Chapter 1217 Ninety Billion

“I am Celestial Hand Lu Tai, ranked third on the Nascent Source List…"

As Zhou Yuan stared solemnly at the figure with fish-like eyes, his whole body tensed up a little. Although he hadn’t been at the Nascent Source stage for long, he was very familiar with the figures on Hunyuan Heaven’s Nascent Source List. He of course recognized the person in front of him.

Lu Tai was a figure who carried significant weight in Wanzu Region’s Nascent Source stage. His status was similar to Zhao Mushen and Wang Xuanyang at the Heavenly Sun stage.

Zhou Yuan could feel an extremely dangerous aura exuding from Lu Tai's body.

Although Lu Tao was at the perfect Nascent Source stage, he was much stronger than Song Huang.

He could be said to be at the pinnacle level in Hunyuan Heaven’s Nascent Source stage.

It was obvious that supreme sovereign Wan Zu made considerable planning to bring such a person into the domain and even sacrificed four Nascent Source experts.

Moreover, Lu Tai used a thunderous means the moment he appeared and directly suppressed  Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan with one palm strike.

Of course, that palm was incredibly powerful because it not only contained Lu Tai's power, but also other Nascent Source experts. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Lu Tai to suppress three perfect Nascent Source experts, which included Zhao Yuefu, even if he was ranked third on the Nascent Source List. 

After all, Zhao Yuefu wasn’t an ordinary person. Although his ranking on the Nascent Source List wasn’t as high as Lu Tai, he was still at the top ten.  

"It seems you’re supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s last hope,” said Zhou Yuan indifferently. 

He could feel there were no more cracks in the boundary that enveloped the domain following Lu Tai’s appearance and there was unlikely going to be more opponents entering the battlefield.

Lu Tai said indifferently, “It’s already enough.”  

“But your Genesis Qi foundation has been weakened a little,” said Zhou Yuan.    

He could feel the terrifying Genesis Qi circulating around Lu Tai’s body wasn’t as smooth as before. 

“Although the previous palm strike was strong, it has temporarily slashed my strength by 20%." Lu Tai didn’t try to hide anything. Then he stared at Zhou Yuan with his fish-like eyes. “Perhaps you think this is your chance?”

He strode forward while speaking.   


The sky suddenly changed color as mighty Genesis Qi rolled in like an endless ocean of Genesis Qi was surging behind Lu Tao. It brought boundless oppressive pressure to the area. 

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank rapidly. As the pressure gushed towards him, he could feel tingling pain in his Saint Glass Body.  

“90 billion…”   

What shocked Zhou Yuan the most was that Lu Tai’s Genesis Qi foundation was around the level of 90 billion! 

This was after his foundation was weakened by 20%, which means his Genesis Qi foundation was over one hundred billion in his complete state!

Zhou Yuan quivered a little. Is this the strength of a top perfect Nascent Source expert?!

He was stronger than Zhou Yuan by 20 billion!

He could simply crush Zhou Yuan! 

Lu Tai stood tall with his hands clasped behind his back as the space around him constantly disintegrated, as though unable to bear the pressure brought by his Genesis Qi. Even if the ground was tens of thousand feet below, it still cracked constantly and produced sorrowful wails.  

"Zhou Yuan, you have made great accomplishments in Guyuan Heaven and the entire Hunyuan Heaven owes you a lot. So I advise you to know your strength and place,” said Lu Tai. 

Zhou Yuan had made the universe Genesis Qi in Hunyuan Heaven stronger and purer for the next thousands of years. Therefore, what Lu Tao said was correct. However, in a conflict between the two regions, Lu Tai would still stand on the Wanzu Regions’s side without any hesitation.

Zhou Yuan's eyes drooped as he said, "If I didn’t know my strength, would I have gone up against Jia Tu from the Sacred Race?”

At that time, Jia Tu appeared much stronger than Zhou Yuan. 

Lu Tai was a little taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s response. He didn’t say anything but his eyes turned fierce and cold. 

Since we can’t reach an agreement, let’s express our opinions with our fists.


