Chapter 1226 Two Genesis Arts

Countless streaks of light flew towards Zhou Yuan as his eyes began to burn with desire. There were so many Saint Genesis arts. Even factions with Saint experts would find it near impossible to match such a collection.

It was exactly as Yaoyao had said, the Ancestral Dragon Scripture really was the number one art in the world.

It was like a giant treasure trove that could bring unimaginable surprises at any time.


Zhou Yuan did not move immediately and instead began to concentrate on the meteor shower. Although there were many dragon scales, something told him that he only had two attempts.

In other words, he could obtain two Genesis arts at most. Any more would be too much.

Zhou Yuan did not know how the rules worked, but he did not find them hard to accept. Two Saint Genesis arts were enough for him.

“Yaoyao said that these Genesis arts had varying ranks, but as for how to tell them apart, I can only rely on my gut feeling.” Zhou Yuan shut his eyes and began to silently probe each streak that flew past him. Several of the streaks even shot right through his body.

The scales pulsed with unidentifiable undulations. The Genesis arts recorded on them would surely cause a storm of blood if they suddenly appeared in Hunyuan Heaven. No one could know how many Nascent Source experts would be drawn over to fight for them.

However, Zhou Yuan still did not make his move.

He did not choose with his eyes, and instead handed everything over to his instincts.

The silent waiting lasted for a long time.

All of a sudden, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and locked onto a streak of light that was darting past. He moved without hesitation.

He reached out and grabbed the target. The surrounding shell of light disintegrated as it entered his hand.

The scale disappeared, but in that moment, Zhou Yuan found that an enormous amount of information had appeared in his head.

Saint Genesis art, Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell 

Accompanied by a unique feeling, the ancient cry of a dragon echoed in Zhou Yuan’s head.

“An ordinary Saint Genesis art?” Zhou Yuan was somewhat dumbstruck. He had felt nothing from the many scales that passed by until his Genesis Qi had faintly stirred at this particular one. Hence, he had moved to secure it, but the outcome turned out to be far from his expectations.

“Is it because I cultivate the Heavenly Dragon Qi?” Zhou Yuan began to ponder. This Genesis art also had the words Heavenly Dragon. He guessed that there had been a reaction because this Genesis art had high affinity with his Heavenly Dragon Qi.

Although he felt a little regretful that it was only an ordinary Saint Genesis art, Zhou Yuan was not overly disappointed. After all, an ordinary Saint Genesis art was still a Saint Genesis art!

Any other advanced Nascent Source expert would have gone crazy with excitement.

Zhou Yuan put aside his thoughts and closed his eyes again to begin feeling the scales that were flying past.

He still had one last chance.

This time, he was more ambitious. He understood that this opportunity had been created for him by Yaoyao, and although it might not be anything big for her, there should still be a price to pay.

Hence, though an ordinary Saint Genesis art was not overly disappointing, he would of course hope to obtain one that surpassed his expectations. This way, Yaoyao’s efforts would not be wasted.

However, it was difficult to probe the numerous lights that streaked past. The only thing he could rely on was that split second feeling when they flashed past. It was like a lucky draw, impossible to predict the result.

Zhou Yuan sat within the starry space, allowing the glowing scales to streak past him.

In the blink of an eye, half an incense stick of time passed.

The originally gorgeous sight of stars streaking across the sky slowly began to thin out. Evidently, the number of Genesis arts were not infinite.

The end of the meteor shower would also mark the end of this opportunity.

However, Zhou Yuan still did not move. He looked very calm.

Only he knew how awkward he felt. He could not sense anything from the scales within the streaking light, and thus could not take action.

He really did not wish to waste his final chance on an ordinary Saint Genesis art.

Perhaps, instead of wasting, it would be better to call it regret.

Time swiftly flowed.

The streaking lights grew increasingly sparse.

The final few streaks of light approached from afar, no more appearing behind them. Evidently, this opportunity was nearing its end.

Zhou Yuan was disappointed that he still did not sense anything special.

He sighed inwardly. After a brief hesitation, he decided to randomly retrieve one of the last few scales.

A giant hand took shape and grabbed at one of the last few streaks of light.

However, a split second before he could grab it, his heart suddenly jolted. He felt as if something had sparked inside his heart.

His gaze involuntarily turned towards the middle of the last few scales. This time, near the tail end of the streaking lights, he managed to make out a scale that lacked any radiance.

The scale’s faint glow had been completely eclipsed by the others, making it near impossible to detect at a brief glance. If not for that split-second sensation, Zhou Yuan would have missed it completely.

Although the scale looked dim and ordinary, Zhou Yuan had a feeling that it was not actually ordinary. It had hidden itself because it did not wish for anyone to notice it.

Like how a phoenix would not compete for attention with ordinary birds?

This was the arrogance of a superior existence.

A hundred different feelings flashed in Zhou Yuan’s heart. He did not display even the slightest shred of hesitation as he abandoned the scale he was about to seize and instead grabbed at that final chance, the hidden scale.

As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s actions, a faint glow blossomed from the scale as a low roar rang out.

The roar seemed to possess some kind of special charm. To Zhou Yuan astonishment, he found that his hand was unable to grab it.

Using that momentary pause, the scale zipped away in an attempt to escape.

Zhou Yuan refused to give up. The scale definitely had an extraordinary Genesis art. Otherwise, it would not possess such an ego. If he let it escape, he would regret this till the end of his days.

With a roar, Heavenly Dragon Qi swept forth, turning into a dragon claw that ruthlessly grabbed at the fleeing scale.

But before the claw could reach, a terrifying undulation suddenly spread from the scale. In the face of its power, Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Dragon Qi began to wail as it began to disintegrate.

“How can this be?!” Zhou Yuan was shocked. The Heavenly Dragon Qi could not subdue the scale?

However, just when Zhou Yuan thought he had failed, mysterious runes suddenly appeared on the disintegrating dragon claw.

The mysterious runes stabilized the crumbling claw.

This sudden turn of events naturally did not escape Zhou Yuan’s notice. Although the runes were strange, he could sense a familiar presence from them.


This startled him a little, but before he could further his thoughts, the forcibly stabilized dragon claw ruthlessly swooped downwards.

The scale was finally caught.

Before Zhou Yuan could celebrate, the scale shattered, turning into numerous fragments that swiftly escaped. Only a tiny piece was left in Zhou Yuan’s hand.

“Blasted!” Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned red in anger. What kind of blasted thing was this scale? Why was it so difficult!

No matter how angry he was, the scale fragments were already far away, making it difficult to chase them down.

The leftover fragment sank into Zhou Yuan’s hand.

Extremely overwhelming, cryptic and ancient information exploded in Zhou Yuan’s head, stunning him.

It was a Saint Genesis art, but there was no rank indicated. However, Zhou Yuan could still feel an indescribable aura from it that made his entire body shiver.

Because the Genesis art was called...Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens!

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