Chapter 1203 The Sacred Race’s Rage

All twenty percent of the ancestral qi?!

When Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out, a torrential uproar swept over the domain and the nine heavens.

Countless people were in a state of shock.

That was an entire twenty percent!

One must know that on the five heavens side, the Saint, Law Domain and Nascent Source levels combined had only gathered a total of thirty-two percent. And now, the most unremarkable Heavenly Sun level had actually obtained twenty percent?!

This was unbelievable.

The entire domain was silent.

A long while later, a Saint’s voice slowly echoed from deep in the dark space, “So much…”

Zhou Yuan said, “The Sacred Race set up their boundary and captured the nine main channels. However, we managed to attack into the boundary and seize control of it. Hence, we ended up getting the nine main channels as a bonus.

“To be honest, we weren’t stronger than them, but they were too greedy. If they did not try to monopolize all nine main channels and properly fought with us instead, such an outcome would not have been possible.”

Zhou Yuan was giving his genuine opinion. No matter how strong he was, he alone could not change the overall gap between them.

Countless people nodded inwardly at Zhou Yuan’s words, agreeing that the Sacred Race had basically offered up this opportunity.

Deep in the dark space, the imposing existences were silent for a few breaths. In the end, a voice tinged with admiration rang out, “As expected of the disciple regarded highly by that old fellow Cang Yuan. However, you managed to find the vulnerabilities of the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation and successfully led the five heavens troops to seize control of it. From this, we can all see that you are both extraordinarily capable and courageous.”

Countless people agreed with these words. They could imagine how despairing it must have been when the Heavenly Sun experts first saw the boundary.

However, they had not given up hope. Instead, they had cast away the fear of death and carved a path for themselves.

Although Zhou Yuan had not gone into the details, everyone knew that a bloody and desperate battle must have erupted in the boundary.

Zhou Yuan could feel that the mysterious gazes from deep in the dark space seemed to admire him a little. Evidently, his results had given the big bosses a favorable impression.

It was not strange for them to think so. After all, the results achieved by the Heavenly Sun level had, in a manner of speaking, surpassed even the Saints.

With the twenty percent from the Heavenly Sun level, the end result had now shifted drastically.

The Sacred Race originally had forty eight percent, while the five heavens had thirty two.

Now, the five heavens ancestral qi share had become fifty-two percent!

This was four percent more than the Sacred Race!

Although it was not much, one must know that without this twenty percent, it would have been a devastating loss for the five heavens. The Heavenly Sun result had turned a crushing defeat into a small victory.

For once, the five heavens had obtained a slight advantage in the clash against the Sacred Race!

This was inspiring news!

A misty and omni-present voice echoed from deep in the darkness, “Zhou Yuan, the contributions of your Heavenly Sun generation deserves thanks from everyone in the five heavens.”

Everyone, regardless of whether they were Nascent Source or even Law Domain experts, slightly bowed their heads towards the Heavenly Sun practitioners as they placed their fists to their hearts.

It was an ancient custom to show how greatly they were affected inside.

In the five heavens, countless people also bowed their heads. These elite Heavenly Sun experts were heroes that had used their lives to win their twenty percent share of ancestral qi. In the future, this ancestral qi will give rise to numerous heaven prides for the five heavens and also raise the five heavens’ overall power.

It was a major event that would benefit countless living things in the five heavens.

Such results deserved their respect.

In the domain, the numerous Heavenly Sun experts felt both lost and proud when they saw the usually high and mighty Nascent Source and Law Domain experts salute them.

Their efforts had ultimately been recognized.

Although many of them did not have pure motives for coming to Guyuan Heaven, they had ultimately contributed to the Heavenly Sun level’s victory.

This victory belonged to them.

In a certain manner of speaking, they had achieved something that even the Saints had not.

At this thought, numerous Heavenly Sun experts involuntarily looked towards a certain young man, who was also wearing a solemn expression. As people who had personally been there, they understood better than anyone else how much Zhou Yuan had contributed. However, he had not elaborated on his heroic feats, but instead shared the glory with all of them.

Such magnanimity made them respect him even more.

Being low-key is the way of the king, can’t stick out too much. However, none of them were aware of what Zhou Yuan was continuously chanting inside. He had already enjoyed more than enough benefits in Guyuan Heaven, and did not really care about glory. More importantly, the more he stuck out, the more the Sacred Race would take notice of him.

Being remembered by such a terrifying race was obviously not wise.

Hence, if he could, Zhou Yuan dearly wished he could change his name to Zhao Mushen now.

“Humph!” However, the more you were afraid of something, the more likely it would happen. A snort that seemed to originate from the ancient past sounded at this moment.

The sound seemed to possess some kind of indescribable power, causing space to crumble as it echoed. Despite the light barrier, several of the weaker Heavenly Sun experts were thrown back, vomiting blood.

Zhou Yuan also felt an unbelievably frightening power surged towards him like some strange curse that seeked to wipe his existence from reality.

Horror surfaced in his eyes. A Sacred Race Saint had taken action against him!

It was a power that he did not even know how to defend against.

Fortunately, Zhuan Zhu’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him. A Saint Lotus blossomed on his left shoulder as he extended his finger. Fire burned on his fingertip as it pierced through the fabric of space, disappearing along with half of his hand.


Space began to disintegrate.

Everyone knew that the two Saints were exchanging blows in some unknown location.

In the end, Zhuan Zhu’s body jerked backwards as he slowly retracted his hand. Black liquid dropped from the tip of his finger, creating ripples in the domain that gave off the scent of annihilation. If this was an ordinary domain, all life within a ten thousand mile radius would have been exterminated.

Zhuan Zhu coldly stared at the dark space before him as he slowly said, “To think that an almighty Saint would attack a Nascent Source practitioner. Is the Sacred Race so shameless?”

A voice filled with torrential killing intent rang out from the Sacred Race’s side, “Humph, that imbecile dares to massacre an entire generation of our Heavenly Sun practitioners. This is an unforgivable crime. If the five heavens do not hand him over today, we shall see how many of you will be able to leave this place alive!”

A red glow seemed to blossom in the domain, as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had appeared.

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