Chapter 1215 Song Huang


While Zhou Yuan’s voice was still reverberating in the sky, Song Huang threw his head back and laughed wildly. After a while, a fierce look crossed his face as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “You’re so arrogant. You think you can behave arrogantly in front of me because you defeated those three small fish?” 


As he stepped forward, universe Genesis Qi pulsed frantically, and a pillar of light erupted from the top of his head. There, a Nascent Source loomed. 

It was 8.3 inches in size!   

A true perfect Nascent Source! 

Moreover, it was obvious from the fluctuation of his Genesis Qi that his Genesis Qi foundation was around the level of 78 billion.

His Genesis Qi foundation was higher than Zhou Yuan’s by 4 billion.

However, 4 billion shouldn’t be underestimated because Zhou Yuan’s foundation was that amount when he was at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Sun stage. The difference between them equaled his Genesis Qi foundation back then, which showed how much deeper the water at the Nascent Source stage was compared to the Heavenly Sun stage.  

“Zhou Yuan, you are indeed talented. I’m surprised you have such a Genesis Qi foundation with just a 6-inch Nascent Source. Even I might lose to you in the future!

“But not now!”    

Song Huang stared fiercely at Zhou Yuan with a hint of jealousy and mockery in his eyes. He was envious of Zhou Yuan’s talent and foundation but mocked him for his arrogance. After all, there was still a gap in cultivation level between the two.

He believed he could suppress Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan didn’t respond. His expression remained indifferent. His Nascent Source loomed above his head, a sign that all the Genesis Qi within his body was fully circulated. He clearly understood that Song Huang was much stronger than the previous three, so he had no intention of holding back his strength.

His skin glowed with Saint glass light, making him appear sacred.

Song Huang snorted when Zhou Yuan ignored him. He knew it was useless to say anything more, and they had to fight head-on.

As Song Huang stepped forward, universe Genesis Qi surged frantically, and a huge shadow descended from the sky. A thousand-foot stone tower covered with ancient runes began to swallow universe Genesis Qi. 

“Spirit Suppressing Tower!” 

The Genesis Qi that Song Huang cultivated was called the Emperor Tower Qi, which was ranked grade-7, but grade-7 Genesis Qi was far superior in his hands than in the hands of a Heavenly Sun expert.  


The stone tower crashed down where Zhou Yuan stood, causing boulders to tumble down the towering mountain.


It was also at that moment when a deafening dragon roar resounded across the world, and the stone tower crashing down suddenly shook violently. Then, a huge dragon claw slammed into the tower and crushed the walls. Loud booms continued to ring across the world as the dragon claw repeatedly bombarded the tower until it cracked and crumbled. 

When the stone tower was completely destroyed, an azure-gold dragon hovered above them, and Zhou Yuan stood with his arms hanging by his side. 

The azure-gold dragon was covered with dragon scales like a real dragon, and the power it exuded spread across the world like a real substance.

After Zhou Yuan reached the Nascent Source stage, his control of the Heavenly Dragon Qi was much more skilled than before.


Song Huang only coldly snorted when he saw his offensive destroyed. He folded his hands in a seal with lightning speed. Space suddenly rippled, and several towers rapidly emerged one after another. Zhou Yuan counted carefully. There were 99 towers in total!

The 99 stone towers were suspended in the air, blotting out the sun and bringing a great oppressive pressure.


With a wave of his sleeve, Song Huang brought the 99 towers crashing down on Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. The azure-gold dragon he was standing on unleashed a loud roar and soared into the sky, directly meeting the 99 towers with mighty force. 


Bursts of booming sounds echoed throughout the world as Genesis Qi shock waves spread and destroyed everything within the area. 

The two had fully erupted with their Genesis Qi for their offensive.

The battle was much more berserk than all the battles Zhou Yuan had ever experienced.

However, as time passed, Song Huang’s complexion grew pale because the giant dragon formed from Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi had completely blocked his 99 stone towers. Moreover, the dragon claw contained tremendous power that could crush a stone tower with one punch.

“The Genesis Qi that this guy cultivates is extraordinary!”

