Chapter 1206 Popular

Over the following days, the entire Tianyuan Region, including the Tianyuan Utopia, was in a state of jubilation.

One could not blame them for being so crazily happy. The pure and concentrated Genessi Qi was greatly beneficial to their cultivation, and was a chance that would rarely come even once every thousand years. In spite of this, it had come for free without them doing anything, like a giant meat biscuit falling from the sky onto their heads, nearly knocking them unconscious.

In an environment like this, their cultivation effectiveness had improved tremendously.

Bottlenecks that had perplexed practitioners for years were broken in an instant, saving them many years of cultivation.

In a single month, Tianyuan Region’s overall strength had grown by twenty percent. Moreover, this was only the beginning. As more time passed, the changes brought by the influx of ancestral qi would only increase.

As countless Tianyuan Region residents enjoyed the benefits of ancestral qi, Zhou Yuan’s reputation reached an astronomical high half a month after the battle for Guyuan Heaven ended.

Every corner of the Tianyuan Region was filled with gratefulness and reverence towards him.

Previously, although Zhou Yuan had become a grand elder due to his status as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple, many were honestly jealous and resentful towards him. After all, Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Sun cultivation, his qualifications and experience were insufficient to convince the masses.

If not for his Saint stage senior brother Zhuan Zhu’s support, the Tianyuan Region higher ups would have strongly opposed his grand elder status.

But after the battle for Guyuan Heaven, all of these negative feelings swiftly receded like the tide.

After the insane influx of ancestral qi, Zhou Yuan’s reputation reached the peak.

Every person who enjoyed the benefits was grateful towards him. After all, Zhou Yuan was the main reason they could enjoy such benefits.

If not his courageous efforts, the twenty percent from the Heavenly Sun level would never have reached the five heavens.

As a result, the benefits they currently enjoyed would be greatly diminished.

Zhou Yuan's feats and contributions had turned all his unbelievers into believers.

In addition, he had ascended to the advanced Nascent Source stage, and was now considered top tier even among all the Tianyuan Region’s Nascent Source experts. Although there was still some distance to the Law Domain stage, which was the usual minimum requirement to become a grand elder, it was no longer a gap that anyone would use as an excuse to deny him.

With the talent and potential he had shown, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before Zhou Yuan stepped into the Law Domain stage.

Hence, there was no longer anyone who dared to criticize Zhou Yuan’s Tianyuan Region grand elder status.

He was now firmly seated in the position, and there was no longer anyone who dared to question him.


A Genesis Qi cloud flew across the sky in the Tianyuan Utopia. There were three figures atop it.

The first was an elderly man, Yi Yan. Behind him stood a graceful young lady in a white dress. She was beautiful even without any make-up, her limpid eyes filled with slivers of warmth and gentleness. At Yi Qiushui’s side was the elegant little Yi Donger.

Yi Yan gazed at a floating island in the distance. It was their destination and Zhou Yuan’s current residence.

Ever since returning from Guyuan Heaven, he had not shown himself in public, and was likely in closed cultivation to digest his gains from Guyuan Heaven. He had only ended the closed cultivation two days ago.

Yi Yan suddenly remarked., “Grand elder Zhou Yuan is someone who treasures his relationships and does not forget his friends.”

Zhou Yuan was currently very popular in the Tianyuan Region. He was the youngest advanced Nascent Source expert, who was also a grand elder. Most importantly, he was stil single!

According to what Yi Yan knew, almost the entire elder committee was desperately trying to introduce their granddaughters to him. After all, even a blind man could see Zhou Yuan’s potential. Although they did not dare to say that he would become a Saint expert in the future, the Law Domain stage would not be a problem. Gaining his favor would certainly be advantageous to their entire clan.

However, Zhou Yuan was not fond of such social interactions, and had been in closed cultivation ever since he returned. Hence, those old fellows were unable to make any progress.

They had painstakingly waited for him to finish his closed cultivation, however, he had invited a few friends over for a small gathering, which naturally included Yi Qiushui and Yi Donger.

Hence, Yi Yan had received no lack of jealous words from the other elders he met over the past two days.

Yi Yan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. However, he could not help but admit that it did give him some ideas.

Yi Yan’s gaze flickered in thought, before he secretly glanced at his beautiful-as-a-flower and gentle-looking eldert granddaughter. However, before he could withdraw his gaze, Yi Qiushui looked over and gave him a hard stare as she said in a displeased tone, “Grandfather, you’d better throw all those thoughts away!”

How could she not know what was on Yi Yan’s mind? He had been trying to probe her for the past two days, and someone as intelligent as herself naturally understood what he was thinking right away.

Yi Yan faked a cough and said, “Don’t you think Zhou Yuan is a great choice? His character, talent and potential are very satisfactory. What’s more, you’re the very first person he met in Hunyuan Heaven.”

YI Qiushui bit her lip and said, “Zhou Yuan is amazing, but he already has someone in his heart. Why should I create worries for myself? Isn’t being friends already great?”

