Chapter 1213 First Battle at the Nascent Source Stage

Zhou Yuan stood atop a mountain that was so steep it resembled a sword’s edge. As a sea of clouds rolled over, it was split into two by the mountain summit.  

Then, the sea of clouds in the distance suddenly stirred and three silhouettes flashed in front of Zhou Yuan as if it had teleported. 

“I didn’t think I would have a chance to fight grand elder Zhou Yuan, who has gained such great renown recently. We are really lucky.” The three immediately locked their gaze on Zhou Yuan, and then, a loud laughter rang across the sky, stirring the clouds again.

Zhou Yuan looked over to see a bald and burly man standing in the middle. His eyes emitted dazzling lights and he stood with a very imposing bearing. A skinny old man stood on his left and a beautiful and elegant woman stood on his right. Even by just standing there, a terrifying imposing aura spread out from them and caused space to quiver.

The three advanced Nascent Source experts fixed their eyes on Zhou Yuan. Although they spoke politely, their eyes gleamed mockingly.

Although Zhou Yuan's fame had spread throughout the heavens recently and he directly soared to the advanced Nascent Source stage when he broke-through to the Nascent Source stage, he was still a newcomer to the Nascent Source stage, regardless how powerful and enviable his foundation was. 

Whereas, the three were veterans at the Nascent Source stage. The outcome might be unpredictable if they were to face Zhou Yuan one-on-one, but if they joined forces, the situation was no doubt favorable to them. They couldn’t understand why Zhou Yuan still had so much confidence. 

“Haha, grand elder Zhou Yuan, you have won honor for our Hunyuan Heaven so we don’t want to make things difficult for you. Why don’t you move aside and let us complete our task so we can report back, what do you say?” The beautiful woman gave a charming smile.

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “Today's matter is extremely important to me. If you stubbornly must break through the boundary, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

The three’s eyes suddenly turned fiercer and sharper. “So arrogant! You really think the Nascent Source stage is the same little pond as the Heavenly Sun stage!?”

The three stepped forward simultaneously as their Nascent Source, which were all around 6 inches, emerged above their heads.

Universe Genesis Qi pulsed as the Nascent Source breathed in and out, as if forming three tremendous vortexes. 

“Let’s get rid of him together!” roared the thin old man.

Even though the three previously mocked Zhou Yuan, they were ruthless people and they had no intention of giving up their advantage in numbers just because Zhou Yuan was new to the Nascent Source stage. Instead, they simultaneously displayed their thunderous means. 

After all, Zhou Yuan's accomplishments in Guyuan Heaven were too glorious.

The bald man clenched his hand and a huge blade appeared in his grip in a flash. With a savage expression, he swung his blade down and a blade cry reverberated across the world followed by a light beam descending rapidly from the sky.

The blade split the void.     

The blade light, mighty and overbearing, resembled a starry river, and upon a closer look, one would find millions of blade shadows swimming like fish within. Additionally, the blade shadows exuded spiritual intellect and extreme coldness.

That was the incredible power of the Nascent Source stage. At that cultivation, one would have a much more precise control of Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi offensive from Heavenly Sun experts could never reach such a precise and spiritual level.

As the thin old man flung his sleeves, an ear-piercing screech rang out followed by a black torrent streaking across space. The torrent swiftly condensed into a giant bat that blotted out the sun and sky before pouncing towards Zhou Yuan with terrifyingly fierce force.

The beautiful woman’s momentum was a little weaker, but more ruthless. With a wave of her hand, pink Genesis Qi swept out from her and petals fluttered across the world, bringing a strange aroma. Anything that came into contact with the petals instantly melted, including rocks and boulders. 

The three displayed extremely ruthless means right away to cut off all Zhou Yuan’s escape routes. 

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes as he watched the three’s aggressive offensives. The three’s Nascent Source were all around six inches, which were similar to his.

But this didn’t have much significance because if the size of one’s Nascent Source could determine who was stronger, battles would simply consist of comparing Nascent Source. 

Ordinary Nascent Source of 6 inches wouldn’t exceed 50 billion Genesis Qi stars. 

Only elites could past the 60 billion threshold.   

The three people in front of Zhou Yuan were indeed elites of the advanced Nascent Source stage and from the strength of their Genesis Qi, it was obvious their Genesis Qi foundation crossed the 60 billion level.

But it should be said that Zhou Yuan’s foundation was already over 70 billion when he broke-through to the Nascent Source stage.

To be precise, it was 74 billion!   

“So what if it’s the Nascent Source stage? I could kill enemies with a higher cultivation level than me when I was at the Heavenly Sun stage. I can do the same at the Nascent Source stage!" Zhou Yuan muttered to himself as if he didn’t see the three fierce offensives.

He strode forward and slammed his hand without any showy display.

As he slammed his hand down, an earth-shattering dragon roar resounded across the world and universe Genesis Qi rapidly gathered together to form a giant dragon claw. 

The Genesis Qi dragon claw was vivid and lifelike. Its scales glistened lustrously and each scale was marked with ancient runes and radiated vast and ancient aura. To anyone, the claw resembled a giant dragon shuttling through time and space and slammed down its claw. 

After reaching the Nascent Source stage, Zhou Yuan’s control of Genesis Qi reached a much higher level. 

It was only at such a level that he could finally display the mystery of the Heavenly Dragon Qi.


The dragon claw slammed down with incredible force and collided with the beam of blade light.


The starry river-like blade light shattered in an instant, and the millions of blade shadows within it turned into flecks of light that filled the sky. 

The giant ferocious bat was crushed to dust before it could display its power. 

The pink petals failed to get close to the dragon claw before shredded to pieces. 

The three Nascent Source experts’ faces paled.    

They frantically drew back.  


The dragon claw slammed down where they were, crumbling mountains and distorting even space.

The three figures reappeared thousands of feet away, their faces twisted in horror.

They didn't think Zhou Yuan could easily counter their combined attacks.

But what shocked them the most was that they could sense Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation exceeded 70 billion from the Genesis Qi pressure he released. Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source was only around six inches tall, so why was his Genesis Qi foundation so abnormal? !

A foundation over 70 billion was comparable to that of a lower/middle perfect Nascent Source expert! 

The perfect Nascent Source experts of both sides also noticed the abnormal movements over that side. Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan cast a glance over and couldn't help shudder with shock.

Particularly Xue Qinglong. Surprise flashed across her beautiful eyes because a 6 inch Nascent Source with more than 70 billion Genesis Qi foundation was really terrifying!

While everyone was stunned, Zhou Yuan’s face didn’t ripple in the slightest. He stared at the three as a faint murderous intent flashed across his eyes. He already said that anyone who stopped Yaoyao from awakening would die. 

His skin glowed with the Saint Glass Light.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed to his grip in a flash.

He vanished from where he stood.   

The three advanced Nascent Source experts’ hair stood on end because they could feel the aura of death approaching. 

It was only then they understood how fiendish was the young man, who stirred up tremendous storms in Guyuan Heaven. 

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