It should be said that Song Huang’s Genesis Qi foundation was stronger than Zhou Yuan’s by 4 billion. But even so, he didn’t have the upper hand, which meant the grade of Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was higher than his.  

This intensified his jealousy even more.    


When the last stone tower broke to pieces, the azure-gold dragon also couldn’t endure any longer and dispersed as wisps of azure smoke.  

The two were evenly matched.    

Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan were even more stunned by the scene when they cast a glance over to Zhou Yuan’s side. They hadn’t taken Zhou Yuan seriously when he said he could go up against perfect Nascent Source experts, but he indeed had such an ability.

Even though Song Huang was weaker than them, he was still at the perfect Nascent Source stage and possessed a Nascent Source of 8.3 inches. However, he had no advantage over Zhou Yuan, who was at a weaker cultivation level and had a weaker foundation than him. Zhou Yuan’s strength was simply too terrifying. 

However, they breathed an inward sigh of relief after a moment of shock. They felt much less pressure after they learned that Zhou Yuan could last by himself. 

They hoped they could continue to stall for time until the Ancestral Dragon Lantern finished burning. Their mission would finally be completed then. 


Zhou Yuan looked at Song Huang, whose face was overcast, and his eyes blazed with determination. After the previous exchange, he more or less had an idea of his current strength. 

He wouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage against Song Huang, a perfect Nascent Source expert with a Nascent Source of 8.3 inches. But he speculated that if he encountered someone with a Genesis Qi foundation of more than 80 billion, he could be at a disadvantage purely based on Genesis Qi alone. Of course, this was if they completely excluded other means.

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to the mountain summit in the distance, where the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was still burning brightly. His priority now was to buy time.

In truth, it wasn’t difficult to defeat Song Huang, but Zhou Yuan felt something was wrong. Song Huang immediately rushed in when he defeated the three advanced Nascent Source experts, which suggested there could be some sort of connection between them.

Zhou Yuan swept a glance across the huge boundary that enveloped the domain, which should have been caused by the battle between his master and supreme sovereign Wan Zu.

Many people who tried to sneak into the domain had been trapped within the boundary, and among them, Zhou Yuan could detect dangerous auras. 

Would someone stronger than Song Huang come if he defeated Song Huang?

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed and puzzlement filled his heart. He decided that it was better to stall for time using Song Huang.

With this thought, the mighty Genesis Qi circulating around Zhou Yuan faded. 

However, Song Huang sharply noticed the change and said with a smile. “Grand elder Zhou Yuan is indeed clever. It seems you have noticed something, is that right?”

Zhou Yuan’s face was expressionless.  

“You are half right.”   

Song Huang chuckled and explained, “The boundary that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan created limits the number of people entering. Therefore, someone can only enter as a replacement when one of us loses. However, supreme sovereign Wan Zu also set up a certain rule. As time passes, the person who descends will be stronger than the one before. Eventually, even Law Domain experts will descend and completely ruin the balance.”

He stared at Zhou Yuan and said playfully, "In other words, the more you stall for time, the more you will end up in a hopeless situation.

“This actually isn’t a secret because you will soon notice it.”

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. So it was like this. 

He couldn’t stall anymore, and instead, he needed to constantly defeat the descending people with thunderous means. This would destroy the opponents’ momentum and prevent Law Domain experts from descending.

Zhou Yuan glanced up, where the Law Domain experts from both sides were in a fierce battle. They were currently in balance, but that balance would be destroyed if another Law Domain expert joined.

Zhou Yuan could stop Nascent Source experts, but there likely would be little he could do against a Law Domain expert. 


Zhou Yuan sighed and then turned to Song Huang and said indifferently, “If that’s the case, what are you doing here being an eyesore?”

“Arrogant! You still haven’t beaten me yet!” Song Huang’s eyes turned cold.

But Zhou Yuan paid no attention to him anymore. He slowly balled his hands into a fist, and the rainbow gourd in his Divine Dwellings glowed. A clear and resounding sword cry suddenly rang out. 

It was the Rainbow Sky Severing Sword Light! 

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