Chapter 1221 Yaoyao Awakens

A girl in an azure dress stood barefooted above the crystal coffin. Her skin was as flawless as a pure white wall and her facial features were so perfect that they seemed made by heaven. When she swept her eyes across, she took everyone’s breath away.

Additionally, she radiated an indescribably mysterious aura from her body and her ethereal aura made her resemble a celestial being even more.

Even the stunning sea of flowers below lost its color.

The celestial-like being was Yaoyao who was sleeping silently in the crystal coffin.

However, Zhao Xiansun’s expression was the first to change when he saw such a beautiful person. Quickly, incomparable fear filled his eyes. He evidently was familiar with Yaoyao's identity and origin.

Most importantly, he felt a chilling intent from Yaoyao's indifferent voice.

“Supreme sovereign…” countless thoughts streamed through Zhao XIansun’s mind and he finally spoke.

However, before he finished his sentence, Yaoyao stretched out her slender hand and gently slammed down. 

As that beautiful hand moved, Zhao Xiansun's countenance changed dramatically, because he felt the hand shrouded the entire world and was slamming down with indescribable power. Under that palm, he found he was no longer able to control the Genesis Qi within his body. 

He was horrified to find that he, a high and mighty Law Domain expert, seemed to have become crippled.  


As the slender jade descended, the clone of Zhao Xiansun, who pushed Zhou Yuan to a tragic state, instantly turned into ashes that filled the sky.


And when Zhao Xiansun’s clone was crushed into ashes, his true body that was locked in a fierce battle with Chi Jing was also affected. He spurted a jet of blood and his entire right arm completely vanished.

A rush of painful sensation shot through him and his face twisted fiercely. Then, he let out a low growl from his throat. 

He knew he was going to lose.

The arm clone was destroyed and he basically lost an arm. This would undoubtedly lead to flaws in his cultivation and he even more unlikely would reach the Saint stage, which he already had slim hopes of achieving!

How would he not be enraged that his future was ruined!?

But no matter how furious he was, he could only look at the girl in azure dress with a darkened face because he knew about the girl’s identity. Even supreme sovereign Wan Zu couldn’t do anything to her, let alone him. 

While his heart was filled with fury, he saw the girl’s clear eyes pierced through space and locked on his real body.  

Zhao Xiansun's heart trembled with terror. She isn’t satisfied with killing my clone? She even wants to destroy my real body!

It was as though they had enmity between them!

This perhaps was because he called Zhou Yuan’s life worthless earlier.

She wants to get revenge for Zhou Yuan?

"She has such an identity but she would do that for a mere Zhou Yuan?!" Zhao Xiansun was abnormally furious. Although Zhou Yuan is talented, he is only at the Nascent Source stage. He is not qualified to intervene in matters that concern the top-level of all-heavens. But the girl with the terrifying origin wants to protect such an ant-like being!

Zhao Xiansun ceased his rambling thoughts and retreated frantically. He dared not to fight Chi Jing anymore. 

But just as he retreated, the surrounding space suddenly dimmed and an indescribably majestic power sealed that side of the world. When Zhao Xiansun raised his head, his soul almost left his body because he saw a tremendous hand pierce through space and slam down at him.  

The huge hand was covered with millions of light runes, each of which radiated a majestic power as if formed since the beginning of the world.

With a horrified face, Zhao Xiansun rapidly opened his Law Domain without any hesitation. A giant falcon shadow swiftly formed in the Law Domain and dived down towards the huge hand.


However, as the huge hand descended, the giant falcon that even Chi Jing couldn’t destroy with full-strength attacks, exploded instantly, along with his Law Domain.


Zhao Xiansun's hair was disheveled and blood spurted wildly out his body. He looked very tragic.

But his eyes were filled with fear. The power was too strong, to the extent that he couldn’t withstand!

“Supreme sovereigns, save me!” He could only let out a sharp scream for help.

Just as the huge hand was about to envelop Zhao Xiansun, a light sigh resounded and a huge lotus flower grew below Zhao Xiansun’s body. Then, countless Saint runes emerged on the several lotus petals.


