Chapter 1225 Lava Cauldron

“Alright, that’s about enough.” Outside the lava lake, Yaoyao observed the fully formed lava cauldron for a moment before lightly clapping once. She gave a little upward jerk to her chin and said, “Mm, go in.”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the lava cauldron which seemed to contain a vast sea of lava. Lava heaved within it, creating giant waves as extremely terrifying undulations pulsed.

He could not help but swallow repeatedly.

With the toughness of his body, he would not receive any damage even if he were to swim in lava. However, this lava cauldron was clearly not so simple. Yaoyao had inscribed numerous ancient, cryptic Genesis Runes on it which surely served to amplify the lava’s power.

Although his life should not be threatened, there was definitely going to be a lot of suffering if he entered.

Yaoyao said, “This Earth Core Thousand Flame Cauldron can refine and purify your Heavenly Dragon Qi. It will also deepen your connection with the Heavenly Dragon Qi, and when that happens, it will be your best chance to dig out the Genesis arts within.

“Tuntun’s current capabilities should be pretty good. If even it is forced to seek you out for help, the problems waiting for you should not be trivial. Hence, you need to improve your combat capabilities.

“With me around, Saint stage existences will maintain our unspoken agreement of not interfering. However, it will not be appropriate for me to interfere either below that level.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. The big bosses should stick to their roles and intimidate each other, while the fights should be left to the underlings.

Yaoyao reminded, “The Ancestral Dragon Scripture is filled with endless profound wonders, which naturally includes Genesis arts. However, these arts are also categorized into different ranks. How strong or weak the Genesis art you manage to dig out will still depend on you.

“These Genesis arts from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture have another advantage: they will have a high affinity with you. You will be able to understand them in the fastest possible time, and there will be no need to continuously try to comprehend and polish them like other Saint Genesis arts.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook a little. Saint Genesis arts had insane power, but were also famously difficult to master. From what Yaoyao had said, the Saint Genesis arts he dug out from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture would be much easier to learn for him.

“I’ll be going in then.” Zhou Yuan composed himself as he cast his gaze at the lava cauldron. He moved, turning into blur as he shot directly into it.

He entered the cauldron and found another separate domain inside. A sea of endless lava roared ferociously, thousands of waves rising and falling.

Zhou Yuan could not help but wet his lips. He had personally watched Yaoyao create the cauldron earlier. From this, one could see how terrifying the current Yaoyao had become.

If she wanted to, it would not be a problem to exchange blows with a Saint expert.

“It seems that I’ll have to work hard.” Zhou Yuan sighed. He had originally believed he could at least relax a little after stepping into the Nascent Source stage. However, Yaoyao’s current strength made him feel a growing pressure.

Moreover, Yaoyao’s divinity was still a thorn in his heart. Zhou Yuan understood that he currently did not have the qualifications to probe about it because he wasn’t strong enough yet.

He would perhaps need at least the power to challenge the Saint stage before he could begin to influence the future a little.

Various thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, but were ultimately pushed aside by him. He cast away his hesitation and jumped down, creating a big splash of magma with a loud plop.

When Zhou Yuan entered the lava, ancient Genesis Runes began to emerge on the cauldron’s walls. Countless runes spread, reaching into the lava sea.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan felt an endless heat surge towards him from every direction. The intensity made even his Saint Glass Body turn red-hot. Pain washed over him, making him grimace a little.

However, he was no longer some ignorant greenhorn. He immediately suppressed the pain and seated himself as he began to circulate the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.


Boundless platinum Genesis Qi rushed in his body like a raging river as a faint dragon roar echoed, accompanied by a unique pressure.

This was the World Subduing Heavenly Dragon Qi he currently cultivated.

The Heavenly Dragon Qi was a grade 8 Genesis Qi. Just one more level and it would become the grade 9 Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi!

A grade 9 Genesis Qi was extremely rare even in all nine heavens. Only great factions with Saint experts would be able to pass down such powerful Qi cultivation methods.

However, it was exceedingly difficult to raise the grade of one’s Genesis Qi. Zhou Yuan had a feeling that the only way to reach grade 9, was to retrieve the sacred dragon blessing in Wu Yao’s body.

Zhou Yuan slowly closed his eyes, allowing the lava to invade his body. He was like a statue, completely still and unmoving.

The Heavenly Dragon Qi circulated in his body, gradually transforming into a dragon silhouette around him.

Outside the cauldron, the watching Yaoyao suddenly extended a hand as a strand of mysterious matter flowed out.

When it appeared, the entire forest fell deathly silent.

It was as if an indescribable pressure had enveloped the land.

It was divine matter, something that even Saints desired.

In the Tianyuan World, Yaoyao was the only other person who possessed it besides the Sacred Race’s god.

Yaoyao stared at the mysterious divine matter as her eyes flickered faintly. She turned towards the cauldron and softly said, “Zhou Yuan, I know your thoughts. Don’t worry, I won’t easily give up either.

“But before all that, I will do everything possible to make you stronger.

“Whatever the future holds, we will face it together.”

As her voice sounded, the mysterious matter in her hand disappeared into space. It penetrated the cauldron domain and landed in the lava.

The lava sea seemed to gain a life of its own, causing a torrential wave of heavenly fire as it breathed.

Tiny ancient runes swiftly shot through the lava. They arrived at Zhou Yuan’s location and slowly climbed onto his body.

Zhou Yuan’s entire being violently shuddered.

He sensed the world changing around him and found himself in what appeared to be a formless domain.

Deep within the primal chaos, a pair of giant eyes opened, eyes that could encompass the world.

It appeared to be an ancient dragon that was enormous beyond imagination. Next, countless light beams suddenly shot towards Zhou Yuan like a meteor shower.

As the meteor shower approached, Zhou Yuan discovered that each streak of light contained an ancient dragon scale.

The scales glowed with a wondrous light. At closer inspection, one would see numerous characters appear on the scales, along with an indescribable feeling of mystery and profoundness.

His heart shook as his pupils widened.

He had realized that there was a Genesis art record on each scale!

Moreover, all of them were Saint Genesis arts!

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