically looked at Zhou Yuan. “I’m really sorry. I did not expect something like this to happen, and I hope you will not take it to heart. Jin Ya was spoiled too much, and she does not represent our Golden Monkey Clan.”

Unhurried, Zhou Yuan said, “I’m an old friend of your Little Ancestor, who used to follow me in the past. I’ve come this time to take it away. If you guys really do not welcome me, you only need to inform it of my arrival so we can quickly be on our way.”

Jin Ling’er was stunned, and she said in disbelief, “Little Ancestor used to follow you?”

Although she could tell that Little Ancestor and Zhou Yuan were very close, Jin Ling’er could not comprehend why an esteemed sacred beast would follow someone like Zhou Yuan. Let alone his past cultivation level, even his current Nascent Source cultivation was not worth mentioning to a sacred beast. After all, even an ordinary Saint expert would not dare to challenge a matured sacred beast.

Zhou Yuan and Little Ancestor were existences that belonged to two completely different worlds. Even if Little Ancestor was still young in the past, the pride of a sacred beast would not allow it to follow anyone.

Zhou Yuan did not explain because this matter involved Yaoyao. From her languid appearance, she obviously did not care about the Golden Monkey Clan.

Jin Ling’er felt that Zhou Yuan was probably just bragging and did not take his claims too seriously. She guessed that he might still be angry because of Jin Ya’s earlier transgressions and tried to appease him. “You’re definitely the more mature one, so please don’t be too angry with her.”

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, not wanting to discuss the topic any further. He calmly said, “Let’s go. We’ll pay a visit to your Golden Monkey Clan first.”

No matter the problem, it was best to first meet Tuntun before deciding their next course of action.

Jin Ling’er breathed a sigh of relief before glancing at Yaoyao. Although Jin Ling’er was a famous beauty from the Golden Monkey Clan, Yaoyao’s beauty and presence still managed to take her breath away.

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to have no intention of introducing them. Hence, Jin Ling’er turned around to lead the way.

Zhou Yuan gazed at her slender figure before looking at the distant mountain range. He had a feeling that this trip would not be as peaceful as he had imagined.

However, with the big boss at his side, there was nothing to panic about.

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