Chapter 1201 Guyuan Heaven’s Conclusion

This was a special domain.

There was no sky or land, only a formless mass. At the very center, an enormous light screen split the domain into two.

One could make out numerous powerful figures on both sides of the dark space, so many that it was near impossible to count them all.

In the deepest parts of the dark space, imposing presences would occasionally emerge, existences that caused the entire domain to tremble slightly.

These were the Saint experts.

It was clear that there were Saint experts on both sides.

This place was a domain near Guyuan Heaven, and was where everyone would end up after exiting Guyuan Heaven.

The two forces on both sides of the light barrier were the five heavens and the Sacred Race!

This domain was currently the focal point of the entire Tianyuan World. Everything that happened here was projected back to the nine heavens.

Most of these projections were done by the Sacred Race since they were the side that usually gained the upper hand in every battle for Guyuan Heaven. The Sacred Race also wanted to let the five heavens know the outcome, plummeting them into deeper despair, while also reminding them how difficult it was to fight against the Sacred Race.

High up in the domain, many imposing auras surged. Most of the Saint experts from the five heavens were currently gathered here.

Zhuan Zhu stood with his hands behind his back, while Chi Qing, dashing and heroic with her short red hair and slender figure, stood beside him.

Their expressions were currently quite grave.

Chi Jing said in a low voice, “It doesn’t look good this time.”

The battle for Guyuan Heaven was mostly already decided. However, things weren’t looking good for the five heavens.

The battle was split into four levels, the Heavenly Sun, Nascent Source, Law Domain and Saint levels.

The Saint experts’ battle decided forty percent, while the other three, twenty each.

After countless clashes, the outcome for the levels had been decided, with the exception of the Heavenly Sun level.

In the battle between the Saints, the Sacred Race had occupied twenty two out of forty, while the five heavens had the remaining eighteen.

In the Law Domain level, the Sacred Race had eleven out of twenty, leaving the five heavens with nine.

The Nascent Source stage was the worst for the five heavens, the Sacred Race dominating fifteen out of twenty, while the five heavens only had a measly five.

The overall difference between the two sides could be roughly seen from these results.

Excluding the Heavenly Sun stage, who were not out yet, out of eighty percent of Guyuan Heaven’s ancestral qi, the Sacred Race had taken forty-eight, while the five heavens only had thirty-two.

Though the number sixteen might not seem big, it represented an indescribably tremendous amount of ancestral qi. This additional ancestral qi would undoubtedly make the Sacred Race even stronger over the next thousand years.

Hence, for the time being, it appeared that the Sacred Race had an insurmountable advantage.

The results were also projected to all the heavens. A sorrowful atmosphere spread as countless lifeforms in the five heavens gazed up at the projection in the sky.

Every advantage the Sacred Race gained would make them stronger and stronger, in turn giving them a greater and greater advantage. When this reached the tipping point, it might be the end of the five heavens.

But what could they do?

They had sent out every elite of each participating cultivation stage. However, they were still not the Sacred Race’s match.

Although the Heavenly Sun stage result was not out yet, most people were not very optimistic.

Amidst the formless mass in the domain.

Space warped on the Sacred Race side, seemingly forming layers of tunnels that led to countless worlds.

Several supernatural ten-thousand-foot-tall silhouettes floated among them, giving off immeasurable auras that placed the surrounding space in a constant state of collapsing.

“It seems that our Sacred Race has proved once again that we are superior.” An ancient and indifferent laughter rang out. The voice seemed to contain a certain law that made starlight blossom within the chaos, turning into countless shooting stars.

A Saint also walked out from the five heavens side. It was Wanzu Region’s supreme sovereign Wan Zu.

He expressionlessly gazed at the ten-thousand-foot-tall titan behind the light screen and said, “The Heavenly Sun level isn’t over yet. Star Saint, it’s too early for you to make such a statement.”

The other party was known as the Star Saint, and was an extremely ancient Saint on the Sacred Race side.

The Star Saint’s indifferent voice sounded, “Hehe, I’m afraid that once the outcome is known, you guys will fall deeper into despair.”

There was something strange about his words that made the hearts of countless people on the five heavens’ side sink. Could something have happened in the Heavenly Sun level?

“Never mind, there’s already no need to hide anything.” The Star Saint chuckled, before his indifferent voice rang out across the dark space, “Our Sacred Race Saint experts have come up with a boundary that can bind the nine ancestral qi main channels. In other words, we’ll be collecting the entire twenty percent.”


These words shocked the five heavens.

Even some of the Saint experts were strongly affected, their terrifying auras involuntarily leaking out and began to affect the world around them.

“Your Sacred Race dares to use such dirty tricks?!” One of the Saint experts was furious, his anger continuously the space around him.

A Saint expert sneered and retorted, “How laughable. The victor is always right, and the strong will prey on the weak. If our god had not fallen into a deep slumber after clashing with the Ancestral Dragon’s will, your five lower heavens would have been our livestock long ago. How dare you be so impudent?”


The Saints on both sides were angered. An indescribable pressure spread in an instant, nearly suffocating the others practitioners in the domain.

However, they ultimately held themselves back, not wanting to start a fight between Saints. This was not the best timing for either side.

The five heavens side, however, was under a depressing atmosphere. If the Sacred Race was right, the Heavenly Sun level would not end well for the five heavens.

Moreover, the consequences would be dire. If the final twenty percent was completely taken away by the Sacred Race, this battle for Guyuan Heaven would become the greatest loss in history for the five heavens.

The Sacred Race’s momentum would become even greater, putting the five heavens under greater danger and pressure in the future.

“These Sacred Race bastards!” Chi Jing gnashed her teeth, the fire of rage burning in her eyes. Zhou Yuan was currently in the Heavenly Sun Guyuan Heaven!

Zhuan Zhu also fell silent. Due to Guyuan Heaven’s special laws, even Saint experts could not interfere.

All he could do was try to console himself and his junior sister. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is quite capable. Even if they fail to compete with the Sacred Race, he should have no problem surviving.”

However, he knew that his words were unconvincing. If the Sacred Race really had a boundary that could capture the nine main channels, none of the Heavenly Sun experts would be able face such power.

It was an understatement to say that things were not optimistic for Zhou Yuan and the other five heavens Heavenly Sun experts.

The domain fell silent once more.

Every gaze in Tianyuan World was fixed on the projections covering the sky.

They understood that if the Sacred Race Saint was right, it would be a crushing defeat for the five heavens. When that happened, all of the five heavens would be filled with despair.

A strange disturbance suddenly emerged in the domain.

Space was torn open, forming a spatial door.

The gazes on both sides immediately looked over. They knew that the Heavenly Sun level had finally ended...

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