Chapter 1219 Endless Difficulties

The nine rainbow sword lights streaked across the air as though splitting the world apart, and collided directly with the mountain-river seal that was descending.


Million beams of light erupted from the collision and the entire domain shook violently. Mountains collapsed, ground cracked, the area within thousands of miles could be seen beginning to split from above.

All objects shattered to power under the Genesis Qi shock waves that swept across the area.

All gazes were fixed on the source of the collision.

The mountain-river seal only quivered a little when the first Sky Severing Sword Light struck, and soon, the sword light broke to pieces.

But as the second, third and more Sky Severing Sword Light continued to strike down, the mountain-river seal began to vibrate.


A slight crack emerged on the seal.

Rays of sword light were constantly annihilated.

It was when the 7th sword light struck that the mountain-river seal was covered with cracks.

The eighth sword light struck down. 


Many people’s pupils shrank when they saw the mountain-river seal exploded to pieces. But the broken fragments transformed into huge mountains and rivers and crashed down like a meteor shower.


When the ninth rainbow sword light whizzed past, all mountains and rivers vanished.

The tremendous movement stopped abruptly, and as the terrifying Genesis Qi shock waves dissipated, the sky also became empty.

The nine rays of rainbow sword light and the mountain-river seal faded at the same time.

The world fell silent.   

One after another, gazes shifted to the mountain summit as well as the two stilled figures hovering in space.

Zhou Yuan's face was devoid of expression, but his eyes were still very sharp and the Genesis Qi circulating around his body had weakened. Even with his present Genesis Qi foundation, the nine Sky Severing Sword Lights still exhausted him.

But fortunately, the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings was rapidly swallowing universe Genesis Qi and recovering at a speed superior to that at the Heavenly Sun stage. 

He stared at the figure above.  

Lu Tai's figure was glued to the spot and his gaze was fixed on Zhou Yuan. He suddenly covered his mouth with his hand as coughed up blood. His face blanched with horror and his Genesis Qi rapidly faded.

A sign he was severely wounded.   

The ninth sword light seemed to have faded but had actually pierced through space and inflicted him severely. 

“What sharp and overbearing sword lights,” uttered Lu Tai hoarsely.

He looked bitter because if he hadn’t suppressed Zhao Yuefu and the others, he would be in perfect condition and his extra 20% power could be used to utterly defeat Zhou Yuan, who was similarly in an exhausted state.

But he lost and there was no use saying anything else.

Lu Tai slowly hovered up, which was the boundary’s power trying to expel him. He could resist the force before because of his powerful Genesis Qi foundation, but now he could only helplessly watch the boundary throw him out.

As Lu Tai vanished from the boundary, shock filled everyone’s eyes.

"Lu Tai has been kicked out…"

The result was unexpected to everyone. After all, Lu Tai had been on the Nascent Source List for several years. When he made a name for himself in Hunyuan heaven, Zhou Yuan was still playing in some unknown corner.

But Lu Tao was pushed out the boundary.

Although this was due to his imperfect condition, Zhou Yuan was still only a new Nascent Source stage expert!

Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan stared dumbfounded at the scene, especially Xue Qinglong. Her face flushed as she looked at Zhou Yuan because she realized how ridiculous what she previously said was.

She was extremely prideful and felt that Zhou Yuan wasn't good enough to participate in a battle between perfect Nascent Source experts. But the fact told her that she was too short-sighted.  

As Zhou Yuan watched Lu Tai leave, his tensed body began to relax. That should be the last danger right?  

He dragged his somewhat heavy body to the sea of flowers and stood as straight as a wall to shield the person inside the crystal coffin from the violent storms coming from all directions. 

In a chaotic current outside the domain. 

The four Saints each wore different expressions in response to the result of the battle.

Cang Yuan and Zhuan Zhu breathed a sigh of relief. Zhou Yuan indeed didn’t disappoint them.

On the other hand, supreme sovereign Wan Zu and supreme sovereign Yaogui fell silent for a short period.