The lotus collided with the divine hand, causing countless voids to collapse and several mini domains destroyed. 

In the end, the two terrifyingly powerful forces dissipated.

The huge hand and the light lotus disappeared without a trace, and only Zhao Xiansun stood there with disheveled hair and horror-filled eyes. It seemed he survived but was still in a panicked state and hadn’t yet recovered.

But no one paid attention to him anymore. In the chaos current outside the void, Cang Yuan, Wan Zu, Zhuan Zhu, and supreme sovereign Yao Gui halted their battles and stared at the girl on the mountain summit with complicated expressions. 

At the same time, gazes from all-heavens were cast over there.

The world fell silent and no one spoke.  

"Thank you for your mercy,” said supreme sovereign Wan Zu with a solemn expression. 

“I showed mercy not because you want to protect him but because someone will deal with him in the future." Yaoyao’s indifferent voice resounded from the mountain summit. The voice caused the world to ripple.

Supreme sovereign was silent for a moment before he glanced at Zhou Yuan. How could he not tell Yaoyao was talking about Zhou Yuan.

However, he didn't comment on this. Zhao Xiansun was a top figure at the Law Domain stage, and although Zhou Yuan was talented, it would take him a long time to reach the level where he could compete with Zhao Xiansun.

What he was more concerned with was that his plan had completely failed with Yaoyao's awakening.

This was because Yaoyao had regained her consciousness and they could anger her if they were to continue with their plan. At that time, if something happened that would lead to their only hope to shatter, it would be too late to regret it then.

So, even if supreme sovereign Wan Zu stubbornly persisted to continue with their plan, not many other supreme sovereigns would support him.   

Therefore, he could only end everything regretfully. But Yaoyao fixed her cold eyes on him and said, "You don't want me to wake up?”

Although she was in deep sleep, she was still able to perceive the many things happening in the world.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t respond.

In Yaoyao's body was a constantly changing ray of light and a terrifying power surged across the world.


Cang Yuan's voice timely resounded. Looking at Yaoyao, he said, "The matter is over, no need to get angry.”

Yaoyao turned to Cang Yuan and pondered for a while. Finally, she gently nodded and the terrifying power gradually faded.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t thank Cang Yuan and instead said coldly, "Cang Yuan, I hope your path will succeed. Otherwise you will become the sinner of all-heavens.”

"I don't know if my path will be successful, but I know your path won’t work.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu snorted coldly without retorting. With a wave of his sleeve, he brought up Zhao Xiansun and the people from the Wanzu Region and left.

Supreme sovereign Yaogui also disappeared.   

Everyone also retracted their gazes, but they understood that the shock caused by this event would lead to great disturbances. At the very least, it would no longer be peaceful in the Omega Shrine.

Cang Yuan, Zhuan Zhu and the others didn’t immediately descend into the domain because they wanted to give Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao some time first.

Zhou Yuan also felt the mighty power and aura fade.   

He gazed at the girl in astonishment. He couldn’t help marvelling at the frightening power emanating from her body, even if there were just tiny wisps left.  

Moreover, when that mighty power was surging before, Yaoyao felt unfamiliar to him.

It was at that moment when Yaoyao who was hovering above the crystal coffin descended. She lightly stepped on the ground, but when her feet touched the ground, it seemed as though all dust and dirt moved away from her to avoid staining her.

She silently gazed at Zhou Yuan with her clear eyes.

Zhou Yuan also gazed back at her. The atmosphere was stiff for a moment.

But his heart was trembling because he was afraid of something.

But this stiff atmosphere only lasted for a few breaths. Yaoyao pursed her lips and said, "Idiot, what are you looking at?”

The familiar arc of her lips and her voice immediately dragged Zhou Yuan back to reality. As he stared at the face that was imprinted in his mind, countless memories poured to his mind and made Zhou Yuan’s emotions surge violently in his heart again. His eyes reddened and he grinned, "Looking at my wife!”

Then, he courageously stepped forward or rather with a manner that seemed he was risking his life and wrapped his arms tightly around the girl who was stunned for a moment.

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