Chapter 1227 Seven Inches

It was a month later when Zhou Yuan finally walked out of the lava cauldron.


When he exited, cracks appeared on the cauldron before it ultimately shattered, leaving behind a roaring heat and molten fragments.

The boundless power within it had completely disappeared.

Zhou Yuan merely cast a glance at its remains before looking towards a tree by the lake. Yaoyao was seated on one of its branches, lazily leaning backwards with a wine gourd in her hand.

“You’re finally out.” She cast her gaze at Zhou Yuan and stretched her back, displaying her alluring curves.

Zhou Yuan took a step forward and his figure appeared beside Yaoyao.

“It seems that you got a pretty good harvest,” remarked Yaoyao. Although Zhou Yuan’s expression was impassive, she could see the joy in his eyes.

“Of course it's pretty good.” Zhou Yuan sighed.

Putting aside the two Saint Genesis arts for the moment, when he stepped out of the cauldron, he had felt his Genesis Qi foundation soar tremendously.

His originally 6.3 inch Nascent Source had grown to 7 inches!

After numerous cultivation sessions, Zhou Yuan of course understood that this was no small jump. An ordinary Nascent Source expert would need many years of cultivating to achieve what he had in a single month.

He also understood that although it had appeared easy for Yaoyao to create the cauldron, she must have paid quite a price to do so.

Yaoyao smiled faintly when she saw the look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. “Relax, I won’t be doing this often.”

Yaoyao had used divine matter to let Zhou Yuan improve his foundation and open the Ancestral Dragon Scripture Genesis art collection without suffering any repercussions. Divine matter was something even a god like her could not squander frequently. Moreover, if the other Saint experts were to discover she had used such a precious resource on a Nascent Source expert, they would probably faint in disbelief.

Zhou Yuan sat down and gently held Yaoyao’s soft and small hands. He did not say anything else because there was no need for such meaningless words between them.

For her, he could give up everything, including his life.

He knew that Yaoyao likewise knew this.

Otherwise, how could someone as distant and cold as her have given her heart to him?

Yaoyao asked with slight interest, “What Saint Genesis art did you get?”

Although she had secretly aided him, he still had to depend on his own abilities and luck to a certain extent. There was after all a limit to her interference.

“A Saint Genesis art called the Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell.” Zhou Yuan looked somewhat helpless. “I don’t know why I reacted to such an ordinary Saint Genesis art. It might be because of my Heavenly Dragon Qi.”

“Your guess is correct. However, you should not underestimate it. Although it is an ordinary rank Saint Genesis art, it has the greatest affinity with the Heavenly Dragon Qi. Using the Heavenly Dragon Qi to activate it will output power comparable to a greater Saint Genesis art.” Yaoyao was not surprised.

“Is that so?” Zhou Yuan relaxed somewhat after hearing her explanation. “Right, the other one is called Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens.”

The hand holding the jade gourd trembled faintly as light seemed to swirl in her eyes. Soon after, she softly chuckled and said, “The price I paid this time has not been in vain.”

“The Genesis art did not have any rank.” Zhou Yuan was still perplexed.

Yaoyao, however, appeared to be in a good mood. She smiled and said, “Ordinary rankings are indeed incapable of measuring it. Let alone Nascent Source experts, even Law Domain and Saint experts would desire a Genesis art like it.

“As for why, you’ll naturally find out when you step into the Saint stage.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. He had not expected Yaoyao to have such a high opinion of the Genesis art.

Soon after, he regretfully said, “But unfortunately, I only managed to obtain its introductory cultivation method.”

Due to the scale shattering, he had only managed to obtain a fragment of the whole.

“There’s nothing to be regretful about. Given your current cultivation, it’s already an amazing blessing to have an opportunity to study it.

“The beginning is always the hardest. Although this new road before you will be difficult, when your strength is sufficient, you’ll naturally gain the chance to uncover its complete form.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He was not someone who would tie himself up in a knot over such matters. Since the chance was over, he would not be upset over it. There was nothing he could do anyways. Moreover, the haul this time was already extremely bountiful.

With his current Genesis Qi foundation, Zhou Yuan was confident of winning against Lu Tai at peak condition.

In other words, he had already begun to step into the apex level of Hunyuan Heaven’s Nascent Source stage.

One must know that it had been less than half a year since he reached the Nascent Source stage.

Such progress would turn every veteran Nascent Source expert crazy with envy.

Yaoyao elegantly flipped herself off the tree. She hung the gourd on her waist and smoothed her hair. “Since your training is over, we should get moving.”

Zhou Yuan also descended and expectantly asked, “Are we heading to Wanshou Heaven?”

Although Zhou Yuan always claimed that he had nothing but dislike for Tuntun, he obviously felt a deep kinship with it. In a certain manner of speaking, Tuntun and Yaoyao had accompanied him for many years as he grew step by step.

Yaoyao nodded.

“We’re currently in the Tianji Region. There should be a teleportation array in Tianji City. However, it only opens once every half a year and requires a Law Domain expert to maintain it while it operates,” said Zhou Yuan. After spending so many years in Hunyuan Heaven, he had gained a rough understanding of the various regions.

It was not impossible for Yaoyao to set up her own teleportation array with her current abilities. However, Zhou Yuan did not plan on letting her do so. Cang Yuan had already warned him to stop Yaoyao from using too much power because it would quicken the awakening of her divinity.

“Law Domain expert should be inconsequential if I use the power of the Law Domain.” Yaoyao had no objections. After all, She had always been following Zhou Yuan.

With the decision made, they immediately moved, disappearing from the spot. All that remained was the rising steam from the giant pit in the lake.

The Genesis Beasts that were avoiding them soon returned, emitting joyful roars when they arrived at the lakeside.

Although most of the power had been scattered, what remained was still a great blessing for them.


Three days had passed when Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao arrived at Tianji City.

At the center of the city, they found the majestic teleportation array. However, it was heavily guarded by the Tianji Region.

Fortunately, Yaoyao’s abilities allowed them to slip in without detection.

Only when Yaoyao activated the array did the surrounding guards look over in shock. They did not understand why it had suddenly activated.

Their Law Domain expert was obviously not here!

The entire Tianji Region fell into chaos. The array activated, enveloping the two figures in dazzling light as space began to warp.

As he watched the space around them slowly distort, Zhou Yuan faintly sensed a Law Domain presence swiftly rushing towards them. That was likely a Tianji Region Law Domain expert.

However, the Law Domain expert was clearly not going to make it in time.

Light flooded towards him, filling his eyeballs.

Zhou Yuan grinned.

Wanzu little bastard Tuntun, your little grandpa is here!

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