Chapter 1209 Gods and Humans, Divinity and Humanity

Wind blew past the sea of flowers, sweeping up a gust of petals.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was somewhat dazed. He stared blankly at Cang Yuan’s solemn face as emotions churned in his heart, wave after wave battering his innermost sanctum. It was clear just how shocking Cang Yuan’s words were to him.

He had made his own guesses of Yaoyao’s identity before. In his view, Yaoyao might be a Saint expert that had sealed her cultivation due to unknown reasons. 

However, it seemed that he had still underestimated her somewhat.

Yaoyao was not a Saint expert. She was the Third God that had appeared since the birth of this world!

She was a god, the ultimate existence in this world together with the Ancestral Dragon and the Sacred God.

An existence that surpassed the Saints!

Zhou Yuan turned his head slightly and gazed at the sleeping beauty in the coffin. A god, what a mysterious and respected word. Even Saint experts appeared dim in comparison.

He never imagined that the girl who had accompanied him out of the Great Zhou Empire and experienced countless things with him would have such an identity.

It was honestly too unreal.

“To be more precise, Yaoyao was born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will. She can be said to be the Ancestral Dragon’s daughter and the Third God.”

Cang Yuan slowly said, “She is perhaps the most precious treasure left behind by the Ancestral Dragon in this world, and the final hope of the all-races.”

A complicated expression arose on Zhou Yuan’s face as he softly said, “Since she is the hope of the all-races, why do the all-heaven Saints not wish for her revival?”

Cang Yuan’s expression turned grave. “Because of differences in opinion.

“When we found the strange stone Yaoyao was born from, a huge disagreement arose between the Omega Shrine Saints. One group believed that we should not place our hopes in an entity that had yet to be born, because no one could know for sure whether she would protect the all-heavens when she grew up.

“Hence, they suggested absorbing her instead. This would greatly boost the all-heavens Saints powers, and might even allow us to ascend beyond the triple lotus stage, and also step into the realm of the gods.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed. “Absorb?!”

Cang Yuan nodded. “But I did not approve of such methods because she was something left behind by the Ancestral Dragon, and I believe she has inherited the Ancestral Dragon’s will. Moreover, I do not believe it would be so easy to absorb because that would be underestimating the Ancestral Dragon and the power of the gods.

“I was afraid that proceeding with such a plan would only come back to bite us, and instead put our final hope against us. If that happens, the Second and Third Gods will become our enemies. That will truly be the demise of the all-races.

“Hence, I found a chance to steal away the strange stone and beast egg…

“Yaoyao and Tuntun were soon born from them…”

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat dizzy as he recalled the mysterious domain he had stepped into all those years ago, where he had met Cang Yuan, Yaoyao and Tuntun...everything had started from that very meeting.

He finally understood why Cang Yuan had been hiding with Yaoyao all those years. It turns out that he had to guard against both the Sacred Race and the all-heavens Saints.

Zhou Yuan could not help but ask, “Doesn’t that mean that you’ve pitted yourself against the all-heavens Saints? Did the Omega Shrine’s three prime sovereigns say nothing?”

From what he understood, the three prime sovereigns were the strongest experts of the all-heavens. If they took action, would Cang Yuan have needed to hide for so many years?

“I previously said that not everyone agreed to absorb the god stone, and the three prime sovereigns also had differing opinions. When I stole away the god stone, the three prime sovereigns kept each other in check, making it impossible for any of them to take action. Hence, the other Saints could only rely on their own abilities.

“I am not alone either. There are Saints that support me.”

Zhou Yuan silently nodded. The matter seemed extremely complex. Even the all-heavens strongest force, the Omega Shrine, had split into different camps because of it.

Moreover, it seemed that no one was wrong. All of them had the future of the all-heavens in mind.

Cang Yuan said, “Yaoyao’s deep slumber is good news for them. Hence, they will not easily let her awaken. Hence, a battle will definitely await us.”

He paused for a moment as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “This is mostly everything I have to say about Yaoyao’s identity. However, there’s one other thing that concerns you.

“When I entrusted Yaoyao to you, I never imagined that you two would gain feelings for each, to be more accurate, it is surprising that Yaoyao would gain feelings. For you sake, she undid her seal...and even gave you divine matter.”

Zhou Yuan was silent. The divine matter was likely the mysterious thing that had appeared when he tried to refine the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

It had baffled him previously, but it now all made sense.

Yaoyao was born from the Ancestral Dragon will and was naturally able to neutralize the remnant will in the Ancestral Dragon Flesh.

Cang Yuan sighed softly. His face turned grave as he said, “Zhou Yuan, as your master, I’m more worried about you. Although Yaoyao is currently very similar to humans, she is ultimately the Third God and possesses divinity.

“Her divinity is merely slumbering for the moment, but as time passes, it will gradually awaken within her. When that happens, her human side will be suppressed and gradually wiped away by her divinity. In other words...she will ultimately forget everything.”

Zhou Yuan felt as if he was struck by lightning and a chill rose from the bottom of his feet.

This was the most frightening thing he had heard yet.

“She...she will forget me?” Zhou Yuan’s voice trembled uncontrollably.

A little bitterness appeared in Cang Yuan’s expression. “Divinity is too great and nearly impossible to restrain. Moreover, from the all-heavens point of view, we do not wish for her divinity to be suppressed. Yaoyao will only be able to contend against the Sacred God when she truly becomes the Third God.”

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan with sorrowful eyes. If he knew this would happen, he would perhaps not have entrusted Yaoyao to Zhou Yuan so as to avoid this sad but beautiful love story.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a very long time. He lowered his head and stared at the sleeping beauty in the coffin as if he had lost his soul.

Cang Yuan did not say anything else. With a sigh, he turned and left.

Zhou Yuan stood beside the crystal coffin in silence as sun and moon interchanged in the sky. He did not move at all, seemingly having turned into a statue.

Memories surged from the depths of his mind.

Under an old tree, a girl in azure clothes leaned against the trunk, her clear eyes silently watching him.

It was a memory of the first time he had seen Yaoyao...

Under her tutelage, he had slowly learnt about Genesis Runes.

They had walked out of the Great Zhou Empire together, and ultimately arrived at the Cangxuan Sect...

His clearest memory was in their cave dwelling. Petals drifted from a peach blossom tree, a backdrop that made the girl’s beautiful face and occasional slight smile even more soul-stirring.

Every tiny crease of her brows and every smile had been deeply carved into his soul.

Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes trembled. He opened them and stared at the girl in the crystal coffin. The splendor that had disappeared from them suddenly gathered once more, slowly turning sharp and clear.

He reached out and stroked the coffin.

Yaoyao, I don’t care who you are. I only know that you’re the one who accompanied me out of the Great Zhou Empire.

As long as you do not wish for it, no one can wipe away our shared past and memories.

If you can no longer suppress your divinity in the future and it attempts to wipe away everything we had...I will help you!

If being human is not enough...I will become a god!

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