Chapter 1224 Live off Women

For the next half a month, Zhou Yuan traveled around Hunyuan Heaven with Yaoyao. They walked across mountains, crossed rivers and vast seas and passed through grand cities. 

They saw many wonderful sights and tasted many fine wines along the way.

The trip reminded Zhou Yuan of when he left the Great Zhou Empire for the first time and rushed to the Saint Remains Domain with Yaoyao and Tuntun. That trip was full of memories.

The special hell-like training he imagined didn’t happen. Although Zhou Yuan was relieved, he was disappointed at the same time. 

Perhaps Yaoyao was too shy and didn’t want to admit she wanted to travel around Hunyuan Heaven with Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan felt a little proud and delighted when he thought about this.

But, sadly, his little proudness was completely destroyed after half a month.


In a remote mountain in the middle of nowhere.

In the mountains were many Genesis beasts exuding fierce auras. But at that moment they all shrunk back and dared not make the slightest noise. 

This was because of a beautiful figure in the mountains.

Yaoyao gazed at the mirror-like lake in the depths of the mountains. She suddenly smiled and said softly, “This place is nice.” 

Zhou Yuan cast a puzzled glance at her.

But Yaoyao didn't care and just extended her fingers and flicked gently.


The lake began to vibrate and soon Zhou Yuan saw lava gushing out from the depths of the lake, shocking him. In less than a moment, the mirror-like lake had become a lava lake. It emitted intense heat that caused the air to twist and distort

Lava constantly piled up on top of each other, during which many unusual materials were spurted from the underground and merged with the lava.

A huge lava cauldron gradually took shape. Its inside was like a lava ocean.

Yaoyao constantly flicked her slender fingers, and as space rippled, several ancient Genesis Runes formed in the air and were engraved on the cauldron.

Suddenly, the lava ocean undulated wildly.

Zhou Yuan didn’t feel good when he saw this because the lava inside the cauldron felt dangerous to him even if he possessed the Saint Glass Body.  

“What are we doing?” Zhou Yuan asked cautiously.  

A hint of teasing flashed across Yaoyao's bright and beautiful eyes, "Do you think the special training I talked about is just a joke? 

“Also, have you retrieved your Sacred Dragon Blessing entirely back yet?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. ”We saw Wu Yao in the Great Wu capital. I also fought her in Hunyuan Heaven and got back the one she snatched from us that King Wu took. However, I still haven’t got back the one on her.”

Yaoyao pondered for a moment and remarked, "Wu Yao is indeed beautiful and she radiates an extraordinary elegance. It must be impossible for a man to fight her.”

Although she spoke casually, Zhou Yuan sensed a hint of danger. He immediately corrected her. "Nonsense, I have never seen a woman more beautiful than you.

"I haven't retrieved her one because the supreme sovereign from the Wushen Region stopped me. Later on, I had a chance but I chose not to take it.”

Zhou Yuan scratched his head. He indeed could have taken the Sacred Dragon Blessing back from Wu Yao in Guyuan Heaven, but he didn’t do so because he felt Wu Yao would likely die. At that time, they had just joined forces and it would be inappropriate to suddenly attack her. 

Moreover, he didn’t hate Wu Yao as much as he hated King Wu and Wu Huang.

He must retrieve the Sacred Dragon Blessing but he planned to do it later because he could feel that Wu Yao was gradually moving away from her dependence on the Sacred Dragon Blessing. She chose to walk her own path. 

Therefore, it was only a matter of time.

This could be considered as repaying supreme sovereign Wu Shen. 

Yaoyao looked calmly at Zhou Yuan.     

Zhou Yuan suddenly said with a smile, “Are you jealous?”

He only said that to make fun of Yaoyao, but she actually nodded seriously. “A little.” 

Zhou Yuan opened his mouth in disbelief but he was inwardly delighted and couldn’t help smiling. 

Yaoyao continued to fiddle with the lava cauldron and said in a seemingly indifferent voice. “If I’m in a bad mood the structure of the cauldron could go wrong and it could burn someone.”

Zhou Yuan shuddered, saying bitterly, "What should we do?”

While setting up the lava cauldron, Yaoyao tilted her head. "Say something to make me feel better.”

Zhou Yuan blinked and smiled inwardly. He took a step forward and gazed into Yaoyao’s clear and distant eyes, "Your eyes are beautiful. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, sun, moon and stars hidden inside…But my eyes are better because you’re reflected inside.” Zhou Yuan’s voice was hoarse but full of affection.

Zhou Yuan felt he charmed even himself.

But he found Yaoyao was still staring indifferently at him as though saying, ‘What else?’

Zhou Yuan’s complacency turned to apprehension. He wailed in his heart, So hard to please!

He could only let out a sigh and said sorrowfully, “why don’t you beat me up.”

A hint of a smiling expression spread over Yaoyao’s face as she said, “This methods a bit better, what was that just now.”

As though accepting death, Zhou Yuan closed his eyes. “Then hit me!” while muttering in his heart, It seems that the wife won’t listen to the husband, but it doesn’t matter. I should bear it for now and wait till the day I change my fortune and become the master!

As incessant thoughts streamed through Zhou Yuan’s mind, he smelled an aroma in front of his face. Then, he felt a cold sensation on his lips as though he touched a jade stone.

His eyes snapped open and he gazed in surprise and delight at the girl in front of him.

But Yaoyao didn't glance at him and just stared intently at the lava cauldron while constantly striking ancient Genesis Runes into it.

Zhou Yuan touched his lips and blinked repeatedly. "Did you kiss me just now?”

Yaoyao continued to ignore him.

Zhou Yuan looked upset. Why did I close my eyes?

However, his heart was filled with joy. Yaoyao is clearly very satisfied with my affectionate words but she acted like she didn’t care. She’s…so cute.

The lava cauldron suddenly erupted with vibrating noises. Waves of berserk energy spread frantically and stirred the Genesis Qi across the world.

Yaoyao exhaled deeply. "You have reached the Nascent Source stage, but the Genesis arts you have cultivated aren’t considered high level. The only one that is considered a Saint Genesis art is the Rainbow Sky Severing Gourd, which is a fusion of the seven Cangxuan arts. You lack high-level Genesis arts.”

Zhou Yuan didn't know what to say. In truth, the Genesis arts he cultivated weren’t bad and Yaoyao just had high standards and even ordinary Saint Genesis arts were ordinary to her. 

“Of course Saint Genesis arts are good to have, but I haven't had the opportunity to cultivate them. There were some in the Tianyuan Region, but I didn’t have time to cultivate them because of the Guyuan Heaven’s matter.”

Yaoyao smiled slightly. "The Tianyuan Region’s Saint Genesis arts may be good, but you already have the greatest treasure, so you don't need to search that far.”

“What do you mean?”  Zhou Yuan was taken aback

Yaoyao shifted her gaze to Zhou Yuan, saying, "The Ancestral Dragon Scripture I gave you is the first art of the world. You have cultivated grade-8 Heavenly Dragon Qi, but you haven’t discovered the complementary Genesis arts it contains.”

"The Ancestral Dragon Scripture?" Zhou Yuan exclaimed. He had developed some of the Genesis arts from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, and although they weren’t bad, they couldn’t quite become his trump cards.

"What you cultivated before can't be considered as complementary Genesis arts of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, but only some derivative arts.”

Yaoyao tilted her head slightly with a smile.   

“Most people won’t find them in the Ancestral Dragon Scripture because I need to unlock it first.”

Zhou Yuan's eyes widened. He eventually stroked his face with difficulty to comfort himself and exhaled. It's okay, I like to live off women!

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