Chapter 1223 Tuntun’s Message

The two sat embraced quietly on the mountain summit.

After an unknown period of time, both gradually withdrew from their emotions. Yaoyao stretched her back, showing her slim and slender curves, and a rare sweet smile spread over her cold face. “I wonder how Tuntun is now.”  

Zhou Yuan remembered the scales that Jin Ling’er brought to him. He clenched his hand and shining scales appeared in his grip.

“He asked someone to bring this over. It should be a message to me, but I was busy with your matters and didn’t have time to deal with his matter,” said Zhou Yuan with a smile.

Yaoyao was both amused and annoyed. She shook her head and took the scales. As she wiped them with her fingertips, rays of lights burst out from them to form a light screen.

A giant majestic beast emerged in the light screen. 

The entire beast’s body was covered with purple-gold scales, which displayed its mysteriousness and nobleness. Even if the beast was just an image, it still exuded an ancient and supreme might from its body. 

Zhou Yuan was stunned for a moment when he saw the light screen because such a mighty-looking beast sent a chill down his spine.  

But when he saw the giant beast’s pair of pupils and the familiar light contained within them, he recognized that it was Tuntun.

Tuntun had grown a lot compared to the past and he no longer acted cute all the time. Perhaps this was because he left Yaoyao and there was nothing in the world worthy of him acting cute.

Tuntun raised his claw, knocked on the light screen and let out two imposing roars.

He then slashed the stone slabs in front of him with his claws, causing stone fragments to whirl in the air. He then lazily lifted the stone slab.

The corner of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched because he saw a line of crooked words written on the stone slab.

“Pervert Zhou Yuan, come to Wanshou Heaven’s Golden Monkey Clan to find me. Your young master, I, has an urgent need for a bodyguard!”  

Zhou Yuan's face darkened and he said through gritted teeth. “That bastard wants a beating!” 

His words were full of anger. What do you mean by pervert? And you dare call yourself young master? You want me to be a bodyguard? You want to come find you? Who do you think I am?”

I haven’t seen that bastard in years but he got even more annoying!

Yaoyao smiled at the amusing scene as she waved her hand to disperse the light screen. She stored away the scales and said to Zhou Yuan, "It seems that Tuntun has encountered trouble.

Zhou Yuan said snappily, “We should ignore him.”    

Of course, he only said that out of anger. Although Tuntun was annoying, he had a love-hate relationship with Tuntun. 

While the two were chatting, the space behind them rippled and Cang Yuan and the others stepped out through space. 

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao with a ruminative smile, which made them blush.


“Grandpa Hei.”   

Cang Yuan nodded with a smile. Zhou Yuan pointed to Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing and introduced them to Yaoyao.

Yaoyao nodded at them. Although she wore a slight smile, she couldn’t conceal her coldness and aloofness. But it was normal. In the whole world, she only cared about Zhou Yuan, Cang Yuan and Tuntun and it was difficult for her to pay attention to other people.

If Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing hadn’t taken good care of Zhou Yuan, she perhaps wouldn’t even smile at them.  

But Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing didn’t seem surprised about her attitude, nor did they feel offended. After all, they already knew about Yaoyao's identity.

"Yaoyao, I’m relieved that you have finally awakened,” exclaimed Cang Yuan.

He has been hiding for years ever since he stole Yaoyao, who was in the divine stone. During that period, he not only had to be on guard against Saints from all-heavens but also had to deal with the Sacred Race. The danger and what he sacrificed during that period was simply indescribable.

Fortunately, his many years of hardship finally draws to an end.

Yaoyao had regained her consciousness and the Saints from all-heavens likely wouldn’t target her anymore. Even supreme sovereign Wan Zu had to restrain himself, which means Yaoyao was temporarily safe in all-heavens.  

Yaoyao said softly, "It's been difficult for Grandpa Hei all these years.”

She of course knew that Cang Yuan had been in hiding all these years and exhausted himself to protect her.

"I watched you grow up and I have no children, so in my eyes, you are like my daughter. I will protect you no matter what." Although Yaoyao had an important identity, Cang Yuan’s feelings towards her weren’t purely due to her identity.

“Also, you also know that it’s not only been hard on me.” Cang Yuan cast a smiling glance at Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao nodded gently. 

Cang Yuan asked Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, “What are your plans next? I might return to the Omega Shrine to clarify some matters.”

Although many Saints supported him when he took away Yaoyao, he didn’t abide by the rules and so he wanted to resolve some matters. Moreover, he wanted to find out the Omega Shrine’s attitude towards Yaoyao. 

Zhou Yuan only came to Hunyuan Heaven to help awaken Yaoyao; therefore, he had achieved his goal of coming.

Zhou Yuan turned to look at Yaoyao for direction, not too concerned.

Yaoyao pondered for a moment and said, “I plan to ask Zhou Yuan to take me around Hunyuan Heaven and then we will go to Wanshou Heaven to bring Tuntun back.”

“Why don’t we head to Wanshou Heaven now?” asked Zhou Yuan. Tuntun must need help if he sent a message to him. 

“There’s no hurry.” Yaoyao shook her head. “Just let that guy suffer a little first.”

She blinked at Zhou Yuan with a mischievous smile, which made Zhou Yuan a little surprise. Yaoyao was helping him get revenge because Tuntun was too arrogant and even dared to tell him to be his bodyguard!

Zhou Yuan couldn't help straighten his chest and stood up tall. It seemed that his status was a little higher than Tuntun!

But his expression immediately  turned strange. I have to compete with a pet?

Zhou Yuan was filled with joy and sorrow at the same time.

Cang Yuan nodded and solemnly reminded, "Yaoyao, although your seal is broken, you should still try to use as little power as possible…Given your identity, the Saints of all-heavens should give you face.” 

While speaking, he glanced at Zhou Yuan and his expression made Zhou Yuan aware of something.

It was of course the divinity that existed in Yaoyao's body.

Zhou Yuan's heart sank, but there was nothing he could do except continue to improve his strength. 

A faint light flashed in Yaoyao's eyes, but she didn't say much and just nodded. “I will.”

Cang Yuan didn’t say anything more on this. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were no longer young and inexperienced. Given their strength, they could explore all-heavens themselves. 

"Then we will part ways here. If you encounter danger, you can crush the bamboo slip I gave you. I will know right away." Cang Yuan reminded Zhou Yuan.

After seeing Zhou Yuan nod, Cang Yuan flicked his sleeve and mighty power rolled in and engulfed the rest of the people. They all vanished in a flash.

Zhou Yuan looked at Yaoyao with a smile, “Are we going to spend some romantic time just the two of us first?”

Yaoyao darted a glance at Zhou Yuan, whose eyes were filled with joy, and the corners of her lips curved upwards a little. "Do you really think I simply want you to take me around Hunyuan Heaven?”

Zhou Yuan felt something wrong and said, “Is that not it?"

Yaoyao said indifferently, "Although it’s not bad that you managed to reach the Nascent Source stage in just a few years, your knowledge in the Ancestral Dragon Scripture I gave you is only half a bucket full. Therefore, I will give you some special training so you have a deeper understanding of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.”

Zhou Yuan’s face scrunched up bitterly and he wailed in his heart. He thought they were going to spend some sweet time with just the two of them, But it seemed that he was wrong and it was going to be a special hell-like training!  

It turned out they both had different ideas!  

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