Chapter 1214 One Injured, Two Escaped

The three advanced Nascent Source experts retreated frantically, and their expressions changed abruptly when Zhou Yuan vanished.

They were already aware of how strong Zhou Yuan was from their previous exchange. His 6.3-inch Nascent Source contained 74 billion Genesis Qi stars, which was much stronger than theirs.

Although the three each possessed a foundation of 60 billion Genesis Qi stars, which was more than Zhou Yuan when combined, it was unfortunate that foundations couldn’t be added together in such a way. Otherwise, wouldn’t thousands of Nascent Source experts be able to defeat a Saint?  

“Let’s join hands to defend!” the bald man roared. He knew that Zhou Yuan would defeat them one by one if they separated. They would only have a chance to withstand Zhou Yuan if they joined forces.

The skinny old man and the beautiful woman moved closer to him without any hesitation.

But they were still too slow.    

As the bald man’s voice faded, the space in front of him suddenly tore apart, and a silhouette shot out and enveloped him with monstrous Genesis Qi. 

“Saint Genesis art, Split Mountains and Rivers!”

Frightening pressure enveloped everything in a mighty manner, making the bald man’s hair stand on end. A feeling of crisis surged to his heart, and he unhesitatingly swung his sword in a wild slash.

He used his strongest attack.

A blade of light slashed through the air like a white dragon, and as it slashed down, countless mountains and rivers seemed to crumble under its tyrannical force.

However, as the blade slashed down, a fist glistening with Saint glass light sped over. The fist seemed ordinary, but the wind blasts it generated caused space to shatter. That terrifying strength, together with the powerful Genesis Qi, made the bald man’s eyelids twitch with fear.


A shrill, metallic clang resounded as the fist and blade light met head-on. The explosive shock waves erupted from the collision directly shattered the space around them, causing spatial fragments to hurl everywhere like a meteor shower. 

However, a few seconds later, the blade of light burst apart, and the glass fist smashed through the blade, aiming directly for the bald man’s chest.  

The punch was earth-shattering, like a descending meteor. 


The bald man’s chest collapsed, and he wildly spat out a mouthful of blood. As he frantically reeled back, his body began to crack, and his flesh split open.

A few seconds later, the bald man’s body completely burst apart.

A wisp of light shot into the sky and fled in panic. 

Zhou Yuan had crushed his body with a punch, and only his Nascent Source had managed to escape!

The skinny old man and the beautiful woman about to join forces were so frightened that their spirits almost left their bodies. They stared at Zhou Yuan like he was the god of death. 

They had never thought Zhou Yuan could kill the bald man with one punch!

After all, he was a veteran advanced Nascent Source expert!    

He had some fame in Hunyuan Heaven and was strong enough to set up his own sect in a slightly remote area, but Zhou Yuan had exploded his body with one punch.

“How can Zhou Yuan be so terrifying?!”   

The two were completely terror-stricken. They had cultivated for years and had great knowledge and experience, but this was the first time they had met someone so fierce.

They had already heard about Zhou Yuan’s accomplishments at the Heavenly Sun stage, but they had still arrogantly looked down on him and had even remarked that the water in the Heavenly Sun stage was too shallow, unlike the Nascent Source stage.

It was only now that they understood how frightened the Heavenly Sun experts were when they faced Zhou Yuan.

The three experts had taken advantage of the opportunity to enter the domain first because they had thought they could earn the most credit, but it turned out they had only carried their coffin to find the coffin lid.  


The two had no intention of fighting anymore, and they transformed into a beam of light and fled separately.

Within minutes, one of the three advanced Nascent Source experts had been wounded, and the other two had fled.  

Zhou Yuan didn’t chase after the two fleeing in panic. He just watched them escape from the domain because the battle had just begun, and he didn’t see the need to waste energy on little fish.

While his battle ended at a jaw-dropping speed, in the distant battlefield, Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, Yi Yan, and their opponents all stared dumbfounded at him.

Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan were all equally stunned, especially Xue Qinglong. She was arrogant and headstrong and not like a woman. She was worried that something would go wrong on Zhou Yuan’s side, but it seemed her vision was too narrow.  

