Chapter 1205 The Curtain Falls

The Sacred Race departed, leaving the other side of the domain empty.

On the five heavens side, countless people secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Although the Saint experts had been adamant and unyielding earlier, it was impossible to make up for the difference in strength between them. If the two sides clashed, the five heavens would surely be at a disadvantage and suffer tremendous losses.

Of course, if they were forced to that stage, their counterattack would be crazy. The Sacred Race would not be able to escape paying a heavy price either.

The Sacred Race clearly understood this as well. Hence, before being fully prepared, they did not intend to start the world-ending war.

With the Sacred Race now gone, countless gazes gathered on the mysterious giant face once more. The face displayed an old, wizened smile and said, “This battle for Guyuan Heaven has been a happy surprise. I want to congratulate everyone for their performance.”

Countless people lowered their heads slightly.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo spoke slowly in a voice filled with warning, “However, we cannot become complacent. The Sacred Race is right, they are the ones who have always been winning for thousands of years, allowing them to amass a crazy advantage. There is still a gap between us and them, hence, we cannot be satisfied with a single small victory and practice extreme caution against them.”

Countless people solemnly acknowledged his words. Prime sovereign Jin Luo had experienced countless clashes with the Sacred Race for thousands of years, and possessed bottomless knowledge. Hence, they needed to listen carefully to his advice.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s giant face turned slightly as he cast his deep eyes in Zhou Yuan’s direction. “Young friend Zhou Yuan, although the Sacred Race’s Kill List sounds scary, the five heavens will still be quite safe. Hence, there is no need for you to worry too much.”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly nodded in a respectful manner.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo quickly swept his gaze over Zhou Yuan and let out a soft chuckle. “Cang Yuan has good eyes. Your talent is superb and you might even join the ranks of the Omega Shrine in the future.”


At these words, even the Law Domain experts were clearly stunned. They never imagined that Zhou Yuan would receive such a high evaluation from prime sovereign Jin Luo. After all, they clearly understood that the minimum requirement for joining the Omega Shrine was to step into the Saint stage.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo felt that Zhou Yuan had the makings of Saint expert?!

Although everyone understood that prime sovereign Jin Luo’s evaluation was no prophecy, it was still indicative of how extraordinary Zhou Yuan was.

This made several Law Domain experts begin to take note of Zhou Yuan.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo did not say anything else. His giant face rippled as it began to fade away, quickly vanishing without a trace.

In the wake of prime sovereign Jin Luo’s departure, the imposing presences deep in the dark space also began to recede like the tide.


The domain violently rippled as spatial doors began to emerge, leading to the various heavens.

It was time to return.

The battle for Guyuan Heaven had finally ended.

Zhou Yuan looked around. Everyone had already been split up, and he had no way to say goodbye to Chu Qing and the others. He could only exhale and allow the spatial door in front of him to swiftly reach out and swallow his body.

The world spun around him.

When Zhou Yuan returned to his senses, his surroundings had changed drastically. Mountains and rivers filled the land below, majestic cities standing amidst them.

Zhou Yuan blurted out in surprise, “This is the Tianyuan Region?”

Zhuan Zhu’s and Chi Jing’s figures appeared beside him.

“I’ve already sent the others back to Tianyuan Utopia.” Zhuan Zhu smiled.

Smiling, Chi Jing also looked at Zhou Yuan. “Junior brother, you’re now famous among all the heavens. If not for you, it will have been an ugly end for the five heavens.”

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat embarrassed. “The credit doesn’t belong to me alone.”

Zhuan Zhu nodded. “Every Heavenly Sun expert who participated should be thanked. In the future, this will likely become their most proud achievement and they will win respect no matter where they go.”

Chi Jing also nodded with a solemn expression. “Because everything you guys have done will bless the lands for a thousand years.”

The huge influx of ancestral qi would tremendously benefit everyone living in the five heavens.

“I brought you here to let you personally witness the great changes you have won for us.” Zhuan Zhu raised his head and gazed at the endless sky.