Yi Yan could only sigh helplessly at her lack of enthusiasm. His eldest granddaughter was far too smart and had her own views. If she was unwilling, it was impossible for him to convince her otherwise.

But what a pity.

Yi Qiushui ignored Yi Yan, focusing instead on the floating island in the distance. She felt a slight surge of nostalgia as she recalled the young man who had fallen from the sky...perhaps, she would never have imagined back then that the young man she had unintentionally saved would create such big waves in Hunyuan and achieve such amazing things.

One could say that Zhou Yuan was currently one of the most influential figures in Hunyuan Heaven.

She knew no one among their generation that could compare to him. Moreover, he was definitely trustworthy. However, as they grew closer over the years, Yi Qiushui realized that Zhou Yuan already had someone in his heart.

Since that was the case, it was naturally best not to force things.

Yi Qiushui’s eyes dimmed slightly without anyone noticing, but was quickly suppressed by her.

The Genesis Qi cloud flew across the horizon and ultimately landed on the floating island. A villa stood amidst the lush foliage and hills, a familiar figure already waiting at its doors, smiling as he gazed at them.

“Hehe, how can we dare to make grand elder Zhou Yuan personally wait for us.” Yi Yan landed on the ground with a chuckle.

His eyes widened a little when he looked at Zhou Yuan. His Genesis Qi had been perfectly kept inside. He seemed to fuse with the surrounding world as he stood there, making it difficult to lock onto his presence.

Yi Yan was a perfect Nascent Source expert, and was one of the strongest Tianyuan Region’s elders. However, he still felt a little danger from the advanced Nascent Source Zhou Yuan.

As expected of the person who managed to turn the tides against the Sacred Race in Guyuan Heaven. Yi Yan sighed inwardly as he readjusted his evaluation of Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan walked forward to meet them with a smile. As he cupped his hands together in greeting towards Yi Yan, Yi Donger had already pounced over and grabbed his arm, her tiny face filled with joy.

Zhou Yuan caressed her head as he smiled at Yi Qiushui. “Managing the four pavilions must have been tough on you.”

He was still the chief pavilion master, but had never fulfilled his responsibilities, and instead threw them all to Yi Qiushui. Her diligence in management had allowed the four pavilions to flourish, and was a very influential figure there. There were even a few who began calling her ‘pretty pavilion master’.

With this as a stepping stone, Yi Qiushui might even ascend to become one of the Tianyuan Region elders in the future.

“You’re quite different now.” Yi Qiushui also grinned at him. Zhou Yuan appeared to have undergone a complete metamorphosis. This not only referred to his status and influence, but also his strength.

Zhou Yuan offhandedly said, “No matter how I change, I’ll still be the person you sisters picked up back then.”

Warmth flowed in Yi Qiushui’s heart as her expression grew increasingly gently. Zhou Yuan had not forgotten his past after achieving such high status.

“Let’s go, everyone else is already here. This is the first time I invited guests over.” Zhou Yuan grinned as he led the way.

Yi Yan, Yi Qiushui and Yi Donger followed, walking along the long and pebble path. They ultimately came to a stop before an old wooden house, already able to hear the merrymaking inside.

When they stepped in, they saw a few familiar faces such as Qin Lian, Yi Bingling, Mu Youlan and the others.

It was not a big group, and practically consisted of everyone Zhou Yuan knew in the four pavilions.

Now that the last few guests were here, Zhou Yuan officially announced the start of the banquet. It was not a noisy affair. Most of them casually chatting as they enjoyed the beautiful night scenery, immersing themselves in the relaxed atmosphere.

After three rounds of drinks, Yi Qiushui suddenly approached Zhou Yuan with her cup. Her eyes flickered faintly as she softly asked, “Are you leaving?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, staring at Yi Qiushui in surprise.

Yi Qiushui pursed her lips into a small smile. “My woman’s intuition is pretty accurate.”

After some silence, Zhou Yuan replied, “Maybe.”

He was waiting for master Cang Yuan’s summons, before going to awaken Yaoyao. He did not know what would happen and when he would return. This was why he had invited his Tianyuan Region friends over for a gathering.

Yi Qiushui swirled her cup. “You’re going to seek out the one in your heart?”

Zhou Yuan blinked a few times and said, “You know me like the back of your hand.”

Yi Qiushui disdainfully glanced at him. She bit her lip and raised her cup. “I wish you success. Bring her back for us to have a look soon. I’m pretty interested to find out how outstanding the beauty who managed to capture both our grand elder’s heart and soul is.”

Zhou Yuan laughed as he clinked her cup with his own, before downing its contents in a single gulp.

Yi Qiushui also emptied the contents of her cup, displaying her fair and slender neck. She did not know why but the wine tasted particularly bitter at this moment.

Neither party said anymore as they silently watched the cold moon.

Until a certain moment when Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed. Zhuan Zhu’s voice had sounded at his ears, “It’s time, get ready.”

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