Chapter 1228 Wanshou Heaven

Even among the five heavens, Wanshou Heaven was rather unique. If the other heavens were said to be led by humans, Wanshou Heaven’s true rulers were the numerous Genesis Beast clans.

It was essentially a paradise for Genesis Beasts, the same Genesis Beasts that were both an extremely powerful faction and race in the Tianyuan World.

Wanshou Heaven’s current overall strength would place them third among the five heavens. Long ago, when the Genesis Beast clans were at their heyday, Wanshou Heaven was a dominant second among the five heavens. Back then, Hunyuan Heaven was still in its growing phase, and the strongest was Qiankun Heaven. The second ranked Wanshou Heaven could easily subdue the rising Hunyuan Heaven.

Despite their drop in rank, Wanshou Heaven was still considered a first tier heaven, and was far stronger than the two bottom rankers, Wuxing Heaven and Cangxuan Heaven.

Most importantly, the Genesis Beast race had a huge advantage in terms of lifespan, making their foundations exceptionally terrifying. Many of the great clans had several old monsters. Although these existences had not reached the Saint level and were practically at death’s door, their accumulated power could only be described as frightening. If unleashed, it would allow them to put up a fight against Saint experts.

Of course, their lives would most likely come to an end after. 

Despite the fatal drawback, it was enough proof of the Genesis Beasts’ foundations. This was also one of the reasons why they could occupy an entire heaven without much objection.

In Wanzu Heaven, there were so many kinds of Genesis Beasts that it was practically impossible to count.

Of course, the true Genesis Beast clans possessed intelligence and tradition. They did not acknowledge the less intelligent brutes as fellow Genesis Beasts, and would not hesitate to hunt them for the sake of food and resources.

After countless years of natural selection, seven great clans solidified their positions as the rulers of Wanshou Heaven.

The Mystic Dragon Clan, the Spirit Phoenix Clan, the Golden Monkey Clan, the Mountain Moving Ape Clan, the Roaring Heavenly Tiger Clan, the Ancient Whale Clan and the Earth-shaking Divine Tiger Clan.

Among these seven great clans, the Mystic Dragon Clan and the Spirit Phoenix Clan were clearly a cut above the rest. Of course, this did not mean that the other five were pushovers. The others were always closely eyeing the Mystic Dragon Clan’s and Spirit Phoenix Clan’s positions, and there was definitely no lack of clashes over the years.

It was very normal. After all, the Hunyuan Heaven’s nine regions weren’t a unified force either, and only god knew how many struggles, secret or open, were ongoing between them.

Regardless, the seven clans were undoubtedly the current overlords of Wanshou Heaven.


“So, this is Wanshou Heaven.” Zhou Yuan peered at the land from a mountain top. Compared to Hunyuan Heaven, Wanshou Heaven had certain barbaric crudeness to it.

Mountains rose from the ground, towering over the land like giants. Their majesty was slightly greater than even Hunyuan Heaven’s mountains.

Endless mountain ranges and thick ancient forests that could cover the sky. The ancient trees were an exceptional sight to behold, and at times, the shade of a single tree could even encompass an entire mountain range.

Besides the mountains and forests, there were also numerous lakes and seas.

The entire place was filled with the sounds of the wild. From time to time, one would see the mountains seem to heave as an enormous beastly silhouette rose from the ground, causing the land to tremble.

Countless flying creatures soared in the skies, the occasional savagery starting a rain of blood.

Amidst the violence, a shadow would suddenly swoop down from above, wings blotting out the sun as a giant mouth opened, devouring both sides such that nothing remained.

This entire world seemed to bathe in a strange chaos.

In a world like this, even Zhou Yuan could not help but wet his lips. Wanshou Heaven clearly worshipped strength. It was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Although other heavens were similar, they would have rules to at least maintain some order. The only law here, however, was the law of the jungle.

Without power, it would be very difficult to survive in Wanshou Heaven.

Zhou Yuan watched for a few more moments before suddenly turning towards Yaoyao and asking, “By the way, what’s Tuntun’s origin?”

