Chapter 1216 Lu Tai Joins

As sword cries resounded one after another, an indescribably sharp qi began to rise and condense, as if forming a sea of sword qi. Every corner was shrouded in that sword qi.

Song Huang's complexion also changed. His body tensed up and shock filled his face because he could feel an aura that made his hair stand on end within the sky of sword qi.

Such an offensive would pose a great threat to him!

It was at that moment when a ray of rainbow light burst out from the top of Zhou Yuan’s skull. As it swayed, it transformed into four rays of sword light that quietly suspended in the air. 

The four rainbow sword lights appeared even more stunning under the sunlight. It was just that their beauty concealed fatal danger. 

After Zhou Yuan reached the Nascent Source stage, the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light that he barely could summon before had improved tremendously!

Moreover, the four sword lights resembled four rainbow glass swords. Even if they were suspended quietly in the air. The void couldn’t bear its piercingly sharp sword qi and constantly cracked in various places.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and stared at the four rainbow sword lights. He could feel the difference between them and the ones he used when he was at the Heavenly Sun stage. The two weren’t on the same level at all. 

“A Saint Genesis art indeed only begins to display its true power after I reach the Nascent Source stage.” 

Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered over to Song Huang, whose gaze became guarded, and gently flicked his fingers. 

The four rays of sword lights swayed again before vanishing.

But Song Huang's complexion changed abruptly, as if facing a powerful enemy.

He frantically retreated at full speed, creating sonic booms and waves of qi. 

However, it was at that moment that the space around him rippled and four rays of rainbow sword light flashed over, sealing the area from different directions. They all pointed at Song Huang!

They completely blocked Song Huang’s escape routes!

His face turned ashen and then he suddenly folded his hands together.


An ancient light tower appeared around him. It quickly shrank and enveloped him like a strange armor. 

At the same time, a Nascent Source appeared above him. It opened its mouth and spewed out a mighty torrent of Genesis Qi, forming a solid Genesis Qi defense around Song Huang within seconds.

The small area around him was filled with countless defenses.

Evidently, Song Huang didn’t dare to act carelessly in the face of the four rainbow sword lights.

The four sword lights rapidly neared.


As the rainbow sword lights neared, the countless Genesis Qi defenses within that inch of space melted away in an instant like snow coming into contact with lava. They failed to obstruct the sword lights at all.

The Genesis Qi defenses were melted within seconds. 


A ray of rainbow sword light slashed down, striking the armor around Song Huang.


The armor rippled as cracks rapidly appeared.

Song Huang's countenance changed dramatically. His light tower armor was his strongest defense yet it cracked under the power of one sword light. 


Before Song Huang could think deeper about it, the other three rays of sword light approached one after another and slashed at the vital parts of his body. 

As sharp and clear clangs continued to ring in the air, increasingly more cracks appeared all over Song Huang’s armor. Eventually, it burst to pieces as it reached its limit.


Song Huang’s body blasted backwards!   


His figure drew a white line across the air before he crashed into the mountains. Boulders tumbled down and mountain peaks collapsed one after another as a result.  

Song Huang was directly buried.    

Everyone inside and outside the domain stilled for a moment. 

No one could believe that it wasn’t Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, or Yi Yan who repeatedly defeated the enemies but it was Zhou Yuan, who had just reached the Nascent Source stage.  

Xue Qinglong pressed his mouth tightly as she stared at Zhou Yuan with a solemn gaze. Although they were surprised when Zhou Yuan previously defeated the three advanced Nascent Source experts, the sight of him defeating Song Huang made them forget everything they saw before. 

Song Huang wasn’t ranked as high as them on the Nascent Source List but he wasn’t weak. Even so, Zhou Yuan overwhelmingly defeated him.

She fell silent and sighed weakly in her heart. 

She had never seen such an abnormal advanced Nascent Source expert. 

Fortunately, this was good news to them.

Even a strange light flashed across Chi Jing’s and Zhao Xiansun’s eyes and they each wore a different expression. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu watched this scene indifferently but an icy-cold expression flashed across the depths of his eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s unpredictability was infuriating.  

"Can't continue to drag on the battle. The Ancestral Dragon Lantern’s burning speed is faster than I thought. Cang Yuan must have done something. It’s amazing that he can accelerate the Ancestral Dragon Lantern’s burning rate...”

Although Cang Yuan had held back a trick or two, he also had made some preparations.

A wisp of thought of his penetrated the void.


A stream of light shot out from the collapsed boulders. Song Huang was dripping with blood and looking very tragic. The hideous sword wound on his chest continued to release sword qi that corroded his body.

The three perfect Nascent Source experts in a battle with Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan also suddenly stopped and withdrew from the battle.

Their expressions changed abruptly, as though they received some kind of message.

Without much hesitation, they drew a deep breath and folded their hands in a seal. 


The four’s body suddenly set into flames and their flesh began to burn.

Zhao Yuefu and the others were dumbstruck as to why the opponents would suddenly burn themselves!

Zhou Yuan also knitted his brows in a frown. Although he had wounded Song Huang with his sword light, it wasn’t enough to destroy his body. What are those guys trying to do?

The four Nascent Source experts’ bodies quickly incinerated into nothing. Then, four dimmed Nascent Source soared into the sky and vanished from the domain. 

It was also at that moment when Zhou Yuan and the others sensed a sudden change in the boundary.

Immediately afterwards, a dangerous aura gushed down. 

Zhou Yuan sharply lifted his head and fixed his eyes on a figure trapped in the boundary.

The figure exuded an extremely dangerous aura and the boundary that froze around him was split open slightly by a mysterious external force. 

That wasn’t the most terrifying thing. An endless stream of terrifying Genesis Qi was gathering on the figure’s palm.  

Following along the stream of Genesis Qi to the source, one would find all the other Nascent Source experts who were trapped. 

He could gather the Genesis Qi of other people!

“Celestial Hand, Lu Tai!”   

Zhao Yuefu and the others all turned ashen.    

Did the other four people sacrifice their bodies to bring Lu Tao onto the battlefield?!”

But before they could panic, the boundary around Lu Tai rippled and relaxed and his figure descended through a crack. At the same time, he turned over his palm that accumulated the Genesis Qi of several Nascent Source experts and slammed down! 


The sky and ground quaked as the palm formed a colourful lofty mountain.

It released indescribable power and aura. 


The giant colorful mountain crashed down and appeared directly above Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan.

The three’s countenance changed abruptly and they unhesitatingly erupted all their Genesis Qi in an attempt to endure Lu Tai’s terrifying suppression, which was made up from the Genesis Qi of several Nascent Source experts. 

But it was no use. 

As the giant colorful mountain descended, the three’s defenses were completely destroyed and the three were pinned beneath the mountain. Only their dust-covered heads stuck out.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank uncontrollably when he saw this scene.  

The three strongest Nascent Source experts from the Tianyuan Region were suppressed in seconds! 

That person is that terrifying!?   

Both the inside and outside of the domain fell silent with Lu Tao’s appearance. All gazes were on the descending figure, except that the people from the Tianyuan Region looked glum while everyone on the Wanzu Region’s side revealed a smile.

The battle was full of twists and turns.  

Under several gazes, Lu Tai descended from the sky and lifted his fish-like eyes, staring intently at Zhou Yuan. His indifferent voice rang out, “Zhou Yuan, you have earned enough prestige, so…

“Move aside now. Don't make me crush all the prestige that you have worked so hard to obtain.”

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