Zhou Yuan faintly sensed something and also jerked his head upwards.

A crack appeared in the sky as endless, ancient qi began to flood out. 

The ancient qi was not unfamiliar to Zhou Yuan, it was ancestral qi!

Ancestral qi had begun to flow into Hunyuan Heaven!

The Genesis Qi around them abruptly began to boil, seemingly bursting with life and vitality. It felt as if the ancestral qi was refining and amplifying the Genesis Qi.

The entire world seemed to cheer excitedly.

Every human in Hunyuan Heaven could clearly feel the change. The Genesis Qi they were absorbing had become stronger, more concentrated and pure. In fact, countless people could feel their cultivation begin to rise.

An excited atmosphere spread like wildfire across the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

Countless people were drunk with ecstasy as they rejoiced. It felt like a great gift had been bestowed upon them by the heavens. Like Chi Jing had said, it was a blessing to every living thing in the five heavens.

The ancestral qi would continually refine the Genesis Qi for the next thousand years. Everyone who lived in this environment would experience an acceleration in cultivation progress.

Zhou Yuan was somewhat shaken as he listened to the thunderous cheers. This was a true transformation of the land and a display of the ancestral qi’s miraculous properties. It was no wonder that the five heavens and the Sacred Race vied over it so desperately.

“Our Tianyuan Region should likely be experiencing the greatest influx of ancestral qi.”

Zhuan Zhu sensed the changes around them as he sighed. “All of this because of you.”

The Heavenly Sun level had won twenty percent of the total ancestral qi in the battle for Guyuan Heaven, which was ultimately distributed among the various heavens. As the greatest contributor, Zhou Yuan’s homeland would naturally receive the biggest portion. Although the ancestral would flow to the entire Hunyuan Heaven, more would be drawn towards the Tianyuan Region compared to the others.

For the subsequent thousand years, the Tianyuan Region’s Genesis Qi would grow increasingly strong and pure. In turn, this would give rise to even more heaven prides in the Tianyuan Region.

As the advantages continued to pile up, the future Tianyuan Region may perhaps become the strongest region in Hunyuan Heaven.

It could be said that Zhou Yuan had done a great service to the Tianyuan Region.

Zhou Yuan smiled modestly. After all, he had already benefited tremendously from Guyuan Heaven. He had not only obtained the Ancestral Dragon Flesh, but also stepped into the advanced Nascent Source stage. The returns were already more than satisfactory.

Zhuan Zhu suddenly said, “Right, our master should also know about your achievements.”

Zhou Yuan eyes brightened. Soon after, he somewhat puzzledly asked, “But our master did not seem to have been present in this grand event.”

Zhuan Zhu chuckled. “Not everyone will participate in the battle for Guyuan Heaven. Moreover, although our master did not take part, he was not idly standing by either. He invaded Shengling Heaven and hindered three Sacred Race Saint experts, rendering them unable to participate in the battle for Guyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan wet his lips. Master Cang Yuan was quite the ferocious tiger. To think that he had invaded a Sacred Race heaven and even single handedly delayed three Saint experts. What an unbelievably amazing feat.

“Our master is said to be the most likely to advance to the triple lotus stage in the five heavens. If he succeeds, the three great prime sovereigns of the Omega Shrine will become four.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat taken aback. He had seen prime sovereign Jin Luo previously, and understood the status of the triple lotus stage. If master did reach that realm, he would have touched the pinnacle of the Saint stage.

Zhuan Zhu looked at Zhou Yuan and chuckled. “Our master contacted me earlier, and knows that you already have the Ancestral Dragon Flesh. Rest well for the next few days. When master is ready, he will bring you over to fulfil your most cherished wish.”

Zhou Yuan slowly clenched his fists as his heart throbbed violently.

The day had finally come...

He had worked tirelessly towards this goal ever since arriving in Hunyuan Heaven many years ago. There had been countless difficulties and obstacles in between, but he had never once entertained the idea of giving up.

Love and happiness sprung out in his eyes.

Yaoyao...I will finally see you again.

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