Zhou Yuan was the first to act. With one step, he appeared in front of Lu Tai like a ghost, balled his hand into a fist and punched out.  

That punch not only erupted his Saint Glass Body’s strength to the extreme, Genesis Qi also roared out and a faint azure-gold dragon shadow hovered above, emitting a majestic aura.

Snow-white hair rushed out, covering his fist like a glove, and soon turned a deep black color.

The seemingly ordinary punch combined all of Zhou Yuan’s powers. 

Lu Tai carefully watched the scene with his fish-like eyes and marvelled slightly, “It’s remarkable that you could perform such a punch with Nascent Source stage strength. You are indeed amazing. When you reach the perfect Nascent Source stage, you would no doubt be at the top level in all-heavens.

“But unfortunately…this is in the future.”    

Lu Tai opened his hand and mighty Genesis Qi rapidly converged in his palm, forming an ancient tortoise shield. 

The tortoise shell was mottled and seemed to have survived countless years.


However, the seemingly fragile tortoise shield quivered and rippled violently as Zhou Yuan’s punch landed on it. A terrifying force erupted. Lu Tai’s body only quivered a little whereas Zhou Yuan was blasted away.  

Zhou Yuan was propelled thousands of feet across the air before he forcibly steadied himself. The blood and qi within his body surged frantically, and blood even seeped through his pores. If it weren’t for his tough body, his entire arm would have burst apart from the rebounding force.  

He peered down at the dark hair breaking apart around his fist and his expression grew increasingly solemn.

His punch couldn’t shake Lu Tai in the slightest, which highlighted the huge difference in strength between them. 

"If that’s all you have, don't waste everyone's time." Lu Tai sighed, seemingly disappointed with Zhou Yuan, who was known to have created miracles at the Heavenly Sun stage.

“Move aside, let me go destroy the Ancestral Dragon Lantern and finish the task early.”

A fierce murderous rage filled Zhou Yuan’s originally calm face. "I have worked so hard for today. You think I would let you put out the Ancestral Dragon Lantern? I will kill you instead!”

Lu Tai looked indifferent, as though listening to a joke.

Zhou Yuan didn’t seem to care about his reaction. He landed on a lofty mountain and slowly clenched his hand.

“Heavenly Yuan Brush, Promotion!”   

Ancient Genesis Runes bloomed from Zhou Yuan’s palm. At the same time, his imposing bearing soared dramatically.

Lu Tai suddenly shuddered!

This was because he could sense that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was rising dramatically at an unimaginable speed...

75 billion…78 billion…82 billion…85 billion!

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation skyrocketed by 10 billion in a short period!

Feeling the Genesis Qi soaring in his body, Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. The increase from this promotion was only 10 billion, which was around one-seventh of his Genesis Qi foundation. But when he was at the Heavenly Sun stage, the Promotion rune could increase his foundation by almost one-third.

Of course, the quantity of the increase between the two shouldn’t be compared.

But Zhou Yuan was in no mood to think about this because there was still a gap between Lu Tai’s 85 billion Genesis Qi foundation and his! 

Therefore, his increase wasn’t enough!  

With an indifferent look, Zhou Yuan dropped to one knee and pressed his palm against the ground. 

Earth Saint Rune!   

Mountains quaked and huge ripples spread out from Zhou Yuan until they were out of sight. 

Incomparably heavy earth Genesis Qi gushed into Zhou Yuan’s body. Zhou Yuan could at most withstand a few hundred million Genesis Qi stars in the past, but now that he possessed the Saint Glass Body, he could withstand much more .

He gained a full 5 billion increase from the Earth Saint Rune!

His Genesis Qi foundation reached 90 billion!

This level was comparable to that of top perfect Nascent Source experts!    

The 90 billion Genesis Qi stars rushed into the sky, attracting astonished gazes with its frightening momentum. 

Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan, who were pinned underneath a mountain, also stared at Zhou Yuan with their mouths wide open.

They had never seen such a terrifying person at the advanced Nascent Source stage!

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