Yaoyao continued to observe the new world around them with some interest as she casually replied, “Tuntun is one of the original sacred beasts, and does not belong to any race or clan. It is the only one of its kind, and a new one will only be born into the world when it dies. Of course, it takes an extremely long time for one to be born again, and conditions required are also exceedingly stringent.

“On another note, its true name is the Ancestor Taotie and it has the ability of devouring.”

“Ancestor Taotie?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback. “I met someone in Hunyuan Heaven who has the Taotie blessing. His materialized blessing looked quite similar to Tuntun.”

“Oh? Taotie Blessing?” Yaoyao raised her eyebrows in surprise. “His blessing is indeed from the Ancestor Taotie. Those with the Taotie Blessing will gain some devouring power. If he is capable, he will become someone noteworthy in the future.”

Zhou Yuan clicked his tongue in admiration. To think that Zhao Mushen’s blessing originated from Tuntun.

Soon after, his expression turned a little strange. If I bring Tuntun to meet Zhao Mushen, I wonder what look he will have?

Yaoyao seemed to read Zhou Yuan’s thoughts and said, “If a person with the Taotie Blessing meets Tuntun, a feeling of reverence will rise from his blood. Hmm, it will feel as if you suddenly find your ancestor standing before you…

“Moreover, his devouring power will have zero effect on Tuntun. If it wants to, it can even temporarily remove the devouring power.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but chuckle. That scene would really be amusing. In other words, Tuntun was basically Zhao Mushen’s nemesis.

I wonder if he will want to see his ancestor appear before him?

“Tuntun is at the Golden Monkey Clan?” Yaoyao’s words interrupted Zhou Yuan’s thoughts.

Zhou Yuan nodded and retrieved a scroll. A bright glow emerged as he unfurled it, revealing a large map. Light swam on the map, gradually converging into dots at certain locations. 

“We’re currently in the northwest sector and are actually quite close to the Golden Monkey Clan. If we rush, we should be able to arrive at their territory in about ten days.”

“Let’s get going then.” Yaoyao wasted no time. With a wave of her sleeve, Genesis Qi surged over and wrapped around the two of them. The space in front of them shattered and they shot in.

Ten days later.

The Golden Monkey Clan territory border.

Zhou Yuan’s and Yaoyao’s figures appeared.

After ten days of travel, Zhou Yuan once again witnessed the violence and chaos in Wanshou Heaven. He had already lost count of how many fights he had seen on the way here.

“Let’s wait here for a while. I’ve already notified Jin Linger,” said Zhou Yuan.

He had already shattered the bone-shaped jade Jin Linger had passed to him in Guyuan Heaven when they were nearby. As such, Jin Linger should already be aware of their arrival.

Yaoyao naturally had no objections.

The two made themselves comfortable. A day later.

The sound of rushing wind was heard. Zhou Yuan raised his gaze and saw several streaks of light shooting towards them.

“Finally here?” Zhou Yuan smiled.

However, Yaoayo, whose eyes were still lightly shut, nonchalantly said, “They’re here, but they aren’t friendly.”

Zhou Yuan’s brows knitted together.

The golden lights arrived, appearing in the sky above them.

Zhou Yuan looked over and found that the leader was not Jin Linger.

It was still an exceptionally sexy young lady with dainty features. Her eyes were currently filled with disdain as she looked down at Zhou Yuan from above.

After observing him for a few breaths, she slowly said, “You’re Zhou Yuan?

“Please return to where you came from. Our Golden Monkey Clan does not welcome you.”

Zhou Yuan indifferently gazed at her and said, “Who are you? Where is Jin Linger?”

His attitude made the girl’s brows furrow slightly in anger, likely because she usually had her way. Iciness flashed in her eyes as she said, “I said that the Golden Monkey Clan does not welcome you. If you don’t leave, don’t blame me for showing no courtesy!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive. A split second later, he suddenly stepped forward.


Astonishing Genesis Qi unfurled like a storm, causing the entire world to faintly tremble around them. An alarming pressure surged forth like the tide.

Zhou Yuan’s ice-cold voice rang out, “Showing no courtesy? Who do you think you are?”

A giant scaly Genesis Qi hand took shape and mercilessly slapped towards the girl.

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