Chapter 1220 Whose Life is Worthless?

As the azure light streaked across the air, the dangerous aura it released caused stinging pain to Zhou Yuan’s skin. The azure light seemed ordinary but it contained power unique to the Law Domain stage.

It was the Law Domain’s Genesis Qi!    

Only by opening up a Law Domain and using the Law Domain to nurture one’s Genesis Qi would the two merge to form a new power that would be stronger and more mysterious than simple Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan would no doubt choose to avoid such a terrifying attack in ordinary times. Although he might not be able to withstand an attack of the Law Domain stage, he could evade it easily.

But he couldn’t do that this time.    

Yaoyao was right behind him.   

Zhao Xiansun likely wished he would move aside so he could put out the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

Therefore, he couldn’t retreat!    

He would rather die than retreat 

A red light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes and his face twisted fiercely. He stamped his feet, and the Saint Glass light around him pulsed frantically. Mighty power gathered in his palm to transform into a blazing sun. At the same time, he balled his hand into a fist and thrust out. 

White hair gushed out from under his skin and enveloped his hand like a glove. Then, it suddenly turned black. 

The Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings erupted with million light rays and Genesis Qi rushed out like a torrent, moving between his limbs and bones.


Incomparable strength collided with the azure light along with Zhou Yuan’s punch.

Zhou Yuan reeled back from the impact and the hair around his fist broke apart and turned to powder almost instantly. With each step, he left a deep imprint in the rocky ground.

Additionally, blood gushed from his arm, and soon, his flesh cracked open and hideous wounds appeared one after another. 

Zhou Yuan was wounded in the collision!

But the azure light hadn’t shattered and only dimmed a little.

Zhao Xiansun curled a corner of his lips mockingly. "A mantis trying to stop a chariot.”

Zhou Yuan had already gone through a fierce battle and so his condition wasn’t perfect. Therefore, it would be foolish to try to withstand an attack from someone at the Law Domain stage. 

With a flick of his finger, the azure light that had dimmed suddenly erupted in a blaze of light before shooting towards Zhou Yuan like a fish.

The azure light rapidly enlarged before Zhou Yuan. He could feel the power contained within the azure light was much stronger than before.

Evidently, Zhao Xiansun had a strong killing intent towards Zhou Yuan.

But even so, Zhou Yuan still didn't move aside. Instead, the fierce light in his eyes grew even stronger.

“Heavenly Punishment!” Zhou Yuan roared, stepping forward.


An invisible wave of energy spread out from Zhou Yuan's body and rapidly expanded.

Hundred-feet Law Domain!   

The Law Domain, which used to be around one foot, had grown to one hundred feet as Zhou Yuan reached the Nascent Source stage. Although it was still pitifully small compared with a true Law Domain, the power it contained shouldn’t be underestimated.


Zhao Xiansun's expression changed dramatically and shock filled his eyes when the one hundred feet Law Domain appeared.

“Law Domain?! No, a Law Domain shouldn’t be that small...but it indeed undulates like a Law Domain!”

Zhao Xiansun's eyes flashed rapidly. One could indeed open up a Law Domain once one’s Nascent Source was cultivated to its peak, but that would only be considered a pseudo Law Domain and not a true Law Domain, though it still possessed the power of a real Law Domain. But Zhou Yuan was only at the advanced Nascent Source stage and there should be a long distance till he reached that level.

“Could it be a Saint object…did supreme sovereign Cang Yuan give him it? He’s so generous to Zhou Yuan.”

As thoughts crossed Zhao Xiansun's mind, the Law Domain expanded and Zhou Yuan punched out again. This time, Genesis Qi roared out like a dragon, and as it passed through the hundred-feet Law Domain, it seemed to be strengthened by some kind of power and underwent a certain change.

The Genesis Qi became much more condensed, and upon a closer look, there seemed to be countless crystal scales.

Zhou Yuan was also surprised by the sudden change, but he soon understood that the Genesis Qi refined by the Law Domain somewhat resembled true Law Domain Genesis Qi. 

Of course, in terms of grade, there was still a gap compared to Zhao Xiansun's Law Domain Genesis Qi.

After all, Zhao Xiansun’s Law Domain stretched across thousands of miles, while his was only a mere one hundred feet. It was only normal for there to be a difference.


The crystal-like Genesis Qi dragon collided with the azure light once again, and this time, it managed to obstruct it, causing terrifying shock wave rage across the air. In the end, both were annihilated at the same time.


Zhou Yuan breathed in frantically and his face became a little pale. The previous blow consumed more of his strength than the nine Sky Severing Sword Lights. He only managed to block Zhao Xiansun’s attack by counterattacking with all his strength. 


Zhao Xiansun’s eyes widened in surprise and he clapped his hands admiringly. “Zhou Yuan, I’m impressed you could block an attack of my clone even if you’re only at the Nascent Source stage. I’m really surprised.”

His applause faded and he slowly lifted his hand, palm facing upwards.

The corners of his lips curved in a ruminative smile because there were nine beams of azure light slowly rising from his palm.  

The power contained in each one wasn’t any weaker than the previous one.

His clone wasn’t an ordinary clone because it was transformed from his arm. In other words, if the clone was destroyed, he could lose his arm forever. It was unknown what amount of time and energy were required to repair it. 

Zhou Yuan felt powerless when he saw the nine azure lights rising. He already had to exhaust all his strength to withstand one, how could he stop nine at the same time? 

Zhao Xiansun didn’t give Zhou Yuan any chance to rest. With a flick of his fingers, the nine light beams entwined with one another. Dragging its long tail, it pierced through space and shot directly towards Zhou Yuan..

Destruction descended. 

“Get lost now and I will spare your worthless life.”  Zhao Xiansun's indifferent voice resounded.

Zhou Yuan stared ferociously at Zhao Xiansun. He frantically circulated all his Genesis Qi and stood tall like an iron tower to protect the crystal coffin behind him.

"If you want to destroy the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, you have to step over on my corpse first!

“You can't kill me, I will come kill you when I reach the Law Domain stage!” Zhou Yuan laughed sinisterly.

He wanted to anger Zhao Xiansun and make him vent his anger on him instead. That way he could buy time for Yaoyao to awaken.

Zhao Xiansun's expression remained indifferent as he launched the nine light beams that were filled with destructive power at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan let out a fierce roar and erupted with all his power. He directly charged towards the nine light beams as if decided to fight to his death.

Zhou Yuan would no doubt die in that collision, but he wasn’t in the least afraid.

Everything seemed to frost for a moment before the collision.

But just as Zhou Yuan thought he would no doubt die while he waited for the earth-shattering destructive power to engulf him, he saw a fair hand, shrouded in sacred and pure light, stretching out from behind his shoulder.

The slender hand gently clenched and the nine light beams were in her grip and crushed with one hand!

Zhao Xiansun’s expression changed fiercely!    

At the same time, a cold and faint voice came from behind.

“Whose life did you say is worthless!?”  

Zhou Yuan felt struck by lightning when that voice fell in his ears.

This was because that voice was very familiar, so familiar that it felt engraved in his bones and heart.

He turned his head stiffly and saw a familiar figure had unknowingly appeared above the crystal coffin. She stood bare-footed in the air and her long silk-like hair cascaded down to her waist.

Even if Zhou Yuan had a tough mind, tears welled in his eyes.

Yaoyao, you’re finally awaken.    

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