Chapter 1222 The Past and Wine

Yaoyao was stunned when Zhou Yuan hugged her and it was only after several seconds she felt Zhou Yuan tightly held her waist as if pushing her into him.

She reflexively circulated her Genesis Qi to blast the audacious guy back, but she suppressed her Genesis Qi in the end.

This was because she could feel Zhou Yuan's body was trembling. It was that of deep longing, joy as well as deeply hidden fear.


Yaoyao knew Zhou Yuan very well. Although Zhou Yuan looked gentle, he was very tenacious and would never shrink back from any difficulties, let alone feel afraid.

Was he afraid of losing her?    

Yaoyao’s long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked. Although she had been in deep sleep all these years, she knew about Zhou Yuan's continuous efforts to save her. It must have been very difficult for him to fight alone all these years.

Thinking of this, Yaoyao felt an aching feeling in her heart.

So, she let Zhou Yuan hug her. She hesitated for a moment and eventually stretched out her little hand and patted him on the back.

Zhuan Zhu couldn’t help smacking his lips as he watched them. "Little junior brother is amazing. He even won her heart?

“Keke, the Third God as a wife. Even the thought of it is exciting enough”

He wore a look of envy and admiration.   

But as soon as he finished his sentence, a long leg stretched over from a nearby void, which Zhuan Zhu quickly avoided.

"What do you envy?" Chi Jing stepped out of the void and looked maliciously at Zhuan Zhu.

Zhuan Zhu saw the dangerous aura in Chi Jing's eyes and couldn't help hiding behind Cang Yuan.

Chi Jing shot an annoyed glance at Zhuan Zhu and then said to Cang Yuan, "Master, she seems to still have a strong humanity.”

Cang Yuan nodded lightly and his expression grew complex. "But she is gradually restoring her powers, which means that the divinity is beginning to emerge. In the future…"

He didn't finish and just gave a melancholy sigh. How sweet those two youngsters were right now could be how painful they would be in the future .

Zhuan Zhu said, “Let's talk about the future matters later. At least they are happy now.”

Cang Yuan and Chi Jing both nodded.   

The two hugged for a long while on the mountain summit.

Zhou Yuan's emotions were gradually calmed down by the girl’s faint aroma, and feeling the warmth and softness in his arms, he couldn’t help moving his hand that was on Yaoyao’s waist.

But before he had too many thoughts, a small fist slammed his chest.

Zhou Yuan's face instantly twisted and his complexion turned pale. He gasped for air and tremblingly took two steps back.

The cute little fist almost smashed his Saint Glass Body.

Yaoyao retracted her fist if nothing had happened and looked at Zhou Yuan with a faint smile. “You’re much bolder after reaching the Nascent Source stage, is that right?”

“I don’t dare to,” Zhou Yuan uttered in an embarrassed voice.   

Fear from what happened earlier still remained in him. Yaoyao almost killed Zhao Xiansun with a palm strike, how would Zhou Yuan, who was still at the Nascent Source stage, make such a mistake!? He only acted impulsively because the emotions he had suppressed for too long all erupted at once!

Yaoyao snorted coldly, but if looked closely, her flawless face blushed a little, which made her mysterious and ethereal aura much vivid.

Yaoyao took a few steps forward, gazing at the sea of clouds ahead, and said curiously, "Tell me about your experiences over the years. Let’s hear how miserable it has been without me looking after you.”

She sat down on the edge of the cliff, swinging her legs back and forth.

Zhou Yuan sat down next to her and couldn't help smiling. He knew Yaoyao very well. She was extremely cold and detached, as though she wasn’t too concerned about anything in the world. 

He didn't quite understand the source of her emotions before, but after learning Yaoyao's identity, he began to understand.

As the Third God, she was one of the most noble existences in the world, so it understandable that mortals couldn’t arouse her concern. 

The fact that she asked to listen to Zhou Yuan’s experience and expressed interests in his story already showed that she had different feelings for him.

Zhou Yuan could feel that he was in Yaoyao’s heart.

Yaoyao swept a glance at Zhou Yuan and then fumbled in her pockets, but she then turned a little annoyed.

Zhou Yuan knew what she had in mind and immediately took out an azure gourd from his spatial bag. He shook it lightly, saying, "This is the best wine I brought from the Tianyuan Region.”

Yaoyao's eyes lit up. She took the gourd, opened the lid, and took a light whiff. “Not bad, it seems your eyes have become better after being beat up for many years.”

Zhou Yuan could only mumble angrily in response to her ridicule, “You’re a wine god.”

Then, he took a deep breath and began to recount his experiences over the years.

He first came to Hunyuan Heaven, then joined the Tianyuan Region and participated in the nine regions tournament to win the Ancestral Dragon Lantern…After that he traveled to Guyuan Heaven to obtain the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

He told Yaoyao everything one by one.

The setting sun cast a beautiful glow on Yaoyao as she drank the wine from the gourd. Her clear and ethereal-looking eyes seemed to be glistening, reflecting the multicolored sunlight, and a wisp of soft light seemed to be condensing in the depths of her eyes. 

She clearly knew how hard the idiot beside her had worked to awaken her.

He tread on the edge of the knife again and again and he repeatedly encountered powerful enemies but he still persisted.

While she was in deep sleep, she could perceive Zhou Yuan was protecting her even at the risk of his life. She knew Zhou Yuan refused to retreat even in the face of Zhao Xiansun and other powerful enemies.

Many emotions dripped into her heart like drops of water, making the calm surface of her lake-like heart ripple constantly. The ripples eventually spread to the depths of her heart and brought a long aftertaste.

Zhou Yuan, who was slowly telling his stories, suddenly felt a slight cold feeling in his palm. He tilted his head slightly and saw a little hand gently squeezed into his grip and five slender fingers tightly held his hand.

Zhou Yuan looked surprised at Yaoyao, who immediately turned her head away from him. He didn’t know whether it was an illusion, but he saw Yaoyao's eyes were red.

But when Yaoyao turned her head away, he saw her perfect side profile.

“You’ve done quite well,” she chuckled. 

Zhou Yuan scratched his head. 

But before he said anything, Yaoyao gently leaned her cheeks on his shoulders and gazed at the sunset glow in the distant sky. When she slowly closed her eyes, Zhou Yuan seemed to hear a whisper, “No one can bully you in the future.”

Zhou Yuan didn't hear her clearly. He just hesitatingly stretched out his arm and wrapped around Yaoyao’s shoulders.

The two cuddled together under the sunset glow, their backs connected as if they were one.

Zhou Yuan hoped that time would freeze at that moment. 

That scene would stay in his heart forever

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