They presumably were annoyed that Zhou Yuan ruined their plan again even if Zhou Yuan’s strength was almost the same as an ant’s in their eyes.

There wasn’t a hint of joy or anger on supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s face, but a light flashed across the depths of his eyes. 



Two Law Domains collided and indescribably berserk Genesis Qi gathered to form waves of earth-shattering offensive.

An immortal falcon shadow whizzed past with a sharp screech. The immortal falcon had cloud wings and exuded an ancient and wild aura, like a strange creature born in the wilderness.  

Zhao Xiansun was sat expressionless on the giant falcon’s head as thousand wind blades roared towards him from the Wind God Domain. The power of every blade of wind was equal to the full strength attack of Zhao Yuan or Lu Tai. 

The giant falcon spread its wings and endured the wind blade attack.

While locked in a fierce battle, Zhao Xiansun knitted his brows and glanced over at Zhou Yuan’s direction. All Nascent Source stage battles had ended.

It seemed no one could stop the Ancestral Dragon Lantern from burning.

“That kid.”  

Zhao Xiansun's eyes flashed coldly. He extremely disliked Zhou Yuan not because of his identity but because he had repeatedly ruined the Wanzu Region’s plan.

The glory in Guyuan Heaven should have belonged to the Wanzu Region, but it ended up on an ignorant boy. 

"I didn't want to pay attention to a lowly ant like you, but if you keep jumping around like that, you can’t blame others for getting rid of you.” Zhao Xiansun’s eyes flashed and the giant falcon sped towards Chi Jing.

Meanwhile, he stepped forward and headed towards Zhou Yuan.

"Zhao Xiansun, you don't have any shame!”

Chi Jing immediately noticed his sudden action. She sneered, and an azure bead floated up from the top of her head.  


Blades of wind whizzed out from within the bead like real objects and destroyed everything where it passed, as if contained destructive power.

Even the giant falcon was engulfed and immediately tore apart, producing screeching noise.

At the same time, Chi Jing curled two fingers and soared into the sky. 


A stream of azure light brushed past her fingertips. The light seemed to contain indescribable power and destroyed everything as it flashed.

At the same time, Zhao Xiansun's countenance changed abruptly.

A stream of azure light forcibly passed by him. 

Blood splattered in all directions and Zhao Xiansun's arm broke apart. But where it snapped was as smooth as a mirror.

"Chi Jing!" Zhao Xiansun shot a fierce stare in Chi Jing’s direction.

“I am your opponent!” Chi Jing smiled coldly.  

“You’re at the Law Domain stage but you want to attack a Nascent Source expert?”    

Zhao Xiansun said, "You either win or lose, who cares what means is used?!”

"I won't let you go over there,” said Chi Jing indifferently.

“Is that so?” Zhao Xiansun curled his lips in a strange smile.

Chi Jing's heart trembled because she felt something was wrong. She quickly calmed herself and found that the arm she severed from Zhao Xiansun was speeding across the air. It pierced through their Law Domains towards the huge mountain where the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was. 

“Severed arm clone?!” Chi Jing immediately tried to stop it.

But Zhao Xiansun activated his Law Domain and launched endless destructive offensives at her to obstruct her.

This was because he saw a severed arm appear in the void ahead. The arm squirmed and transformed into a figure identical to Zhao Xiansun.

It was a clone of Zhao Xiansun.    

But even if it was just a clone, the power it possessed was far more powerful than Zhou Yuan’s!

Zhao Xiansun’s clone peered down condescendingly at Zhou Yuan, who was standing tensely. However, he didn’t say anything and curled two fingers and pointed downwards.

A beam of azure light erupted from his fingertips. The light beam was no thicker than an arm but there seemed to be a falcon shadow hovering inside. Although its momentum didn’t seem particularly impressive, Zhou Yuan’s expression changed dramatically when he saw the azure light shoot over. 

This was because the dangerous aura it brought was several times more terrifying than any of Lu Tai’s full-strength attacks!

As the azure light descended, there seemed to be an aura of death gushing over.

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