Chapter 1212 Face the Enemies

Streams of light tunneled through the cracks in the boundary and smashed into the ground like meteors. 

The streams of light all emitted waves of terrifying Genesis Qi.

It was clear that, in addition to the two supreme sovereigns from the Wanzu Region and the Yaogui Region, other Law Domain and Nascent Source experts also infiltrated the boundary.   

Although the boundary blocked more enemies from coming through, those who sneaked in were still dangers that had to be taken care of. 

Cang Yuan and Zhuan Zhu had already taken action, and there were two Saints on the opponent’s side. Therefore, they would likely reach a stalemate. The opponents would succeed in their goal if any Law Domain or Nascent Source experts managed to break through the defense and interfered with the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

“We will deal with the three Law Domain experts that sneaked in.” Chi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan, Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong, and Yi Yan. “There should be a higher number of people at the Nascent Source stage who had sneaked in. You guys should form the last line of defense and stop them from advancing.” 

Zhou Yuan and the others nodded.  

Chi Jing immediately sped away with Mu Ni and sect master Xuan Kun.

At the same time, three incomparably huge Law Domains spread across the area, enveloping the rays of light sneaking into the boundary. They specifically targeted the Nascent Source experts to try to eliminate as many as possible to reduce the burden on Zhou Yuan and the others.

“Haha, Chi Jing, why are you targeting the Nascent Source experts? I am your opponent.”

As the three Law Domains expanded, laughter echoed throughout the world, and an ear-piercing sonic boom whizzed by. A Law Domain swiftly emerged and collided with Chi Jing’s.


The collision shook the world, setting off monstrous Genesis Qi shock waves. 

"Zhao Xiansun!" Chi Jing floated in the sky as her Wind God Law Domain roared around her and turned into a million gusts of astral spirit wind. She glared coldly at the figure in front of her. It was Zhao Xiansun from the Wanzu Region!

Zhao Xiansun was situated inside his own Law Domain and had formed a giant falcon at his feet with his Law Domain power. The giant falcon exuded a fierce and wild aura as though real. Its terrifying power was unbearable to even those at the Nascent Source stage.

Another two figures stood behind Zhao Xiansun and also expanded their Law Domains.

One was also from the Wanzu Region, and the other was a man with fair skin and no brows.  The man was fiddling with the beads in his hands. He was Zhen Yu, a Law Domain expert from the Yaogui Region.

Chi Jing swept a mocking glance over Zhao Xiansun. “You said you wanted to compete against my senior brother. He has gone to face a supreme sovereign from the Yaogui Region, but you were only assigned here.”

Zhao Xiansun’s face stiffened, and a sullen look flashed across his eyes. The matter of Zhuan Zhu becoming a Saint was a thorn in his heart.

He was always unhappy that Zhuan Zhu had the title of strongest at the Law Domain stage, but he had never thought Zhuan Zhu would ascend to the Saint stage at such a critical moment. 

"Chi Jing, don’t waste your breath. The Tianyuan Region is standing on the wrong side this time, and you guys will pay the price!”

“Nonsense,” sneered Chi Jin.     

Their gazes collided, and an icy killing intent gushed out from their eyes.


As the six Law Domain experts stepped forward, space quickly distorted, and their six Law Domains collided in an earth-shattering manner.

Zhou Yuan, Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan wore solemn expressions as they stood on the mountain summit and watched the Law Domains collide.

“There are more Nascent Source experts on the opponent’s side.” Zhao Yuefu narrowed his eyes as the streams of light pierced the voids.

"There are three perfect Nascent Source experts and three advanced Nascent Source experts.” Xue Qinglong frowned. They clearly came prepared. Furthermore, there were some Nascent Sources trapped in the boundary that would break out sometime in the future.

The situation was very unfavorable.

“It’s going to be really troublesome. If supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu had taken one more perfect Nascent Source expert here, we wouldn’t be in such a situation,” complained Xue Qinglong.

