Chapter 1210 The Enemy Arrives


Zhou Yuan exhaled as a determined light glowed in his eyes. He knew how arrogant, or maybe how ignorant, his thoughts were. The path to becoming a god was something that even the numerous Saints had failed to reach. If an ordinary person knew about his ambitions, they would have called him crazy.

However, he had to try no matter how difficult it was.

Zhou Yuan was not someone who would easily give up. The trials he had experienced over the years had never been easy; however, he had ultimately overcome them. Although it was going to be a million times harder to become a god, he was willing to bear any hardship for Yaoyao’s sake.

Zhou Yuan promised in a soft voice, “Yaoyao, when you awaken, we shall go find Tuntun!”

He turned around and walked out of the sea of flowers, heading straight for Cang Yuan.

Cang Yuan’s and Zhuan Zhu’s hearts shuddered a little when they saw the still bright and sharp light in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Despite finding out about the despairing truth, Zhou Yuan had not been defeated.

The two exchanged a look, seeing the mixed emotions in each other’s eyes. In their view, Zhou Yuan’s talent, tenacity and hard work far surpassed the ordinary. He basically already had the qualities to become a Saint. However...even becoming a Saint might not be able to change anything.

They sighed and pitied Zhou Yuan in their hearts, but they did not reveal anything on their faces. Since Zhou Yuan had not given up, he should be ready to bear everything to come.

Zhou Yuan arrived at Cang Yuan’s side and asked, “Master, when do we start?”

Cang Yuan raised his head and glanced at the sky. “It’s about time.”

Zhou Yuan also looked towards the sky, but he couldn’t see anything despite stepping into the advanced Nascent Source stage. He could only helplessly withdraw his gaze. “Will the all-heaven Saints be coming to stop us?”

Cang Yuan nodded. “Certainly. They’ve also been waiting for this day.

“However, I’ve set up several boundaries in this domain, and even a Saint expert would find it hard to descend for a time. Zhuan Zhu and I will stop the attacking Saints, but our enemies will also be sending Law Domain and Nascent Source experts.

“We will not be able to spare any attention to these experts; hence, you guys will be the ones to stop them.

“We must stall for time until Yaoyao awakens. When she does, all the fighting and schemes will come to a conclusion.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu and the other Saints might also have the welfare of the all-heavens at heart. However, it was difficult to come to an agreement between people with differing opinions. Since he stood on Yaoyao’s side, there was absolutely no way that he would sit by and watch her being absorbed. Hence, even if the enemies were the all-heavens, he was naturally going to resist.

Chi Jing, Mu Ni, sect master Xuan Kun and the others also acknowledged Cang Yuan’s words with solemn expressions.

As for the three perfect Nascent Source experts, Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and Yi Yan, they could not help but wipe the cold sweat on their brows. Only now did they truly understand what kind of chessboard they were a part of. However, since even the Tianyuan Region’s two supreme sovereigns were going to participate, underlings like them were naturally unable to escape.

After instructing a few more key points, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan led Zhou Yuan back to the crystal coffin.

He raised his hand, and an ancient oil lamp slowly rose from his palm.

The oil lamp was simple and looked like the most ordinary lamp used by the common folk. Only those who had reached a certain cultivation level would be able to sense the terrifying power concentrated within it.

It was the Ancestral Dragon Lamp, the second-ranked sacred treasure in the all-heavens.

It was one of the all-heavens’ strongest trump cards, and no faction was allowed to monopolize it. Only the winner of each nine regions tournament would gain the right to become its safekeeper.

It was also the prize Zhou Yuan had fought tooth and nail for, even defeating Zhao Mushen.

“The Tianyuan Region has never wielded the Ancestral Dragon Lantern ever since it was founded. I never imagined that you would allow me to wield it this once.”

Zhou Yuan grinned. “If master did not establish the Tianyuan Region, I wouldn’t even have the right to participate in the nine regions tournament.”

It was the truth. The nine regions tournament was a grand event that only the nine regions were qualified to partake in. Without the Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan would have no chance no matter how strong he was.

Cang Yuan also grinned, his eyes filled with satisfaction with his youngest disciple. He and Wan Zu had clashed for many years, but neither party had managed to gain much headway. But ever since Zhou Yuan arrived in the Tianyuan Region, the Wanzu Region had faced setback after setback. Cang Yuan knew that Wan Zu was certainly a little depressed about it.

“Take out the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.” 

Zhou Yuan slowly pushed his palms together before pulling them apart.

An invisible ripple condensed between his hands as an indescribable ancient sound spread. There seemed to be some kind of invisible object between his hands, but in Cang Yuan’s eyes, it was a mysterious matter the size of a baby’s fist.

It resembled a hard purple-gold rock and looked nothing like flesh. At closer inspection, one would see countless runes across its body. These runes seemed to have formed the moment the world was born, so ancient that they gave off a primordial aura.

This was the Ancestral Dragon Flesh Zhou Yuan had obtained from Guyuan Heaven.

He had placed it in his Divine Dwelling, wrapping it with numerous layers of Genesis Qi.

Cang Yuan beckoned, and the Ancestral Dragon Flesh landed in his hand. No ordinary article could touch it; hence, it could not be stored in spatial bags. Zhou Yuan had no choice but to keep it in his Divine Dwelling, but Cang Yuan could now directly hold it in his hand.

Cang Yuan explained, “After becoming a Saint, one will gain a Saint’s body and will naturally be able to touch such divine material.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, somewhat envious. He was pretty accomplished in his external cultivation. In fact, even among the numerous perfect Nascent Source experts, only a handful would spend enough effort and time to reach the Saint Glass Body state. Despite this, he was still unable to touch the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

Cang Yuan flicked his finger, causing the crystal coffin lid to burst into countless specks of light.

He placed the Ancestral Dragon Lantern three inches above Yaoyao’s brows.

Several drops of Saint blood dripped from his fingertip, landing in the lantern. Flames immediately rose within, gradually turning into a healthily burning fire.

Zhou Yuan sighed in amazement. The Ancestral Dragon Lantern was filled with wonder. To think that lighting it required the blood of a Saint...even if it was in his hands, he wouldn't be able to produce a single spark.

After lighting the lantern, Cang Yuan wrapped the Ancestral Dragon Flesh in Genesis Qi and slowly positioned it above the lantern’s fire.


When the two forces touched, Zhou Yuan felt the entire world gradually begin to warp. Mountains and rivers began to distort and flicker. The mountains were lifted into the air, while giant rivers began to flow into the distance.

It felt as if a lifeless world had suddenly been exposed to the source of life.

All of this was happening because the Ancestral Dragon Flame had been set aflame.

As the lantern’s fire burned the flesh, a golden oil-like liquid emerged. Zhou Yuan could faintly sense a great power within it.

The golden liquid dripped from the flesh, landing between Yaoyao’s brows, instantly disappearing upon contact.

Mysterious runes slowly began to spread from between Yaoyao’s brows.

Cang Yuan exhaled as he revealed a smile. “Once this piece of Ancestral Dragon Flesh has burnt away, Yaoyao should awaken.”

Zhou Yuan felt as if a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders, his taunt body instantly relaxing in relief.

However, the entire domain suddenly began to shake.

Zhou Yuan jerked his head upwards, his pupils shrinking when he saw a boundless and majestic power gather in the sky and form a giant face that coldly watched everything that was happening in the domain.

It was not an unfamiliar face—it was the face of supreme sovereign Wan Zu!

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