Chapter 1207 Meeting Again

Tianyuan Utopia, a floating stone platform high above the clouds.

When Zhou Yuan arrived, the first thing he saw was Zhuan Zhu standing with his hands behind his back. However, he was somewhat surprised to also find Chi Jing, grand elder Mu Ni, sect master Xuan Kun and three other individuals with the strength of the Nascent Source stage.

One of the three Nascent Source experts was no stranger to Zhou Yuan. It was Yi Yan, who he had been drinking with last night. The other two, however, were a little unfamiliar.

There seemed to be more people than he had expected.

Zhuan Zhu saw the puzzled look on Zhou Yuan and explained with a smile, “These two are elders Zhao Yuefu and Xue Qinglong. Together with elder Yi Yan, they’re the three strongest Nascent Source experts of our Tianyuan Region.”

Zhao Yuefu was an elegant and handsome long-haired man. He revealed a friendly smile at Zhou Yuan.

Xue Qinglong was a graceful lady in azure clothes. She carefully scrutinized Zhou Yuan and said, “Supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu, didn’t you say that this mission is extremely dangerous and requires at least the perfect Nascent Source stage strength?”

Xue Qinglong was clearly not someone who would easily be pushed around, and she did not hold back in her words. She did not appear to care about Zhou Yuan’s status and his recent popularity.

Zhuan Zhu chuckled inwardly. Xue Qinglong might be a woman, but she was one of the most competitive Nascent Source experts in the Tianyuan Region. Zhou Yuan naturally could not enter her eyes previously as a Heavenly Sun expert, but since he was now at the advanced Nascent Source stage and officially part of the Nascent Source level, Xue Qinglong had naturally started taking notice of him.

Smiling, Chi Jing said, “Zhou Yuan could go toe to toe with the Sacred Race’s advanced Heavenly Sun experts at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage. Although he is only an advanced Nascent Source expert, I feel that his true strength is no weaker than a perfect Nascent Source expert.”

Xue Qinglong crossed her arms, pushing up a pair of giant peaks, as she nonchalantly said, “The gap between the Nascent Source lesser cultivation realms is far greater than the Heavenly Sun stage.

“However, since supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu has no complaints, I will naturally have none either.”

She did not have any objections against Zhou Yuan and had merely been stating a fact. She felt that since Zhuan Zhu had highlighted the dangers of the mission, it did not make sense to bring along a new advanced Nascent Source expert like Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the proud Xue Qinglong but did not argue with her. He turned towards Zhuan Zhu and asked, “Are they coming along?”

Zhuan Zhu nodded. “Things won’t be so easy this time. Not only will I also be heading there personally, but we’ll also be dispatching a few others just in case. That’s why even grand elder Mu Ni and sect master Xuan Kun will be tagging along. As for the Tianyuan Region, we’ll be leaving it in grand elder Bian Chang’s hands for the time being.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. From Zhuan Zhu’s words, awakening Yaoyao wouldn’t be as simple or as easy as he had imagined.

Was someone going to interfere?

Zhuan Zhu said, “To prevent others from finding our tracks, we can’t bring too many people. That’s why we’ll only be taking the most elite experts.”

Zhou Yuan briefly hesitated before asking in a low voice, “Is it the Wanzu Region?”

Zhuan Zhu fell a little silent. “I’m afraid they won’t be the only ones.”

He glanced at Zhou Yuan and said, “The identity of the one in your heart is far more complicated than you can imagine, and the implications behind it are far too great. I’m not the right person to explain it to you, but you should ask about it when we meet our master. You should now have the qualifications to know a little.”

Zhou Yuan silently nodded.

Yaoyao’s identity must certainly be frightening if even a Saint like Zhuan Zhu was so cautious about it. However, regardless of her origins, in his heart, she would still be the same Yaoyao who had walked out together with him from the Great Zhou Empire.

They had experienced so much together. Without Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan knew that he would not have achieved everything he had today.

It had not been apparent while Yaoyao was at his side, but after she had fallen into a deep sleep and he had to struggle alone, Zhou Yuan finally realized how much he actually relied on her support.

Nothing could sever the feelings between them, and Zhou Yuan would do everything in his power to protect these feelings.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and gazed at the starry sky, his eyes filled with determination.

“Get ready.” Zhuan Zhu gave a few more reminders before waving his sleeve. The space before them began to distort, ultimately turning into a spatial door.

Zhuan Zhu flicked his finger, and an invisible power spread out, encompassing everyone present.

Zhou Yuan and the others felt as if they lost all connection to the world around them.

After advancing to the Nascent Source stage, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel a greater harmony between him and the surrounding world. However, a casual flick from Zhuan Zhu had instantly severed this wonderful new feeling.

From this, one could clearly see the power of a Saint.

Before they could do anything else, the spatial door abruptly widened and swallowed them.


Zhou Yuan did not know how long space warped around him.

When light finally returned to his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar world.

It was a boundless sea of clouds. Mountains towered over the land like giants, their sharp peaks piercing through the cloud sea.

At the very center was an exceptionally majestic mountain. There, Zhou Yuan saw a familiar figure smiling as he looked at them.

Dressed in black robes, an aura as immeasurable as a bottomless pool and as tall as a mountain, it was Cang Yuan!

Cang Yuan flicked his finger. Space spun around them, and Zhou Yuan and the others found themselves suddenly standing in front of him.

“Greetings supreme sovereign Cang Yuan!” Sect master Xuan Kun, Zhao Yuefu, Xue Qinglong and the others hurriedly bowed, clearly somewhat emotional.

After so many years, they had finally met Cang Yuan again.

“Master! I nearly died missing you!” Chi Jing joyfully ran over and hugged Cang Yuan’s arm. She acted like a completely different person from her usually capable self.

Zhou Yuan observed Cang Yuan. His face looked as old as before, his eyes deep like the starry sky yet glowing with wisdom and vigor. Zhou Yuan took two steps forward and respectfully said, “Master.”

Cang Yuan patted Chi Jing’s hands before smiling at Zhou Yuan, a smile that was happy while also somewhat of a sigh. “Zhou Yuan, you’ve done well. Everything you have done has made me both proud and surprised. It’s been hard on you.”

Zhou Yuan calmly shook his head and said, “I have to thank master for taking care of Yaoyao all these years.”

He raised his head and peered behind the mountain, where a sea of beautiful flowers could be seen. At the center of the flowers was a crystal coffin.

Zhou Yuan’s heart shuddered a little as his feet began to walk forward, crossing the flower sea and arriving in front of the crystal coffin.

He lowered his head and gazed at the familiar face that he had already carved into his soul. The beauty in the coffin was wearing a white dress and had her hands placed atop her abdomen. However, the eyes that were as beautiful as the mountains and seas were currently tightly shut.

Zhou Yuan dazedly stared at the familiar face. A great sadness suddenly struck his heart as his eyes turned red little by little.

His eyes turned moist.

He reached out and gently caressed the crystal coffin as he softly mumbled to himself in a hoarse voice, “Sorry, I made you wait for too long.”

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