Zhao Yuefu and Yi Yan didn’t respond as if they hadn’t heard anything. How would they not understand her meaning from her words? There was a limit on the number of people Zhuan Zhu could have brought, and he would have had to get rid of one person to bring another perfect Nascent Source expert. 

As for who to replace, it goes without saying that Xue Qinglong was referring to Zhou Yuan, who was standing next to her.

She had always acted in such a way, just like a hedgehog. She dared to speak bluntly even in front of supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu. However, she had amazing talent. Among the three, Zhao Yuefu, who was ranked 7th on the Nascent Source List, was the strongest. Xue Qinglong was ranked 15th, and Yi Yan was the worst and wasn’t even ranked in the top 30. 

Zhou Yuan naturally heard Xue Qinglong’s words and couldn’t help but say with a smile, “Elder Xue, although I’ve only just reached the advanced Nascent Source stage, I think I can go up against someone at the perfect Nascent Source stage.”

Not only was Xue Qinglong taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s words, even Zhao Yuefu and Yi Yan stared at him in surprise.

“I don’t doubt grand elder Zhou Yuan’s talent. I have never met someone who could directly reach the advanced Nascent Source stage in my many years of cultivation. It’s just that you perhaps might not know about the gap between the Nascent Source stages,” Xue Qinglong explained.

However, Zhou Yuan waved his hand dismissively and directly ordered, “I will leave the three perfect Nascent Source experts to you three elders, and I will deal with the three advanced Nascent Source experts.”

The three were silent for a moment. Zhou Yuan wants to fight against three?

Yi Yan, who had a good relationship with Zhou Yuan, couldn’t help reminding him, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan, you should be more cautious. Those three are elites at the advanced Nascent Source stage and are not normal nobodies.”

Zhou Yuan nodded.   

The three couldn’t say anything more, seeing Zhou Yuan’s persistence. After all, Zhou Yuan was a grand elder of the Tianyuan Region and had a higher status than them. Moreover, they couldn’t underestimate him ever since the battle of Guyuan Heaven.

For example, Xue Qinglong, with her proud personality, wouldn’t pay attention to Zhou Yuan, let alone listen to his orders if it was before the battle.

Zhou Yuan stood on tiptoe and soared into the air.    

Watching him from behind, the three exchanged glances and looked a little helpless.

Xue Qinglong frowned and said, “Grand elder Zhou Yuan is too arrogant. The Nascent Source stage isn’t a child’s play like the Heavenly Sun stage.”

“Elder Xue, speak less.” Yi Yan shook his head. “Grand elder Zhou Yuan is very capable. He suppressed the Heavenly Sun experts in his generation. Were we able to do the same when we were at the Heavenly Sun stage? Since he said he could stop three advanced Nascent Source experts, we should believe him.” 

Xue Qinglong was silent. Zhou Yuan’s accomplishment was indeed impressive, but she still thought the same—the waters in the Nascent Source stage were much deeper than that in the Heavenly Sun stage. 

Seeing her finally calmed down, Zhao Yuefu and Yi Yan both breathed an inward sigh of relief. Immediately afterward, they assumed solemn and serious expressions. When they moved, they instantly appeared in the distant sky, and each locked their eyes on an enemy at the perfect Nascent Source stage. 

The three perfect Nascent Source experts who broke in were all powerful and ranked on the Nascent Source List.

It was going to be a bitter and long battle.  

At the same time, Zhou Yuan appeared on a sword-like mountain summit with his hands clasped behind his back. He calmly watched three figures speed over.

The three were all enemies at the advanced Nascent Source stage.   

The Nascent Source sitting with its eyes closed in Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwellings suddenly opened its eyes, and mighty Genesis Qi began to circulate.

This was his first battle at the Nascent Source stage.    

He wanted to use his three powerful enemies to test his current strength.

They would be his testing stones. 

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