Chapter 1211 Four Saints

As a huge face emerged outside the domain, a terrifying oppressive pressure seeped into the domain like the might of heaven, causing it to vibrate violently as if about to collapse.

“He really came.”    “

Zhou Yuan tensely stared at the familiar face, which belonged to supreme sovereign Wan Zu.  

Standing with his hands clasped behind his back, Cang Yuan raised his head and smiled, "Wan Zu, you still haven't given up after so many years.”

The huge face rippled and an indifferent but majestic voice resounded, "Cang Yuan, you secretly stole the Special Divine Stone and destroyed all-heavens’ hope. That is already a heinous crime.”

Cang Yuan shook his head. "Don't put that label on me. I did that for all heavens. What you are doing is too extreme and would only destroy all heavens. I can't just sit back and watch you.”

Supreme sovereign peered through the domain and fixed his gaze on the crystal coffin, saying indifferently, "Cang Yuan, she hasn’t awakened yet. There is still time to change your decision. Hand her over and we can forget everything you have done in the past.”

Cang Yuan smiled faintly. “Wan Zu, do you think I will give up?”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu fell silent for a moment and then said, "It seems like we have to settle everything between us with a match.” 

Cang Yuan’s arms drooped down and his expression was relaxed, but Zhou Yuan could feel an indescribable majestic force exuding from his thin body. 

Under that tremendous power, wails echoed throughout the domain and the world changed color.

Two sacred lotus gradually appeared and bloomed on Cang Yuan's shoulders.

Double Lotus stage!    

He knew there was no use in negotiating with Wan Zu because they had completely different stances. They were not on the same path even if they were both Saints of all-heavens.

The giant face outside twisted and transformed into countless rays of light. The light rays swiftly converged to form a figure, which was supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s real body.

Two lotus flowers similarly sat on his shoulders.

"Cang Yuan, they say you are most likely to become the fourth prime sovereign of the Omega Shrine, but I don’t believe it,” said supreme sovereign Wan Zu indifferently.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu began cultivation much earlier than Cang Yuan and had reached the Double Lotus stage long ago but he still hadn’t reached the triple lotus stage.

Therefore, he felt that if the Special Divine Stone was refined, the triple lotus stage Saints in all-heavens would surpass the Sacred Race and might even break through into an unprecedented cultivation realm!

At that time, they might be able to contend with the Sacred Race’s Sacred God.

Unfortunately, Cang Yuan destroyed their plan.

“You'll believe it after a fight!" Cang Yuan's tone was simple and ordinary, but an unconcealable domineering aura suddenly rose from him.

Awe filled the eyes of Chi Jing and the others. Although Cang Yuan hadn't revealed his divine power in years, no one could forget that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan once had the name called the Black Emperor.

Such a domineering name was forged from his impressive accomplishments in the world-ending war back then, when many Saints in the Sacred Race were killed!

The clash between two Saints caused even the sun, moon and the stars to tremble.

It was at that moment when Zhou Yuan realized that although he could see the battle in front, there might be other Saints fighting in places he couldn’t see and perceive.

This was because the matter concerned two different factions.

The highest-level factions of two heavens.

While Zhou Yuan was in deep thoughts, a black hole emerged outside the domain and spewed out a pearl. 

The pearl gradually grew larger as it drifted and eventually transformed into a strange-looking man. Long black hair draped over his back and fluttered around him though no wind stirred the air. Every strand of hair seemed to contain a strange force.

He simply stood there, but there seemed to the shadows of thousands of ghosts reflected in the space behind him.

The strange man fiddled with a string of dark red beads on his wrist as said with a smile, "It's so lively here, it wasn’t easy to sneak in.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed dramatically when he saw the strange-looking man because he recognized him. He was the supreme sovereign from Hunyuan Heaven’s Yaogui Region. It was said that every strand of his hair could be turned into a puppet, and when millions of hairs were activated simultaneously, they formed a tremendous and terrifying torrent of puppets.

The demonic-looking man gave a smile that was even more stunning than that of a woman. "Cang Yuan, the Saints of all-heavens are watching. Since you have chosen another path to us, you are considered on the opposite side to us. We need to complete our plan, so don’t blame us.”

“Supreme sovereign Yao Gui, are you worried that I will join hands with master, and supreme sovereign Wan Zu will lose? That’s why you did your utmost to come here." A laughter resounded as Zhuan Zhu came to stand next to Cang Yuan. He looked at the strange man outside the domain with a smile.

Supreme sovereign Yao Gui swept a glance over Zhuan Zhu and smacked his lips. ”Kid, you are quite amazing. I didn’t think you would become a Saint.”

He didn’t refute this statement. Although Zhuan Zhu was only at the single lotus stage, he was still a Saint. It was already unpredictable whether Wan Zu could win against Cang Yuan, and if Zhuan Zhu helped Cang Yuan, Wan Zu almost had no chance of winning. The reason Yao Gui came was indeed to target Zhuan Zhu even if it seemed he was here to deal with Cang Yuan.

Yi Yan and the others felt their scalps numb when they saw that scene. After all, four Saints were standing facing each other.

Cang Yuan turned his head back to look at the Ancestral Dragon Lantern burning in the crystal coffin and reminded Zhou Yuan, "Protect Yaoyao.”

Zhou Yuan nodded solemnly. “Anyone who wants to hurt Yaoyao must step over my corpse first.”

Cang Yuan smiled. He still remembered that Zhou Yuan had said the same thing when he entrusted Yaoyao to Zhou Yuan back then.

"Let's go, you and I will join hands today." Cang Yuan didn't say much and just greeted Zhuan Zhu. With one step, the two appeared directly outside the domain.

The might of a Saint was too terrifying and could cause a domain to collapse if a fight broke out.

The four Saints stood facing each other outside the domain. 

Layers of space twisted and gradually concealed the four figures but the terrifying pressure released from them still made people shudder with fear.

However, just as Cang Yuan and Zhuan Zhu left, a boundless force suddenly descended from outside the domain. When such a powerful force touched the domain walls, an incomparably huge boundary appeared to obstruct the force.

But cracks still spread across the boundary under the constant force.

Then, Chi Jing, Zhou Yuan and the others turned increasingly solemn as they saw streams of light enter through those cracks.

Those streams of light contained the aura of the Law Domain and Nascent Source stage.

Chi Jing's short burgundy hair fluttered gently, but her eyes grew fierce and sharp.

"Everyone, it's time for us to act.”

Hearing what Chi Jing said, Zhou Yuan exhaled deeply. He turned his head and again glanced at Yaoyao in the crystal coffin, and then he balled his hands into fists. The Nascent Source sitting cross-legged in his Divine Dwellings opened its eyes and vast Genesis Qi began to surge. 

I have worked incredibly hard for many years for today. Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed murderous intent. Whoever tries to cause trouble today must die!

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