It was understandable because she had never met a monster like Zhou Yuan, who possessed a Genesis Qi foundation that could compete with that of a perfect Nascent Source expert even if he had only just reached the advanced Nascent Source stage.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan is really amazing. The Nascent Source stage won’t be peaceful anymore.” The three perfect Nascent Source experts opposite Zhao Yuefu and the others also couldn’t help exclaiming at Zhou Yuan’s fight.

“Since a supreme sovereign had accepted him as an official disciple, he is naturally extraordinary,” remarked a long-haired man.

“But it might not be a good thing to fight away those three. Now that those three are out of the battlefield, there will likely be true perfect Nascent Source experts entering the battle next.” 

“Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan limited the number of people who could enter by setting up a boundary in the domain, but supreme sovereign Wan Zu had prepared means to counter it. Therefore, Zhou Yuan won’t last long, and the Tianyuan Region would no doubt lose in today’s battle.”

This person who spoke was called Xu Hao, who was ranked 12th on the Nascent Source List in the Wanzu Region. 

The other two perfect Nascent Source experts nodded in agreement. Then, they glanced up at the boundary where many figures were trapped. “It’s a pity that Lu Tai can’t enter. Otherwise, no one can stop him.”  

He didn’t conceal what he said, so Zhao Yuefu and the others also heard him. But their expressions only changed slightly, and even Xue Qinglong, who was very arrogant, couldn’t retort.

This was because Lu Tai was ranked third on the Nascent Source List. His strength was so terrifying that even Zhao Yuefu was no match for him. 

Fortunately, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had trapped Lu Tai using the boundary so he couldn’t participate in the battle. 

If he appeared, no one on the Tianyuan Region’s side could compete with him.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the match in the distance and had no intention of intervening. He stood quietly atop a mountain, peering outside the domain.

There, mighty forces constantly collided, creating endless destruction.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu was constantly aware of the battles happening within the domain even though he was in a fierce battle with Cang Yuan. Therefore, he also sensed that Zhou Yuan had defeated his three advanced Nascent Source experts. 

“Cang Yuan, you have accepted a disciple with extraordinary potential,” said supreme sovereign Wan Zu indifferently.

Cang Yuan smiled. “If Zhou Yuan becomes a Saint in the future, you will have to avoid us when you see us.” 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu shook his head. “How would it be that easy to become a Saint? Although prime sovereign Jin Luo evaluated him, if you think he can become a Saint after an evaluation, you have underestimated the Saint stage.”

While speaking, he glanced at the tremendous boundary that enveloped the entire domain. “Also, whether or not he can become a Saint is a matter of the future. Let’s see if he survives today’s battle first.”

As his voice faded, the boundary suddenly rippled, and one of the perfect Nascent Source experts who was trapped within the boundary found a little flaw. He shot out immediately in the form of a stream of light and pierced into the domain.

After he descended, he again shot out at full speed towards the mountain in the center of the domain. He clearly intended to directly destroy the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan immediately scrunched their brows when they saw the figure who broke into the domain. They recognized him.

“It’s Song Huang!”  

The three’s eyes collided because the person who had come wasn’t a nobody. He was ranked on the Nascent Source List.  

However, the three were currently locked in a fierce battle. Even if they had the upper hand, they couldn’t retreat from their opponents. So who could go up against Song Huang?

After all, Song Huang was much stronger than all three advanced Nascent Source experts whom Zhou Yuan had defeated. 

While thoughts crossed their minds, a Genesis Qi torrent pierced through space, fiercely speeding towards Song Huang.

The fierce offensive forced Song Huang to a stop. With a wave of his sleeve, space twisted and vast Genesis Qi formed a giant tower. The tower crashed down and exploded the Genesis Qi torrent into light flecks that filled the sky.

Song Huang’s figure was also revealed at this time. He was clad in white and wore an indifferent expression. Looking to his right, he said faintly, “Zhou Yuan, I suggest you not seek death. You can’t scare me with your accomplishments.”

Zhou Yuan strode forward, staring at the white-robed man exuding a dangerous aura in front of him. Zhou Yuan’s face didn’t ripple in the slightest, and he didn't have the slightest fear just because the opponent was at the perfect Nascent Source stage. Instead, his eyes were chilling and fierce.

He didn’t waste time saying anything and just coldly spat out two words, his voice resounding like thunder. 

“Get lost.”  

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