Chapter 121 Beast Heart Communicator

On the street, Zhou Yuan played with the two bronze tokens in his hand, his eyes flickering in thought as he said, “Why do I keep feeling that something is not quite right. A treasure such as the Spirit Refining Tower can’t possibly be enough for the training of their own clan members. I can’t believe that the Gu clan is willing to open it to others.”

Yaoyao tilted her head slightly and shot him a look as she remarked, “There should be something strange about this matter.”

She was far too intelligent, and although she looked to be rather indifferent to the rest of the world, a single glance was all it took for her to discern the truth behind numerous matters. Gu Lang’s ploy was practically meaningless before her.

“Then why did you accept?” Zhou Yuan’s tone was slightly miffed.

Yaoyao chuckled. “Because if the tower can truly temper your Spirit, it will be very beneficial to you, and may even allow you to step into the advance Illusory stage.”

Advance Illusory stage!

Zhou Yuan snapped to attention at this point. It had been almost...

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