Chapter 1202 All with Us

Countless existences in the domain immediately looked towards the newly formed spatial door. So did every gaze in the nine heavens.

Amidst innumerable gazes, the spatial door fully formed. A Genesis Qi ripple pulsed from it and countless figures were sent washing out like fishes and in a torrent.

The surrounding area was quickly crammed full of people.

“The five heavens’ Heavenly Sun experts?” Powerful senses immediately spread towards the figures and identified them.

Pleasant surprise flitted across the eyes of numerous powerful existences on the five heavens side. In contrast, the Sacred Race side was somewhat stunned.

The situation was different than expected.

The five heavens experts looked at each other, unable to understand what was happening. Didn’t the Sacred Race say earlier that they had prepared a powerful boundary for the Heavenly Sun level that could bind the nine main ancestral qi channels?

With the boundary’s power, it was not difficult for the Sacred Race to destroy all the five heavens teams.

Hence, they had been preparing themselves for the worst possible outcome. To their surprise, the five heavens troops had been the ones to appear instead?

They were soon even more shocked by what happened next. The spatial door slowly dissipated after the five heavens side appeared. There was no sign of the Sacred Race Heavenly Sun experts...

The domain fell deathly silent.

The Sacred Race side clearly had not expected this, and for a time, even the Saint experts were dazed.

“Several people on our side have ascended to the Nascent Source stage…” Amidst the silence, the five heavens Saint experts’ senses swept across the group, immediately finding several practitioners at the Nascent Source stage.

“What happened?”

“Where are the Sacred Race experts?”


Even the five heavens Saint stage experts looked at each other in confusion.

“What happened in your Guyuan Heaven level?” In the end, a five heavens Saint expert’s powerful voice rang out in the numerous Heavenly Sun experts’ ears.

The recently spat out five heavens group was initially also somewhat dazed. They had not expected to arrive in such a place after leaving Guyuan Heaven.

However, they soon sensed several terrifying presences. Although they were rather shocked, they quickly recovered after a few blinks. All of them unanimously looked around, their gazes ultimately pausing on a young figure amidst them.

“Oh?” Everyone followed their gazes, arriving on the young figure, only for a few to cry out in surprise, “Advanced Nascent Source stage?”

The most surprising discovery for the five heavens Saints, however, was that these elite five heavens Heavenly Sun experts were looking to the young man as their leader.

One must know that these youths were proud and headstrong individuals in their respective heavens. Only genuine respect would make them display such an attitude.

The figure naturally belonged to Zhou Yuan.

His expression was currently a little rigid. He had already felt something was amiss moments after appearing here, because they were far too many terrifying presences.

Hence, he tried to hide within the crowd, hoping to pass off as any other ordinary participant.

He had only acted as he pleased in Guyuan Heaven because no one could match him there. This place, however, was different. Besides them, the weakest person here was at the Nascent Source stage! There were even Law Domain experts and the ultimate Saint experts!

Keeping a low-profile was the most sensible thing to do!

However, he never imagined that these bastards would all turn to him.

These ingrates!  Zhou Yuan felt helpless. He could only steel himself under the numerous terrifying gazes. Only god knew how much pressure he was feeling. A casual glance from these Saint experts made him feel as if he was being enveloped by endless power, and even the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwelling was faintly trembling.

While Zhou Yuan’s scalp was turning numb under everyone’s gazes, a surprised voice rang out, “Little junior brother?”

Space rippled and two figures were revealed. It was Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing.

“Senior brother, senior sister!” Zhou Yuan hurriedly smiled.

Zhuan Zhu’s eyes shined with a strange light as he swept a glance at Zhou Yuan, before speaking towards the deep space, “This is my fellow disciple who was recently taken in by my master Cang Yuan.”

“That old thing has accepted another disciple?”

“No wonder…”


Several powerful wills communicated across the domain.

Zhuan Zhu knew that the other Saints were still waiting to understand the situation. Thus, he asked, “Zhou Yuan, what’s going on?”

Zhou Yuan pondered a little and said, “The Sacred Race set up a boundary they call the Sacred Derivation Boundary Formation in hopes of devouring all nine main channels. However, the boundary had not been perfected. Hence, I managed to find a weak point and led the five heavens in.

“After a series of battles, we took over the boundary core. The Sacred Race side were struck by the boundary’s backlash, although half of them managed to escape.”

Zhou Yuan explained in simple terms, but the resultant uproar was earth-shaking.

Numerous Nascent Source and Law Domain experts were stupefied as they stared at him.

The imposing presences deep in the darkness also gave off a faint pulse.

Everyone present understood how capable the Sacred Race could be. Hence, they could faintly sense how challenging and desperate it must have been.

The Sacred Race side also fell silent, the powerhouse experts temporarily stunned.

Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing also looked at each other in shock. They were a little unable to digest the information within Zhou Yuan’s words.

Zhou Yuan gazed at them and slowly said, “Simply put, our five heavens Heavenly Sun experts turned the tables on them.”

The domain was silent, even all nine heavens were somewhat quiet.

Countless gazes stared at the projections in the sky. They could almost smell the bloodiness from the young man’s calm words.

Moreover, his words had a deeper meaning: the Sacred Race was formidable, but not unbeatable.

Slivers of light rose in the originally dull and despairing eyes. The victory Zhou Yuan spoke of might have numerous preconditions, but at the end of the day, it was not impossible...

“What happened to the ancestral qi in the end?” A Saint’s voice echoed, omni-present yet ungraspable as the mist.

Zhou Yuan calmly answered, “Our five heavens occupied all nine ancestral qi main channels. The twenty percent is in the hands of our five heavens.”

As his voice rang out, an earth-shaking uproar abruptly swept through the five heavens.

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